Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I am around and

hope to be back to posting in the next day or two.  Have a LOT going on..........

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Do you like to fly on an aeroplane?

I am not afraid of flying, but my body does not do well when flying.

I have motion sickness from the minute we set off on the runway to the minute we land and the plane stops.  Add in that it's always a night flight and I cannot sleep, so I am exhausted by the time we land; it makes for a very unpleasant seven hours or more.  If you need confirmation just ask my hubby and dad who have both flown with me and can attest to how much a pain in the butt I am๐Ÿ˜

This is generally how I look, wish me luck!!

Must remember to buy gravol!!!  I am actually feeling a bit green around the gills just thinking it about it๐Ÿ˜•

Saturday, September 1, 2018

All ready to go..........

I finally got all 10 learn to knit project bags together with the help of Angie; she supplied eight sets of needles and another lady supplied two sets of needles.  I did the rest, and off it went in the mail on Friday:

Each bag contains a pattern, ball of yarn (enough to make an adult hat) a set of needles and a stitch marker.
 I picked all bright colours for this set.
They are going to a ladies/girls group in Northern Manitoba and they will be learning to knit.  Any kits leftover I told the organizer to donate them to someone in their community.  I also included extra patterns and a couple of free knitting kits for a bookmark and a soft toy I got in magazines.

I plan on putting together another box in a couple of months time.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Crazy busy, I mean crazy, crazy busy!!

This week has been super busy with one thing and another.  

As with most things in life everything happens at once.  When I booked our trip to Britain, I said it'll be "sod's law" and we'll end up selling the house and having to buy another one all at the same time.

Well; we have an offer on the house.  We went back and forward with that at the beginning of the week.  We ended up accepting the offer, BUT the buyers still have theirs to sell.  Where it is at it shouldn't be a problem, but who knows?

Meanwhile we have no where to go and are going on vacation in a week or so's time.  Fast forward until today and I have narrowed down my selection of houses to ONE; BUT and there always is a but they want way more for it than it's worth and there is a bit of work to do on it.  So we are going for another look today (Friday) and we'll go from there.

The closing date for our house is October 31st, so only 60 days which isn't long when you go away on vacation in between hands!!

I also committed to send 10 knitting kits up North for a women's/girl's group, so have been busy putting them together.  Finally got that done, as they will be starting the Fall session soon, will do a post tomorrow on those.

Then we to get ready to go on vacation, plus I want to see all the grand children, they are heading up on Sunday with parents for a get together, so that will be 10 adults, 5 kids and a baby.

The home inspection is being done on Monday, so need to get the house tidied up for that.  Small children are like little tornado's and it's amazing where their sticky hand prints end up!

I still have photos to sort through and print out to take with us.  Still have a few things to buy to take with us.  Did get all paperwork sorted to take with us and got cash converted over. 

I know there are a hundred and one other things to do; I need to make a list๐Ÿ˜‰

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I wish I had a smaller head..........

as wouldn't it be fun to wear one of these.......

 Picked up these for the girls for Christmas.....
 Got them from North of Nine Designs.
They are just so pretty, and I know the girls will just love them!!