Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My hair AGAIN and other beauty problems...


So we back at that stage where I need to get my hair cut and dyed again. So I have been humming and haa-ing over this for a week or two. Finally because of the humidity and my hair growing longer and frizzier by the minute I bite the bullet and make an appointment at my local First Choice salon.

So that I am guaranteed a half decent cut I make an appointment with the manager "S", my usual hairdresser "N" was fired, never have found out why. We used to call "N" the one eyed wonder, as the poor girl only had one eye, she did cut my hair quite nicely though. Sad story how she lost that eye, I'll get into that another time.

I get there at the said appointed time and "S" is on her lunch break {{{SIGH}}} So after about 10 minutes she comes out of the lunch room and so we proceed. She's a really nice woman, but things seem to have changed since I was last there. As she is putting the foil highlights in my hair I discover the change, she has quit and is moving to another store. So of course being the nosey person that I am I want the scoop. They have a hairdresser there called "L," our nickname for her is the Blonde Russian. She has over dyed blonde hair, and wears clothes as though she is leaving to go to the disco straight from work, which would be fine if you were in your late teens early 20's, but she must be hitting her mid 40's by now. Anyhow its turns out "L" is a trouble maker and has made life miserable for everyone she works with and is plain rude to the customers. Of course I say why hasn't she been fired, "S" has no idea as the area manager is the one that hires and fires.

Needless to say after being told this I am watching the dynamics between "S" and "L" and unless they have to they don't speak to one another. So once again I am feeling uncomfortable in this salon. I have been there when they had a change in benefits, and by the time I left the salon I knew more about the way First Choice handles its employee benefits than I think they did. They couldn't balance the till one day when I was in so sorted that out for them.

However I get out my (actually dh's) Nintendo DS and play Sudoku to stimulate my brain and ignore the atmosphere. "S" cuts my hair and despite the fact I hate any sort of product on my hair, I let her put this gooey stuff in my hair, and because of that she doesn't dry it??? What the heck I hate walking around with wet gooey hair. Again despite this happening I smile tip her $20 and walk out of there.

WHAT IS MY PROBLEM???? Why is it when I am in a hairdressers I lose all my aggressiveness and am a total wimp?

I don't like the way my hair looks AGAIN. The highlights are awful, much too thick and congested for me. The colour is fine as is the cut. The price I paid was just under $80 for a cut, colour and 8 foil highlights. Now I paid $160 (incl. tip) at the other salon, so this was nearly half the price. Believe it or not the First Choice salon was a lot more organized than the salon, which is what I like, but I like the hairdresser better at the salon. Also there wasn't the same atmosphere at the salon, it was very pleasant and easy going, whereas the First Choice store was very frosty between the staff. So what to do next? Honestly I have no idea. All I know this haircutting thing is stressing me out.

Now for the other thing I want to talk about, which is a story most women can relate to.

Last month we went away, so I figured I would go and get a pedicure and various parts of my body waxed, as we may go swimming.

So I go into the salon and into the waxing room.............yes they have a room just for this torturous procedure. I had booked to have my eyebrows, upper lip and bikini line waxed.

So she starts on my eye brows, which is painful but hey I can handle it and I only shed the odd tear. She then heads to the upper lip, again I have had this done a few times, and other than that bit right under the nose I can hack that.

She then heads to the nether regions. Now to be fair this is not an area I get done very often, infact I can't remember when I had my bikini line waxed last. Remember I said bikini line, so not the whole thing. So off she goes, and I mean I am in pain, I mean who in their right mind does this on a regular basis? Boy was it painful, I was in tears. So to take my mind off the whole torturous procedure we got talking, which I have to say was a difficult thing with both of us having delightful accents, and me screaming every time she ripped the wax off my body......okay I didn't actually scream but I was close to it.

So the conversation turned to people who have Brazilians done. For those of you who are not in the know, a Brazilian waxing takes off all the hair in the nether regions. She assured me it was pretty don't say!!! I mean the whole experience made me decide that this is the last time I am having my bikini line waxed. I am getting too old to go through that much pain.

Also I am more than sure it must have been a man who invented this, don't you? As no woman would come up with the idea of pouring hot wax on your skin, putting a piece of material on it, push on the material to make sure its stuck on well, then rip the wax off with all the hair attached to it, just for the heck of it.

I will say I do know one man who does know the pain of waxing and that is my brother. We always say his hair slipped off his head and stuck to his back, as he has very little hair on his head. He is like a gorilla, with a really hairy back. Anyhow, he decided or someone asked him to have his back waxed for charity. He said that was the most painful thing he has ever been through, so I guess he understands a woman's pain when it comes to waxing. He was such a love though to do that and raise money for charity at the same time.

So there you go my experience with the hairdressers and waxing. I could go on for another hour about having to shave your legs, but have done enough whining for one day!! What's your story on these places and things?


Lib said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Hope you will come back soon.I enjoyed my visit here ,I am putting you on my blog roll.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Thanks Lib, that is so kind of you :0)

Mountain Mama said...

I'd say you had some very "hair raising' experiences!
You asked for mine but I actually have nothing to share concerning waxing. I have never done it nor will I. I've heard too many horror stories to put myself in that position.

Shaving and trimming certain areas, and plucking the ugly whiskers that try to decorate my face are my limit. And until men have to 'wax' and go through all the miseries a woman does, I don't think women should subject themselves to the torture chambers either!

Kelly Casanova said...

My story is - my husband cuts my hair and I won't go near a hairdresser, I'm very happy with the one I've got. (The times that I have been to a hairdresser have not been worth the effort or $!)
As for waxing, I shave my legs, wax my own eyebrows and the rest is "au naturel"!

Cathy said...

Hello Gill

Each time I squint trying to look into the magnified side of the mirror trying to pluck chin hairs I wonder if the pain of a chin wax would be worth it.

Listening ot your desciptions I may give it a miss as I'm beginning to think it could be worse than childbirth lol

Take care

Rose said...

Sitting here with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard...just the way you talk about it cracks me up.

(I read a few of your old posts almost daily. Slowly reading from when you started on.) (At least for right now. Have been started a few days.)

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