Thursday, July 25, 2019

Progress Report on the diet and exercise regime...

Back here I wrote about how I had been told by the doctor, that if I don't lose weight, exercise and change my eating habits, I was going to have to be put on diabetes medication.  

So here we are just over a month later and I thought I'd update you on how things are going.

We went to see the dietitian and the kinesiologist/diabetes educator.  Have to say it wasn't very helpful seeing the kinesiologist/diabetes educator; but did learn a couple of helpful things from the dietitian.  Which were:

  1. every 4 grams of sugar per serving = 1 teaspoon of sugar
  2. the 5% to 15% ratio.  Under 5% per serving is great.  Over 15% depending on what it is, is not.  For example sodium.  Between the two is okay in moderation.
So we have changed our eating habits.  I have been walking a bit.  Did not walk last week, as it was so hot and humid, but have managed to walk every day this week and have achieved over 10,000 steps every day since Monday. 

What all this translates to is I have lost 8 lbs since June 25th.  Not the greatest loss, but it is going in the right direction.  I have booked an appointment to have my blood work done on August 27th and am back at the doctors on September 4th.  So I have another month to work on it all.  I would love to get another 10 lbs off by then, but we'll see.  

Eating better is more important that losing the weight the dietitian said.

However despite me not being a big ice cream fan I could murder a hot fudge sundae😁

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Just not "feeling it."

So this morning I took a class on "Big Stitching."  I had never taken a class at this store before, but had been in the store a few times and found the owner to be very pleasant.

So I get to the store before the appointed time as I needed a couple of things to use in the class.  The instructor was very nice and told us there were nine in the class.  Four seats on one table, and five on the other.  So I went and put my bag down at a seat on the five table by the wall out of the way.  Went to buy my things and came back to sit down.

The woman sitting opposite me started telling this other woman come and sit next to her, which she proceeded to do, but a woman got to the seat before her and sat down.  By the look on the woman's face opposite me she wasn't happy, so I said I would move so this other woman could sit opposite her.  I found this all very unusual and actually thought to myself that the woman I had been sitting opposite was a little insecure.

Anyway, there were now four of us seated and the fifth person at the end of the table, although all her things were set out at the table she was still in the main part of the store shopping.  I brought a coffee with me in a travel mug with a sealed lid.  The new woman who I am now sitting opposite brought a coffee from Tim Hortons in one of their paper cups.  

You will know what happened next without me saying it, but yes she knocked over her cup and the coffee went over the woman's things at the end of the table.  Although the woman opposite apologized she made no effort to help clean up the mess.  Suffice to say the woman's whose things had coffee all over it was not happy and you could cut the air with a knife after that.

To cut a long story short, what with the whole atmosphere at the table and the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat on; I lasted an hour and a half.  The class was three hours long.  I was just not feeling it. I was packing up to go, the woman opposite me says, oh could you drop me off at the garage it's only five minutes up the which I said, there's still another hour and a half left in the class............she says that's fine and up she got.😦  So I take her to the garage, and yes it is only a five minute drive but I was flabbergasted???

Anyway, this is what we were aiming to do, this is the sample:

This is where I am at with mine:

Bit to go, will work on it when I have time.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I have been neglecting my blog recently.

Why?  I have been busy with this and that, mainly the Facebook shop.  I have to say it has been a success so far; BUT you never know how long that success will last, or when your next order will come in.

I booked a craft show at a parent and teachers evening in October.  It cost me $30 for the table........oh and you have to bring your own table....LOL  I figured $30 wasn't a lot of outlay and I am quite confident I will sell $30 worth of stuff to cover the cost.  However, who knows?  

If anyone has done craft shows, any do's and don't would be greatly appreciated.

I actually got a little bit of sewing done for me this week.  I made our grandson a bunny when he was born.  Then made two more ..............who can forget scary bunny!!  He has chewed that one to death, as it's a favourite!!  I made him another, along with one for the chiropodist's newborn and one for the grands cousin.  I am thinking about adding them to the shop?

I then made a couple of passport holders out of cork for dh and I.  I will be making more for the shop and selling those at $15 each.
Just finished another custom order today for an I-Pad/Tablet holder.  Lots of pockets in it and very sturdy.
Taking a class tomorrow on hand stitching quilts, which I have NO interest in, but I want to pick up some tips and tricks about the hand stitching, so I can incorporate that into my work I do in the shop.  Will be back with show and tell after the class!!  Have a good one........

Sunday, July 21, 2019


Hubby is off today, so hoping to spend a little time with him.  Have errands to run, then going to hibernate in the house.  Although not as hot as yesterday, still too humid for me.

So everyone: