Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Out with 2019...........

Can't believe it's already December 31st 2019.  This year has just flown by.  Not sure if it's due to the fact we are getting older.....I find time seems to fly by, or we have been busy?

I was trying to think back on the year and I guess at the beginning of the year we were busy sorting out bits and bobs for jobs we needed to get done this year on the house.  We made a list and I am pleased to say we completed the list, albeit in a roundabout way with some of the jobs.  What we did discover was that the easier jobs turned out to be more time consuming than the harder jobs.

We thought for sure we would have a heck of a job getting someone to re-caulk all the outside windows, but no that job seemed to go by without a hitch.  We couldn't do that job ourselves.  The biggest pain in the butt job was getting the air conditioning unit installed.  That should have been a simple job that turned into a real pain.  All the jobs that we did do this year were mainly general maintenance jobs that should be done every now and then with an aging house.  Although our home is only 13 years old.

Vacation this year was back to Britain.  We went for various reasons, and overall had an enjoyable time with good weather😲 I will say Britain and good weather don't generally go in the same sentence😋  It's still a very expensive country as far as we are concerned and will say we have no plans to go this year.  We find it very tiring so want a vacation this year doing our own thing.

Appleby Lane..............my new "baby" was started this year and for a new business it went well I think.  I learned a lot of new things regarding it and overall it was a very positive experience.  I have taken a couple of weeks off and now I need to figure out where to go with this; as you can only sell so many sets of produce bags...LOL  I want to stay true to what I like to make, so will go from there I guess?

Health wise, it's been a mixed bag for me and hubby and I guess we have to try and make 2020 a year when we concentrate on a healthier lifestyle as we are getting older.

Overall though 2019 hasn't been too bad of a year.  Tomorrow I'll post what our plans are for 2020.

Have a good New Year's Eve everyone...............

Monday, December 30, 2019

This is how I feel........

Must say I am glad Christmas is over and done with for another year.  I know New Year's Eve/Day is a day to celebrate but we never do much on that day.  It used to be the day I took down all the Christmas decorations as I had the day off work, but nowadays with not working I usually have them down sooner than that.  This year everything was put away on Boxing Day.  I wanted the house back to normal and not all cluttered up with Christmas stuff.

I do leave the Christmas cards up until the 12th night; you can read more about that here.  My hubby works for most of the Christmas period as he is in maintenance and the factory is shut down for the Christmas holidays, so all the machinery must be serviced, etc.  So I barely see him for the two weeks.

Our son hosted Christmas this year and it was lovely to see everyone and enjoy a lovely Christmas meal.  Dh and I were spoiled by the kids and I got a Nespresso coffee machine from them, and dh got a sound bar for the tv.  Santa was good to them as well from what I could see.  The kids got lots and lots of toys to play with, so they were happy.

I have taken a couple of weeks off from Appleby Lane and one of the jobs I am doing is decorating the downstairs bathroom.  What should have been a quick job has turned into an extensive renovation.  Dh started back at the end of November.  I will do a post about it all soon as we should be finished with it all in the next week or so.  If we had known what we were letting ourselves in for we wouldn't have started it when we did...........the joys of buying a house from someone who thinks they know it all😒

Oh yes I have eaten way too much, so need to get back into the healthy eating way of life again..........right after I have eaten the last of the chocolate😁

How was your Christmas?

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Update on health...........

Had another check up last week at the doctors; it had been three months.  I had blood work done the week before and as I can check the results online I knew it wasn't as positive as it should/could have been, so knew in advance that was not good news.

So I was not at all surprised when I went in that she "strongly suggested" that I take the diabetes medication; Metformin.  I am starting on a low dosage 1/2 a 500mg pill twice a day for a week then a full 500 mg pill there after.  I go back to the  doctors in three months time and hopefully by then things will have settled down.

Today's Christmas Song:

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Hosting a get together today, so busy, busy.......

Here are a couple of music video's to tap your toes too!!

And here is a Christmas tune by the same lady:

Have a super Saturday..............

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Obsessed with these..

On a night I can sit for hours watching these video's on Facebook.  Love that they are using very short and all are so varied.

The one I watched the most was Gogglebox Fanpage  You can also watch them on Youtube here

 I also love Drew Binsky and all his videos on travelling all over the world, you can see them here on Facebook and here on Youtube Videos.  The following video is in Lebanon:

There are many more; that I will share with you over the next few weeks.

Today's Christmas song is an updated Christmas carol:

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

It's the little things..........

At our last house our sofa was placed in the middle of the living room, and so my dh installed receptacles in the floor.  We have a similar layout in this house with the sofa, so again dh installed receptacles in the floor.

This may seem like a minor thing, but it makes such a difference, as now we can have table lamps on our end table's either side of the sofa.  There are two sockets in each receptacle and dh chose a brass finish but they do come in different finishes.

So the next plan of action was to find a couple of lamps for the end tables.  I didn't want to spend a small fortune, but do have to say I have expensive tastes and all the ones I liked we $200+ each.  Then there were many I liked but the shade wasn't right, or the base wasn't right, so after exhausting many options I finally found what I liked at Home Depot of all places.

This lamp comes in separate pieces, so you buy the base and the shade separately.

 The shade has a quilted look to me, or even fish scales.  It's an off white colour, but more white than ivory which is what a wanted and best of all it was only $25, you can see it here.
 The base is a metal one and I like how it isn't solid so doesn't look to heavy and clunky and  it was only $40, and you can see that here.
 They are a decent height and I am so pleased with them and they didn't break the bank.
We have bought a new sofa and our daughter took the old one on the weekend, and the new one doesn't come until Thursday so I will show it too you then. The living room is looking a bit strange without the sofa....

Today's Christmas music a classic song from my teens:

Monday, December 2, 2019

Has anyone been to see these guys in concert?

They come to Toronto most years and I have never been to the concert.  One of these days I will get tickets and go, I think it would be worth while.

The other day I was humming a Christmas carol and you know what I couldn't remember all the words to it.  That made me sad, as I have always remembered the words to Christmas carols.😞

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Saturday's show..........

It was a super show, with a great turn out.  Only one negative Nelly, who thought she could buy the same things I was selling at the dollar store..........go ahead then!!  Anyhow here is a photo taken of me by the local radio station:

Do you see who is looking over me?  My table was by the Queen.  For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, remember I have a decal of the queen on my car? See this post   She was my good luck charm on Saturday.

This show made up for all the other shows, and I had a good time and sold a lot.  I now have to regroup and plan out what to do next.  One thing about these shows though is you never know what will sell from one show to the next.  My biggest sellers so far had been the soup bowl cozies, but this show it was the produce bags.  

As the weather is going to be nasty today I think I will have a pajama day and just take it easy.  These shows are tiring but as I said productive.

Oh and as It's December 1st, let's play lots of Christmas music:

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