Friday, July 18, 2008

Shameless brag about our if those sort of posts annoy you, please feel free to skip this post :0)

Now to be fair, I don't often talk about our kids on here, as to be honest who is really interested in what our kids are up to, other than family and close friends? However every now and then they do something which I feel is worth mentioning.

Ds as it says in my profile is an accountant. He is in the process of taking his exams to be a CA. He took his second exam at the beginning of this month, and finally got his results back this morning and he has passed....YEAH!!! He has to take one more exam in September and then work the rest of his hours, so by the Fall of 2009 he will be a fully qualified CA. We are so proud of him (as we are dd) and he has worked hard (as has dd).

Now this is something that probably won't interest anyone outside of Ontario, but here goes anyway. Back in 2002/2003 the Ontario government decided to get rid of Grade 13. In fact ds year was the last year to do Grade 13. Despite the fact that there are 19 months between the kids, the way their birthday's fall, ds in April and dd in November, there was only one year between them during school. Honestly it was like having twins.

Anyhow, both kids left school at the same and wandered off to University the same time. What a shock it was to me and dh to lose the kids overnight, and then be moving house amongst all this happening. We were homeless for a month, as this house wasn't finished....what a time that was.

So the Government called this "double cohort," as there were twice as many kids leaving to go to University and College than there would normally be. It was pretty stressful for the kids, not knowing if they would get a place, despite the fact the universities opened up more places. Also they had a lot of kids going to university that were only 17 years of age (dd). Well for those of you who went to University, you know as well as I do all sorts go on. The residences were supposed to be "dry (no alcohol)" but there was always a stack of beer bottles in dd's block???

Anyhow fast forward 5 years later and you think this double cohort thing is behind you, but no. Ds was saying that normally there are 800 applicants taking this exam when he was at York. This year there was closer to 1400 people, all because of the double cohort.

I wonder if the Ontario government for saw this happening back in 2002???


Lib said...

Congrats to your son and you and DH !;o)
I've never heard of grade 13.Sounds like a mess the way they did away with it.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Thanks Lib, we are so proud of him :0)

DeniseinVA said...

Yes congratulations to both your children Gill, you have every right to be proud. You deserve the congratulations too Gill, mum's should get a lot of the praise, the dad too of course. And that grade 13 thing does sound a little strange.

Unknown said...

We never had grade 13 here in BC. Only K-12. Do you guys have Kindergarten? Or just grade 1? LOL... yes I'm totally naive!

Congrats to your son!

Unknown said...

Hi Gill,
I thought I would drop by, for a bit. You have a lovely blog. Terrific savings on your shopping.


Susan Tuttle said...

You must be very proud! That is wonderful news.

Enjoy your weekend.


Sabra said...

So, Gill, what you're saying is that governments don't think in ANY country? Oh my. Shocked, I tell ya!

And honestly, Gill, Mom's are allowed to brag on the DS's and DD's once in a while. Sounds like your DS has done you and your DH proud. That is so wonderful to hear... Congratulations to him, as well!

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