Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Not an ear infection............

only (!!) a virus/sinus thing going on {SIGH}  He gave me a prescription and told me to fill it if it didn't clear up in a few days.  Otherwise pull up my big girls pants and get on with it, another {{SIGH}}

Spent a delightful couple of hours trying to get quotes on our house and car insurance.  They range in price from less than $1,500 for both to nearly $2,500 for both {{{SIGH}}}  For those of you who live in Ontario, Presidents Choice Financial Insurance is the cheapest so far and seems to have great coverage.  Thinking we may go with them.  Mind you as my mam always says, an Insurance Company is only as good as how it performs when you do your first claim.

Major crisis, well it is to my mind.  My laptop is away for repair.  The fan stopped working on it.  Took out the extended warranty thank goodness, through Staples.  I have very little faith in those guys after I sent in my Dell laptop for a new power cord and they changed the bloody hard drive..........there was NOTHING wrong with it {{{{SIGH}}}}

Told them this time under no circumstances do they touch my hard drive and to only change the fan.  Called yesterday for an update and was ready to pull my hair out within seconds.  He was rattling on about how they couldn't test the computer because of the security settings I had on it.  Took me a minute to click he was talking about someone else's computer!!  Finally got him talking about my computer and they have sent away to Toshiba for a new fan.  Fingers crossed I get it back before the end of the year............I'm telling you I have no faith in them.

As you know we sold our lawn tractor back in April.  Has anyone ever tried cutting five acres with a regular push lawn mower?  Neither have I, BUT I am getting in plenty of practice in cutting around the house with a push lawn mower.  Suffice to say I am NOT IMPRESSED!!

Got some more things sorted out.  Cost $92.60 to get Canada Post to redirect our mail for a year.  It's actually money well spent in my opinion as you always forget to tell someone you have moved.

Got some more packing done also today; still have a ways to go though.  Who knew there was so much "stuff" in this house!!!

If you're reading this I thank you.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Another update..............

Well my mam and step-father have gone back home.  The three weeks went by really fast and a good time was had by all.  They got to spend a lot of time with their great-grandchild and our little munchkin left them with many firsts.

Her first two teeth appeared while they were here.  They got to watch her swimming and finally clicking that when the instructor said one, two, three to close her eyes as she was going to be dunked under water.  They saw her roll over and even make a start on crawling.  Mind you it's more of a dragging motion than crawling at the moment, but she'll soon be moving faster no doubt.

I just wanted to clarify that is isn't our daughter that is expecting but Our Little Princess' mum that is expecting.  Although not true blood relatives I class them as one.

I need to start packing in earnest and get everything sorted out.  The house seems to be coming along, and unless told differently, three weeks today we will be moving.  Must say I will be glad when it all happens as it seems to have dragged on. 

I have got another ear infection, and it doesn't seem to want to go away, so I am going to have to bite the bullet and go to the doctors.  I have better things to do than trail down to Brampton to the doctors, but needs must I guess.

The weather has finally changed and it is now hot.  Had hoped to not put the a/c on, but we'll see.

One job I have to do today is to ring around looking for insurance for the car and the house, as ours seems to have gone up AGAIN.  Again I have better things to do than spend half the morning on the phone!!!

Hope all is well is you all and will try and post more.


Monday, May 19, 2014

M.I.A. - not really

Life is flipping busy at the moment, so sorry for not popping in and keeping you updated with what has been happening.  Since May 5th we have had visitors from Britain, namely my mam and step-father.  They came to see their great-granddaughter.  The trip was planned back in November and at that time we weren't sure when we would be moving.

Anyhow, their visit has been busy for both them and me, with things to do everyday.  Today (Monday) we had tea with Queen Victoria:
What both my mam and step-father found amusing was that they do not celebrate her birthday in her country of birth, but here in Canada we go all out.  There was an event at the local museum and we went and had an enjoyable time.

They leave on Saturday evening, so only a few days left now.  

A while ago I mentioned a friend/co-worker/surrogate Canadian brother had cancer.  He lost his fight last Tuesday and tomorrow (Tuesday) is his funeral.  Please say a prayer for his wife and two young children (ages 2 & 5) and his parents and family.  They are all devastated and understandably so.  

The house is coming along nicely and we had a visit on the weekend with all the family and got to look through it.  Very excited and pleased with how it is all looking.  Here are a couple of photos.  The first one is of the ceiling in the family/living room looking towards the kitchen.
That light fixture is going and shouldn't actually be there.  We are all very pleased with the look of the ceiling.

This one is of the kitchen looking towards the family room:
The counter tops are not in yet, they are a light granite I think/hope!!!  Don't remember what I ordered.  All the tiles, hardwood and carpet are in.  They are down to the nitty gritty and fingers crossed should be ready in time for us to move into.  Can't wait to show you all what's what.

I finally sold the last of the big things on Kijiji over the weekend.  Plus I got rid of all the firewood we had left over from this year.  Packing will resume in earnest after the weekend, although dh has made a start on clearing out the garage as that is a big job.  

We managed to get a lot of old wood burned on the fire pit yesterday so again a good jobbed, jobbed as I say.

Our little munchkin just turned 6 months old:
And has just got her first tooth and should be crawling pretty soon, as she doesn't like laying still!!
She is a little character that's for sure with those big blue eyes.

Another bit of news, our Little Princess is going to be a big sister in September.  It's going to be a surprise as to what sex it will be, but my bet is on a little boy.

I may not get back to posting until after next weekend, but want to thank each and every one of you who pops by and reads my blog.  I do so appreciate it.

Gill xoxo


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