Saturday, July 31, 2010

Having the weekend off.........

It's a long weekend here, and we are going to be busy.  No it's not all work, but time will be of a premium all weekend.

Saturday will be a part day of running errands, and Sunday and Monday I want to cut grass.  The weather forecast is pretty good, so that is a big help.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.........

Friday, July 30, 2010

Another busy day on my day off........

However I have to say it was a perfect day weather wise as there was no humidity.  It was gorgeous, and for the first time in a couple of weeks the a/c didn't come on, which was good.

I got half of the remainder of the logs moved and stacked.  My back was killing me, so I will complete the job probably on Sunday morning.

I had to nip into town for a couple of things, and then I made a start on the grass.  I managed to get the rest of the field cut, and round by the blackcurrant bushes and the front lawn.  The field will be to cut again the beginning of next week, as it was so long, I had to lift the blades higher, which in turn means I couldn't cut it as short.

It's a long weekend for us here in Ontario, so my goal for this weekend is to cut all the grass.  My potato tops are also dying?  So I need to dig up those also this weekend.  I dug up four tops on Thursday and was pretty disappointed on how few there were on each plant.

Today's Peek from the Past is here  I haven't seen the horses for a while, maybe they are on their summer holidays?

I'm at work again today, actually pleased about that, as maybe I can get a rest........

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Skywatch Friday

These were taken last night when the sun was setting, pretty neat eh?

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Just sitting there, waiting and waiting, and waiting!!

I had a doctors appointment after work on Wednesday.  My appointment was at 3:40pm, I finally got in to see him at 4:20pm, which was actually pretty good for our doctor!!

So of course I had plenty of time to read all the magazines, and have to say their selection sucked.  I forgot to take my book or take some of my old magazines for them to have.  Infact the National Geographic magazine were from 1981????

Then to add to my joy and I think to the rest of the people waiting in the waiting room, there were a couple of teenagers who were obviously very much in love.  So much so that they kept kissing one another.......I was very close to telling them to get a room!!  Then they were talking to one another in very loud voices, and their language left a lot to be desired using the "F" word quite frequently.  I was so glad when he had to go for his appointment, I think we all sighed with relief.

Our doctor is notorious for running late, but I always find it disturbing that all the other people who you walked into the doctor's office with have had their appointments and you are still sitting there.  There are around eight doctors in this practice and our doctor is always the one running behind.

I did manage to send dd a text without getting one of the receptionists to do it for me.  Granted it took me forever to type it all out, but I did it all by myself.  They too were very proud of me doing it all by myself.  I normally get one of them to do it, as it's a heck of a lot faster.

Then when I went to get my prescription filled at the pharmacy, there was a woman in front of me with one crutch, her arm in a sling, with a nasty cut on her head, and a lot of blood on her leg where she must have fallen.  The woman was a mess, it was really strange why she was wandering around like that.  I did hear her say she had spent the last day in the hospital.  No idea why they hadn't cleaned her up though.  She was on her way to see her family doctor to try and get some more Tylenol 3's as the doctor at the hospital had only given her a prescription for 20 of them.  Regardless it kept my mind busy watching her while I was waiting for my prescription!!

So it was nearly 5:30 pm when I got home on Wednesday night.  Luckily I had left dh full instructions on how to put the shepherd's pie in the toaster oven to cook.  So supper was ready when I walked into the house.

Today's Peek from the Past is this I had forgotten about this post, but after reading it over I do remember this.  I still have that material as well.  I keep meaning to do something with the owl fabric, not sure what yet though.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A day in the life of a Domestic Goddess........

If anyone knows what that's like, please let me know?

Mine is more like "A Day in the Life of a General Dogsbody!"

Although it was a lovely morning on Tuesday, by lunchtime the humidity had hit again.  I managed to get Molly's blanket and comforter washed and a load of laundry done for us.  I also got a lot of the house cleaned, so that was good.

I had a guy come in and change and service the UV Light for the water softener.  I had been worried about how much salt our water softener had been using, as other people kept saying we were using too much.  Anyhow, it turns out we have very hard water where we live, and that is why we use as much salt as we do.  We go through a 40 kg (approx 88 lb) bag of salt in just under 4 weeks.

I made a dish of Brownies, I saw the recipe at Teresa's blog

Molly was busy watching Squirrel tv on Tuesday night.
The squirrel was laying in the evening sun just relaxing!!!

Today's Peek From The Past is here.  This year that field is filled with sweet corn.  I think I preferred the sunflowers........

Back to work today, hoping to catch up with everyone's blog's in the next day or two.

Oh and nearly forgot, dh bought a battery charger and that is all that is wrong with the tractor the battery is flat.  However I did manage to break to cable box for the tv in our bedroom on Tuesday, so I am back in the doghouse AGAIN..........I should just move in there permanently!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That bloody tractor is broken AGAIN.........

and this time it wasn't me that broke it..........

Actually all that's wrong with it, is the battery is flat in it, as ds left it switched on and flattened the battery.  So now we have to go and buy a bloody battery charger for it.  Meanwhile the lawn looks like a hay field again.

I don't know, that lawn tractor will be the death of me.  So I guess on my "day off" on Tuesday I will spend the day cleaning the house and doing laundry again instead of cutting the grass.  At least it's a bit cooler with temps in the low to mid 30's with the humidity, so that's a blessing.

Otherwise things are quiet around the Acreage.  Oh, dh did pick up a new garage door for $165.  It says on the instructions that it take's between 9 to 12 hours to install it????  What the heck...........told him he could install it when my brother is here..........I bet my brother would love that....not!!

Meanwhile must nag encourage dh to get the closets finished so I can get the bedroom and bathroom decorated before he arrives, otherwise he is going to have to sleep in a foot of dust in the bedroom.  Oh and Molly has decided she likes to sleep in the spare bedroom bed, under the covers no less when we are not in.  So along with all the dust there is the dog hair as well......nice or what!

Welcome to "Chez Acreage," the hotel will all the added bonuses: wildlife, super clean rooms, and great meals (get you're own or starve!!), and staff who cater to your every need ;0)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lazy day on Sunday

I did do laundry and a couple of other things, and went to church, but after that nothing. I was given a book to read, The Grave Tattoo," by Val McDermid. I have never read anything of hers, I'm not a crime novel type of person. However after reading this book I have changed my mind.

This book is set in both London and the Lake District; so a place (the Lake District) I was familiar with.  It's a bit of mystery, a bit of history, some murder's, peppered with a little romance here and there.  I did wonder at first how all the characters would mesh together, but they did wonderfully.  It was one of those books I didn't want to put down as I wanted to know what happens next.  I learned some new things from the book about William Wordsworth and Fletcher Christian; and it has made me want to read more of Val's books.

By the way, it looks as though different countries had different covers on their books, as the one I read had a different cover entirely.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today's Flower

I have a red rose in the garden that is a true red colour.  Red is my favourite colour, and against the white of the daisies, this rose just pops.

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Another horrible humid day here........

It was super humid again on Saturday. Although we did have a bit of wind, so that helped get my load of laundry dry. It also helped when stacking the logs.  This took less than three hours to stack.

However, we ran out of space, so I still have to sort out a space to stack the logs below, but that shouldn't take me too long to do.
Overall I am just thankful we got the majority of them stacked before it started to rain.

I made hot dogs, hash browns and salad for lunch with a Cadbury's Caramilk Cake for dessert, that was really yummy by the way.

Hope you have time to read this story we need more people like this in the world.........

However this story makes me shake my head.....what an awful thing to happen, to good people helping out others.

Oh and this story about kids trying to make a few dollars......

Callie has a neat feature on her posts, called A Peek at the Past, where she features a past post from her blog.

Here is my Peek at the Past, what I wrote about two years ago.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Taking dh with you grocery shopping - BAD IDEA!!

It was lovely of dh to drive me to the grocery store, however I can't say I was thrilled when the bill came to $102.  So the moral of this story is don't take dh grocery shopping if you don't want to spend more money than you normally do!!

Friday was just plain awful weather wise.  It poured down overnight and into the morning.  Then when it stopped raining it's as though someone had turned on the sauna.  It was so humid and sticky it was just plain awful.  Luckily the office does have a/c so it wasn't too bad at work.

Then of course the newspaper guy delivered the weekly paper after 8:30pm on Thursday night, so of course there was one big soggy mass of paper at the end of the driveway Friday morning??

It's a short and sweet post tonight, as I am pooped with this heat and humidity.  It will be 40 oC again with the humidity on Saturday, the kids are going to be pooped stacking all that wood.............

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, a day off.....

I will admit I am shattered while I am writing this.  Thursday was a super busy day.  One of the jobs I got done was move last years logs from one end of the woodpile to the other end.

Before photo:

After photo:
I then weeded some of the flower beds, and then lit the fire on the firepit and trimmed trees and burned branches.  In between hands I did laundry and had lunch.  By this time it was 1pm.  So I then started to cut the field.  With the grass being so long it is taking me twice as long to cut.

I picked more raspberries, and then after supper spent just over an hour cutting more of the field.  I would have been out there longer but I knew I only had so much gas in the tank.  Friday it's going to rain, so I will have a day off from gardening.

Meanwhile inside the house hasn't been touched; no doubt you'll be able to write your name in the dust.....

I'll be glad to be at work on Friday so I can get a rest!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday night, just a quick post...........

I have just got in from cutting Kamikazie Hill.  I hadn't planned on cutting it all, but the grass was nice and dry; and as it was super long, it was difficult to cut, and it would have been impossible to cut if it was slighty wet/damp.  I cannot let the grass get so long, as it's nigh on impossible to cut so it looks good.  I must also remember not to wear my capri's that are made out of a shiny fabric, as I thought I was going to have to velcro my bum on the seat, as I was slipping around that much.  I could have gone inside to change but couldn't be bothered; I'd rather complain about it...LOL

I called a friend today and she gave me some upsetting news.  I was actually lost for words, which for anyone who knows me, knows that rarely happens.  It's a few hours later and I am still flabbergasted and upset.  At the beginning of the month another friend that I don't talk to on a regular basis called with some upsetting news, again I was lost for words.  Both things I can't talk about on my blog; I am praying and hoping that these bad news calls don't come in three's like death's do?

I had work on Wednesday, and all was well, I didn't have to get my big stick out to sort them out!! (Inside joke for them!)

Thursday, I am at home, but again have a hundred and one jobs to do, including moving all the logs left over from last year's wood.  So as they say, there will be no rest for the wicked!!

Enjoy your Thursday.......

Gill :0)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What did I do on my day off.........

Well after having a lie-in and not getting up until 10am.  I sat and had a relaxing cup of tea, with home made whole grain bread, with hand churned butter and some of my homemade raspberry jam, while flicking through a couple of those "gossip magazines."  I then had a shower and headed to the spa, where I spent the next three hours having a massage, a facial and a pedicure; having a small break in between treatments for a light spa lunch, of baby greens and a poached chicken breast, and chocolate mousse with fresh berries for afters with a soothing cup of green tea to finish with............ 

Hang on, that's my dream reality, I was up before 6am, thank you Molly for that!!   By 10am I had cleaned the bathrooms, washed and hung out two loads of laundry.  Made numerous telephone calls, submitted the recipe book to the publishers.  Sent a few emails, cleaned our bedroom and "captured" all the dust bunnies living in there!! 

By lunch time I had ironed both loads of laundry, sorted out the raspberries from the night before; made a batch of fabric softener, recipe is here.  Tidied up in the family room.  After lunch I went to my quilt club meeting, and picked up this month's pattern which is a Bear Paw Pattern  I also picked up a Christmas panel for a small wall hanging:

This is a close up shot of part of it.
I get a free fat quarter every month from this club, and for the past couple of months I have been getting this ladybug material.  What would you suggest as a contrast material to go with it?

When I got back in I made fish cakes from the leftover mashed potatoes.  I made enough for two meals so froze the rest.  Here is a recipe for them from a prior post, the are so easy to make I would never dream of buying them.

I prepared a garden salad enough for both Tuesday and Wednesday nights supper.  So that all I have to do when I get in from work on Wednesday is pop the stuffed baked potatoes in the microwave for 10 minutes and pop into the toaster oven to crisp up the outside, probably 20 minutes; and pull out the salad and within 30 minutes, supper will be on the table.

I didn't get everything done like I wanted to, but achieved the main things I wanted to get done......

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A bit of this, and a bit of that........

Is it just me or do you also think that July is just flying by?  We are already on the 20th of the month......

Had work on Monday, nothing exciting happened, and I didn't have to get my big stick out to sort everyone out...LOL

Molly was fine and no accidents, however I do believe she was sulking when I got home.  She's not used to be left all alone all day.  I am treating her for another ear infection at the moment, not an unusual thing for a beagle I guess........

After supper I picked some more raspberries.  I should have enough now to make at least one batch of jam.

On Sunday we went to Home Depot and I picked up this Hydrangea called Blushing Bride  It was on sale for only $7.  I will try and get it planted on Tuesday.

I forgot to mention I have cashed in more Swagbucks, so will have $105 in my Amazon account now, so if you haven't already joined Swagbucks you should.  I have been a member now since the end of November, so it's easy enough to do..........

Also I checked my sitemeter for the first time in a while and got quite a shock to find that I am averaging 274 individual readers per day????  So I wanted to say a big thank you to each and every one of you.  I figured I would only have 150 or so.  Please feel free to leave a comment...............I may not get back to your blog right away, but I do visit eventually!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

And pigs might fly

I guess they you like my new door stop?   I got it at this store, they were having their annual summer sale, so I popped in for a looksy!!  Funny thing was, I was in the store an hour on Saturday.  Dh wanted to have a look, so we called in on Sunday and we were in and out in five minutes.........and never bought a thing.  Moral of this story, don't take dh shopping with you!!

God bless dh and the mechanics at the factory, as they have welded together the deck for me, and it works a charm now.  Infact it's cutting a lot better.  So I have managed to get a bit of the grass cut this weekend.  I picked the rest of the peas on Sunday; so need to blanch and freeze them.

I am following this story at the moment.  I think it is interesting that France voted to ban the Burka in the first place; now Britain is talking about it.  I know that law would never pass here in Canada; however stranger things have happened!!

Also if you have another minute read this story as this involves companies from this side of the ocean as well........

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today's Flower......

Today's flower is technically a weed in my opinion, but I loved how it was growing beside the red berries of the bush, made it quite stunning to look at.  Queen Anne's Lace

For more Today's Flower photos, please click on this link

Busy day cooking on Saturday......

I don't think I have mentioned but I am working Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next couple of weeks.  One of the things I hate doing is coming home from work and having to start to cook.  So on Saturday afternoon I decided to do prepare a few meals for the next couple of weeks. 

My main ingredients were ground beef (mince) and potatoes.  I had a couple pounds of ground beef and 10 lbs of potatoes, plus a few other things.

I also bought some pork cutlets that were reduced and popped them in the slow cooker with barbecue sauce, to make pulled pork sandwiches which we will have on focaccia buns with onions and cheese and baked potatoes.  I am hoping there will be enough pork for two meals there.  I also picked up the buns half price.
With just under half a pound of ground beef leftover I decided to make some mini meatloaf/pies.  I added half a diced red onion, tomato sauce, a crust of bread made into crumbs, an egg and seasonings.  They should take around 25 minutes to cook in a 375oF oven.  We will have leftover mashed potatoes and peas from the garden.
I made stuffed baked potatoes.  I stuffed them with red onion, mushrooms and cheese.  We will have them with garden salad.
I made a Baked Bean Lasagna.  The recipe is here, and it's yummy.  I don't have the grated cheese on top in the photo, as it was still warm. This recipe only uses half a pound of ground beef.
With the other pound of ground beef, I made a couple of shepherd's pies.  Infact I think one of the shepherd's pies will feed us two meals.

There should be more mashed potatoes leftover, which I am hoping to make fish cakes with (recipe here.)  They freeze really well.  I have also grated all the cheese for the week, and will just keep that in the fridge ready to use.

All in all this took a couple of hours to prepare and cook and I made:
  • two shepherds pies
  • a baked bean lasagna
  • double baked potatoes
  • mini meatloaves
  • extra mashed potatoes
  • big container of grated cheese
I should do this more often, as it's handy having a number of meals in the freezer ready to pull out and warm through.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Good news, bad news......

Good news, we have central air now....YEAH!!! And it's not one million degrees in the house anymore.....which in turn means I am not as miserable and neither should dh be..........oh and then there is the bad news.............I have knackered broken the lawn tractor AGAIN.  This time it's not the blades, I have broken the cutting deck, so dh has had to dismantle it and take it too work to have it dh is miserable..........and I am in the dog house AGAIN!  By the way I have no idea how I did it!

This was the sun rising on Thursday morning, gorgeous isn't it?
On Wednesday morning, we had a couple of deer in the yard, and they were big and pretty close to the house.  Well that was until Molly saw them and all hell broke loose, as she went mad barking like a crazy dog.
I am quite sure, if those deer had come close to Molly she would have been terrified!!

Oh and the rabbit I posted about in this post; well it must have told all his friends that we have a veggie patch, as guess what I saw in my veggie patch.....yep more rabbits!!  So I guess next year we will have to make the veggie patch rabbit proof {SIGH}

Thursday, July 15, 2010

21 Things You Should Never Buy New.....

If you're looking to get the most value for your dollar, it would do your wallet good to check out secondhand options. Many used goods still have plenty of life left in them even years after the original purchase, and they're usually resold at a fraction of the retail price, to boot. Here's a list of 21 things that make for a better deal when you buy them used.

1. DVDs and CDs: Used DVDs and CDs will play like new if they were well taken care of. Even if you wind up with a scratched disc and you don't want to bother with a return, there are ways to remove the scratches and make the DVD or CD playable again.

2. Books: You can buy used books at significant discounts from online sellers and brick-and-mortar used book stores. The condition of the books may vary, but they usually range from good to like-new. And of course, check out your local library for free reading material.

3. Video Games: Kids get tired of video games rather quickly. You can easily find used video games from online sellers at sites like Amazon and eBay a few months after the release date. Most video game store outlets will feature a used game shelf, as well. And if you're not the patient type, you can rent or borrow from a friend first to see if it's worth the purchase.

4. Special Occasion and Holiday Clothing: Sometimes you'll need to buy formal clothing for special occasions, such as weddings or prom. Most people will take good care of formal clothing but will only wear it once or twice. Their closet castouts are your savings: Thrift stores, yard sales, online sellers and even some dress shops offer fantastic buys on used formalwear.

5. Jewelry: Depreciation hits hard when you try to sell used jewelry, but as a buyer you can take advantage of the markdown to save a bundle. This is especially true for diamonds, which has ridiculously low resale value. Check out estate sales and reputable pawn shops to find great deals on unique pieces. Even if you decide to resell the jewelry later, the depreciation won't hurt as much.

6. Ikea Furniture: Why bother assembling your own when you can pick it up for free (or nearly free) on Craigslist and Freecycle? Summer is the best time to hunt for Ikea furniture--that's when college students are changing apartments and tossing out their goodies.

7. Games and Toys: How long do games and toys remain your child's favorite before they're left forgotten under the bed or in the closet? You can find used children's toys in great condition at moving sales or on Craigslist, or you can ask your neighbors, friends, and family to trade used toys. Just make sure to give them a good wash before letting junior play.

8. Maternity and Baby Clothes: Compared to everyday outfits that you can wear any time, maternity clothes don't get much wear outside the few months of pregnancy when they fit. The same goes for baby clothes that are quickly outgrown. You'll save a small fortune by purchasing gently used maternity clothes and baby clothes at yard sales and thrift stores. Like children's games and toys, friends and family may have baby or maternity clothing that they'll be happy to let you take off their hands.

9. Musical Instruments: Purchasing new musical instruments for a beginner musician is rarely a good idea. (Are you ready to pay $60 an hour for piano lessons?) For your little dear who wants to learn to play an instrument, you should see how long his or her interest lasts by acquiring a rented or used instrument to practice with first. Unless you're a professional musician or your junior prodigy is seriously committed to music, a brand new instrument may not be the best investment.

10. Pets: If you buy a puppy (or kitty) from a professional breeder or a pet store outlet, it can set you back anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. On top of this, you'll need to anticipate additional fees and vet bills, too. Instead, adopt a pre-owned pet from your local animal shelter and get a new family member, fees, and vaccines at a substantially lower cost.

11. Home Accent: Pieces Home decorating pieces and artwork are rarely handled on a day-to-day basis, so they're generally still in good condition even after being resold multiple times. If you like the worn-out look of some decor pieces, you can be sure you didn't pay extra for something that comes naturally with time. And don't forget, for most of us, discovering a true gem at a garage sale is 90% of the fun!

12. Craft Supplies: If you're into crafting, you probably have a variety of different supplies left over from prior projects. If you require some additional supplies for your upcoming project, then you can join a craft swap where you'll find other crafty people to trade supplies with. If you have leftovers, be sure to donate them to your local schools.

13. Houses: You're typically able to get better and more features for your dollar when you purchase an older home rather than building new. Older houses were often constructed on bigger corner lots, and you also get architectural variety in your neighborhood if the houses were built or remodeled in different eras.

14. Office Furniture: Good office furniture is built to withstand heavy use and handling. Really solid pieces will last a lifetime, long after they're resold the first or second time. A great used desk or file cabinet will work as well as (or better than) a new one, but for a fraction of the cost. With the recession shutting down so many businesses, you can easily find lots of great office furniture deals.

15. Cars: You've probably heard this before: Cars depreciate the second you drive them off of the dealership's lot. In buying a used car, you save money on both the initial cost and the insurance. It also helps to know a trusty mechanic who can check it over first. This way, you'll be aware of any potential problems before you make the purchase.

16. Hand Tools: Simple tools with few moving parts, like hammers, hoes and wrenches, will keep for decades so long as they are well-made to begin with and are well-maintained. These are fairly easy to find at neighborhood yard or garage sales. If you don't need to use hand tools very often, an even better deal is to rent a set of tools or borrow them from a friend.

17. Sports Equipment: Most people buy sports equipment planning to use it until it drops, but this rarely happens. So when sports equipment ends up on the resale market, they tend to still be in excellent condition. Look into buying used sporting gear through Craigslist and at yard sales or sports equipment stores.

18. Consumer Electronics: I know most folks like shiny new toys, but refurbished electronic goods are a much sweeter deal. Consumer electronics are returned to the manufacturer for different reasons, but generally, they'll be inspected for damaged parts, fixed, tested, then resold at a lower price. Just make sure you get a good warranty along with your purchase.

19. Gardening Supplies: This is an easy way for you to save money, and all you need to do is be observant. Take a look outdoors and you'll likely find such gardening supplies as mulch, wood, and even stones for free or vastly reduced prices. Used garden equipment and tools are also common goods at yard sales.

20. Timeshares: Buying timeshares isn't for everyone, but if you decide that it suits your lifestyle, purchasing the property as a resale would be a better deal than buying it brand new: on average, you'll save 67 percent on the price for a comparable new timeshare. If you're new to timeshare ownership, give it a test run first by renting short term.

21. Recreational Items: It's fairly easy to find high ticket recreational items like campers, boats, and jet skis being resold. Oftentimes, they're barely used at all. As long as they're in safe, working condition, they'll make for a better value when purchased used than new.
This list was first published here  Here is a link to the authors blog which is full of interesting things.
Gave dh his first haircut on Wednesday with the electric clippers.  In the scheme of things it went okay, although I did chop off his sideburns.....oops.......I should get better in time......I hope!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anyone fancy popping by?

I got 3 bush cords of wood delivered for the winter on Wednesday and it needs to be stacked.  Now granted it's still "one million degrees" out there but it's cheaper to buy in the summer than it is in the Fall.  I paid $280 a bush cord, which is a good price, as everywhere else it's advertised at between $300 to $350 a bush cord.

On Tuesday morning Molly went mad barking like crazy as she saw this:
That's the first time I have seen a rabbit around here.  Click on this photo, to get a better look at the birdie.
I am truly fed up of this hot and humid weather, and on Tuesday had yet another nasty headache, so thought I would show a photo of a snowy day to cool me down.
Good news though, the air conditioning guys are coming Thursday, so we should have an air conditioned cooled house by Thursday night..........fingers, toes and everything else crossed!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Attention all cat lovers, have a question for you

Dd has a two year old cat, Olive.

On Saturday they got a four month old kitten called Rhubarb, cute isn't she?
She was told not to introduce the two cats to one another straight away.  So she has Rhubarb in the bathroom, with her toys, litter, food and bed.  Olive meanwhile has the run of the condo like normal other than going into the bathroom.  Dd gave Olive, Rhubarb's blanket to sniff, to get used to Rhubarb's scent. 

She was also told to introduce Rhubarb to Olive slowly around 4 days by opening the bathroom door slightly, so they can see one another, but Olive can't get into the bathroom, and Rhubarb can't get out.   Is there anything else she should be doing?

I did my first reading at church on Sunday I read this passage from Amos 7:7-17  I hope I haven't to do it again for quite some time!!!  I have orders for 114 recpe books and there is still a couple of weeks to go.  I picked up the illustrations for inside of the book on Sunday and am pleased with how they look.  Just have to get them scanned and then can give them back to the artist.    I am on schedule to get the book emailed to the publisher by the last week of July..YEAH!!!

Have a super week, it's going to be a hot one for us again, fingers crossed the central air guys come by and finish the installation.  Otherwise I am going to be in for another miserable week.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today Flower......

A flower from a vegetable this week, in this case Zucchini.  If you're growing some and want ideas on what to do with them, check out this link for 50 + 1 recipes for Zucchini/Courgettes

For more Today's Flower photos, please click on the link

Starting to harvest.........

Now due to the "unusual" way I pruned the raspberry bushes last year (mowing them down with the lawn tractor) I'm not expecting much of a crop.  I do hope I can get enough to at least make some jam.  I need 6 cups of crushed raspberries to make a batch of jam.  There is only around 2 or 3 cups there.  So I'll crush them, measure them and put them in the freezer for later.

I got a couple of lettuce hearts for supper on Sunday night.  Then that is half the pea crop, the other half will be ready later this coming week.

I also managed to get a bit of the grass cut.  I need dh to have a look at the mowing deck on the tractor as I think it is off ballance and not cutting as good as it was.  For once I can say the blades are fine!!!

Bit of a short post today, as I want to finish off reading a book I started. "Thunder Bay," by Beth Loughner, it's a nice short one and an easy read.


Tuesday was a mixed bag type of day. Had the appliance repair guy come again to install another circuit board in the fridge.  When hubby got...