Sunday, June 23, 2019

The garden and what is growing in there.....

as we didn't plant this garden it's always interesting to see what pops up next.

 I was a little disappointed to see that the peony is white as I love red peonies......however it is still really pretty.

 White seems to be a theme in the garden I have discovered.

Now to get rid of the weeds!!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

R's Bag......

As you know I make bags for the special people in my life.  I recently made and gave "R" an early birthday gift of this sling-a-long bag.  I was very pleased with how it turned out. I used Tula Pink's De La Luna fabric line on this bag.  "R" loved it as well.

This is my sling-a-long bag and I use it all the time: 

 This is the one I made for my daughter.

 That's it though for sling-a-long bags for now though!!  I won't be making them for my shop as they are too fiddly and time consuming.

Friday, June 21, 2019

All about Appleby Lane today.....

I hope you don't mind but I wanted to show a couple of new things I have made for the shop, for those of you who don't use Facebook.

I made a couple of lunch bag/key fob combo's which I love.  I even made a video online asking people to buy them asap, as I am very reluctant to part with them....LOL  They are around 11 inches high by 13 inches wide and are $45 CDN plus shipping (there is a flat rate shipping special going on at the moment).  100% quilted cotton on the outside with a waterproof lining inside.  They are a great size and hold a lot including your water bottle.

I very nearly made myself a handbag with this, rather than the lunch bag!!

 This is a farm themed one.
Another thing I have made are these project bags.  They are so, so useful for all sorts of things.  They are all around 10 inches wide by 8 inches tall.  They are made with 100% cotton fabric and some are made with linen also.  4 outside pockets and two pockets inside, one which is ideal for your cell phone.  I wouldn't be without my projects bags......yes I have multiple...LOL

Which one is your favourite fabric combination?

Then finally I made another three knitting totes.  All are $45 each, not sure which is my favourite fabric combination?  The words and the lime green lining, make it just pop.
 The pinky/purple lining goes so well with the outside fabric.
 This is a one off, as I have no more fabric left of this, so if you own this no one else will have one the same.  It will be as unique as you are!
If you want any more info about any of these products, leave me a comment, and if you know of anyone who would like any of these, please share this post with them.

Thanks, Gill Appleby Lane

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary to us

It was actually a hot sunny day when we got married which was a minor miracle being as we were married in the UK.  We actually got married in St. Lawrence's Church in Appleby (hence Appleby Lane!!) and here is a link to the church and it's history.  It earliest part of the church was built around 1150 and added on from there!!  Yep, the British have some old buildings!!

So back to us, 36 years later, two children, moved to another country and we are still married. 

As dh always says, "if he had killed me right off he would be free now!!"

As I point out; "no one forced him to get married...LOL"

At the end of the day we would be lost without one another.  We are as different as chalk and cheese, him being quiet, me being the opposite.

I dedicate this song to him!!

(The dancing sucks in this video though doesn't it?)