Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Doctor's appointment

I had my telephone appointment with the doctor yesterday to go over my blood work that I had done last week.  The one thing about getting blood work done through Life Labs here in Canada is that you can look up your results online, so technically you don't need the doctor to tell you the actual results.

So I already knew my blood sugar results were a lot better; so much so, that they are more or less in the normal rate.  The doctor was very pleased about that.  He did say my cholesterol levels are still a little high, so need to work on that.  At the end of the day getting my blood sugar levels back to normal is the whole end goal of all this.

I achieved my weight loss goal of 25lbs, I have actually lost 26lbs.  Now he was surprised about that and even more surprised when I told him that dh has lost 24lbs.  He did tell me that you should only lose 10% of your body weight at a time, then take six months off and not gain any weight.  Then lose another 10% of your body weight, then take six months off and maintain that weight, then repeat.  That way you will not gain the weight back. 

I am on a roll at the moment with the weight loss, so I do not want to lose momentum and lose interest in doing it.  So I am going to carry on doing what I am doing for the time being, as I am quite content with how I am doing it.

BUT....I have gone and pulled my hamstring and it is flipping well painful.  It was my own fault, I did not warm up properly while on the treadmill and with the incline I was doing the back of my knee is killing me.  I am hobbling around like an old women.  So as far as exercise is concerned one short walk after supper is about as much as I can handle at the moment.  It's been over a week or more now and is ever so slightly better, but this is going to take time to heal.

I keep meaning to tell you what I eat in a day as it is pretty much similar most days.  So for today I will be eating the following:

Breakfast: 1 cup multigrain Cheerio's with 1/2 cup 1% milk, cup of herbal tea (no milk)

Mid morning snack: Banana, large cup coffee with 1% milk

Lunch: hummus, rice crackers,  a pot of Motts Fruitsations unsweetened apple sauce, large coffee with 1 % milk

Mid Afternoon snack: Cup of herbal tea (no milk), mini package of cookies, click here to see them

Supper: Turkey Pasta stew/soup, (ground turkey with veggies, left over kraft dinner mixed in it, it will be my own recipe and will last a couple of days), sugar free jello with fruit in it and a fat free yogurt (40 calories) on the top.

After supper snack: 2 fat free yogurts and a granola/protein bar.

I also drink at least 32 oz of water.

Is my diet perfect, absolutely not!  However it is what is working for me.  I do make a lot of veggie soups.  Made a cauliflower one that I had for supper for the past couple of nights.  Cauliflower makes the most creamy of soups without using any cream or milk.  I have cut out a big chunk of carbs and a lot of sweet stuff like cakes and biscuits/cookies.

So my next goal is to lose another 25 lbs by the end of March, as that is when I am getting more blood work done and will go in and see the doctor in person (covid permitting).

I am in this for the long run, and I am of the mind set that slow and steady win's the race.  We shall see!

Oh I forgot for the month of December, I have been having my one chocolate a night from my Lindt advent calendar as well......I could murder a full size chocolate bar though..LOL  That will be my treat when I get my next 25 lbs off!!

(I will post a photo of my turkey pasta veggie stew/soup when I get it made)

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Two weeks later

 no I have not left the blog world again!

I have been busy with one thing and another.  Which includes the treadmill and walking.  I did slip and fall last week on the ice, so have been cautious with my walking.  Luckily I didn't really hurt myself.  My knee is all bruised up, but really my ego/pride was more bruised.  So because of that I only logged in 25 miles last week, I normally log in around 30 miles.

I have decided to try the treadmill again and have figured out a way of walking, burning calories on it, without it trying to kill me...LOL  I start off at incline 5, working my way up to incline 7 then working my way down to incline 5 again.  I can burn 400 calories in 40 minutes and walk 2 miles doing that.

Anyway, it means I have managed to lose 24lbs in 11 weeks, so I have 1lb to lose before I have my telephone appointment with the doctor on December 21st.  Hubby has also lost 21lbs which is a bonus.  This 25lb goal is of my own setting, not the doctors.

Could I murder a chocolate bar.....of course!!  We both have Lindt chocolate advent calendars to help with my sweet tooth.  I look forward to eating my one chocolate every day.

(image credit)

I will say there are more mini chocolate balls in it, than anything else.  It's a bit of a disappointment when you open the day's door and all you get is a mini chocolate ball.  I had hoped they were all full sized truffles.....

So there you go, a bit of an update.  I have blood work done this week, so it will be interesting to see if my numbers have come down for my diabetes.  I am guessing so due to the weight loss.  You can tell now that we have both lost weight, so it is encouraging.  We just have to keep on with it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

10/5-3-30 Challenge Day 10

I managed 20 minutes at incline 10 this morning, before dropping it down to incline 5 and working my way back up to incline 7 for the remaining 10 minutes.  So things are improving.

It snowed again, so more shoveling to do; therefore more exercise!  Also managed a small walk in the morning.

Something interesting.  The other morning I did my blood sugar when I got up before I went on the treadmill.  I then did it again after I had been on the treadmill.  It went up for 8 to 10.  All I had done was that exercising.  Someone suggested it was something to do with all the sweating you do when exercising hard?  Is that true?

So all in all on Tuesday, I did my 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Did two walks and shoveled the snow.  Plus pottered around the house.

Fitbit Stats:

Miles walked: 5.17

Step's: 12,500

Minutes of Exercise: 93

Water 16 oz x 3.....this is my good place to be with water, so that I don't spend half my life in the bathroom­čśŐ

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