Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sunday Song - A classic

This song never gets old  I get goosebumps every time I hear it.  We have seen Sarah Brightman in concert twice.  Now I love her voice, but not a fan of Sarah the person, sorry.  Andrea Bocelli's voice is perfect with Sarah's in this duet.  Enjoy!

Friday, July 12, 2024

Just under a week......

Went to the passport office last Wednesday, and it was delivered by Canada Post the following Tuesday.

Really glad we didn't pay extra for them to be rushed through.  Excellent service I would say.

We could travel with a British Passport as well, but find it's as easy with just the Canadian one, plus it means going to downtown Toronto to get one of those and it's total gridlock downtown unless you use the subway.

Funny story, last time I was on the subway I was with our daughter and she told me off for talking to a stranger.  It turns out that's something you don't do on a subway; who knew?  Also I have no sense of direction at all on the subway, so am not allowed to go on it by myself!!!!

I wonder if we'll be getting another 10 year passport, as we'll be 70 and 76 when this one expires?

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Time to pass on the baton..........

When God was handing out talents, I skipped a few lines; how to mend a car, how to use power tools, you know that sort of thing.  However, I was front and centre when in the "shop until you drop," line😁

The other day I met up with daughter and grand daughters at the mall around 40 minutes from home.  I rather enjoy that mall, Vaughan Mills.  Got a variety of stores and a pretty good food court.  Plus it's a straight drive for me, no going on Highway 401, which is a nightmare I find.

Any how, we got there for 10am and fueled up at Tim Hortons, before we started.  We all had things we wanted/needed to do and I will say we all were in a great mood.  

I came to the store I needed to go into, Kate Spade first.  I have splashed something; coffee maybe, onto my suede handbag.  I am not happy, so wanted advice on the best way to clean it.  Their advice; google it?????  We had a look around, admiring all the bags and deciding, I would drag hubby back there when he is off next to see if he feels like buying me another handbag πŸ˜‰

We carried on and got more shopping and more shopping, and more shopping!!!  By 12:15pm, my feet were killing me and I left the others in a store to go and find a chair to sit down on.  They came and found me and said lets go to HomeSense.  I said no we're going to eat and dragged them to the food court, so I could sit down for a bit.

After lunch we went to HomeSense and bought a pile of stuff, and headed towards Bass Pro to look at the fish; but after that I was done.  I could walk no more.  I left the mall at 1:45 pm and was home by 2:30pm.  Which means I was shopping for only 3 + hours, but I was pooped.

So I am now officially handing over the shopping baton to daughter and grand daughters, they can get on with it now; I'm getting too old for all this wandering around!!  But let me add, despite how tired I was I thoroughly enjoyed my day, the girls are great to shop with, especially when they have there own money!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

End of an era...........

I sold our push lawn mower this week; got $50 for it.  We have had it years, and honestly haven't used it in  a few years.  Daughter and son-in-law used it also for a few years at their house.  So it has paid for itself, time and time again.

We got it from Lee Valley Tools.  I see they have upgraded it now, when I looked at it here.
So another thing out of the shed.  I am on a cleaning out kick at the moment.  We need to get rid of stuff; especially stuff we don't use!!

I managed to get this lot sorted to go to the charity shop:

I also decided to go through the bill drawer and the filing cabinet to do some shredding:
We had tax returns from 2010.  I checked online here to see how many years you had to keep here in Canada.  It said 6 years, so I kept 8 years just to be on the safe side.  We had info from prior properties we sold, medical receipts from the early 2010's, all stuff we don't need.  Took a while as the shredder kept over heating despite me oiling the blades and only putting a couple sheets of paper through at a time.  

When was the last time you had a session of shredding things?

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Air Fryer

I finally gave in and got one.  I actually bought one the other week but when I got it home it was way too small, so returned it.  Canadian Tire had this one on sale for $175.00  As you can see it's the big one, but what I liked most about this one it has two baskets, so you can cook more than one thing at once.

I will say the downside is the size of it.  It is big, so I have had to shuffle things around and may do more moving things around yet.
I decided to start out slow and easy, so cooked some sausages for hubby, and I had bought some chicken breasts and cut off a couple pieces from the chicken.  We were having wraps for supper.  I tossed the chicken breasts in some Greek salad dressing.  Cooked both items on air fry for 20 minutes.  Both items came out juicy and cooked great.
I do not like using the BBQ, so am hoping it will replace that.  I have some chicken burgers I want to try in the air fryer.  Also have some veggie burgers, so will try that as well.

I will keep you updated on how it all goes.  With it being so hot and humid, it was nice that the kitchen was heated up due to me using the air fryer.

Oh and almost forgot, got a bonus $25 in Canadian Tire points for buying this, so that will come in handy sometime.

Monday, July 8, 2024

Passports and pensions....

Our passports expire February 2025.  As you can't travel with a passport that has less than six months on it before it expires, figured we may as well get them renewed well ahead of time, in case there was a delay.

As we have a CAA membership we got our photo's taken there.  Mine was free and hubby's was just over $10.  So if you have a CAA membership make sure you take advantage of that.  

We completed hubby's Canadian pension application online and the CPP was easy peasy!!  The OAS though, was another matter.  The word that comes to mind with that form was "ambiguous."  The way they worded some of the questions was confusing.  They also required copies of our marriage certificate and immigration papers.

Both the pension and passports applications required a visit to the dreaded Service Canada office.  Now depending on where you live this could be an all day job.  However we were warned ahead of time not to visit our local office due to the long lines, and go to another office a 50 minute drive from the house.

Believe me when I say it was well worth the 50 minute drive, as we were in and out in under half an hour.  The person we dealt with was so nice and very thorough.  It helped that we had all our paperwork filled out and we brought with us exactly what they needed.

I will say though I felt that $160 CDN each for a 10 year passport was a little pricy; but it's a need not a want in our case.  They told us it would be back within the month; but it will probably be back sooner, or so I have been told by other people.

As for the pensions; we'll hear back hopefully in the next month or two is everything is good with the paperwork.  As we don't need either of them to start until January of 2025, there is plenty of time to fix any issues that may arise.

Oh and a funny story about the passport photos.  We were going to get our photos taken the week before, but I ended up with a spot/zit on the middle of my forehead for some reason.  I took one look at it and told hubby there was no way on earth I was having a passport photo taken with that huge zit on my face, and having to look at my passport photo for the next 10 years and seeing that zit!!!  

As it happened the photo I took is actually a good photo.  Meanwhile hubby looks like an escaped convict. As I said to the lady, oh no, he's going to get stopped going through customs with that photo!! She just laughed and said yes!!

Saturday, July 6, 2024


We have had our Patio set for many years and it has served us well.  The only issue we had with it, is storing it and how big the table is.  It seats six.

So we decided to get a smaller one.  I knew selling this one would be more hassle than enough, so decided to give it away for free.  I wanted to keep the chairs as there is nothing wrong with them.

I decided to advertise if for FREE on our local subdivision/estate Facebook site.  Sure enough a local guy said he wanted it.

He turned up and I sent hubby outside to help him lift it into the truck.  Thankfully I didn't go outside!!

As he said to hubby after looking at it in great detail, that no he didn't want it as it was scratched????

Not sure what he was expecting for FREE, but I can guarantee you won't get brand new for free!!

I posted it on our city's free site and it was gone the next day.

Meanwhile we bought this one on clearance in Home Depot.  It seats four and is big enough for us.

Friday, July 5, 2024

Hello July................

We're already half way through 2024, where has the first half of the year gone too?  For me time is flying by this year.  Hubby took this week off from work, so we have been busy catching up on bits and bobs, trying to get some jobs out of the way.  However, poor hubby has been sick with a head cold.  However, when he catches a cold, it also goes straight to his chest, so he has been coughing up a lung and thankfully coughing up green ick.  He has turned a corner and is finally feeling a bit better.

As the Euro's is on, we have been watching a bit of soccer/football.  I caught up with my temperature cross stitch today, and I am up to date with it. It's still hot and humid.  I try and get anything I need done outside done in a morning and then hibernate in the afternoon.

Our daughter-in-law and her sister were telling me about a puzzle they had got but couldn't complete, as it's "The Clearly, Impossible Round Puzzle."

What makes it hard is it's clear perspex which changes colour depending on the light.  It was hard I will admit, and hubby helped me with this.  There is a method to completing this, and once we got into the swing of it; it was pretty straight forward.  However, I totally understand how it could be impossible to do.

I will prepare a few posts for the next few days so you can see what we've been up too.

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Friday, June 28, 2024

cross stitch update

 This is my latest update; I have completed stitching right up to this past Tuesday.  As you can see we had some stinking hot days last week, and this chart does not include the humidity, so the temps were in the 40's a couple of those days.  Everyone was weary and miserable.  It's a lot cooler at the moment.

As I have finished my paint by numbers I thought I'd start another puzzle, I have two yet to make.  Dh bought me this Thomas Kincaide one for my birthday I think?  It's a 1000 piece one and flipping hard.  

I am making good progress though with it, as I have only been doing this since Sunday.

What are you up too crafting wise?

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Banana Muffins

 I had bought too many banana's and had some over ripe ones that even I couldn't eat, so decided to make some banana muffins.  I did a google search for "moist banana muffins and came up with this recipe, for "The Best Banana Muffin Recipe."

Now I followed the exact recipe, but did not put the streusel on the top of it.

I also only have a 6 hole silicone muffin pan, so had to use a 6 hole cupcake silicone pan as well.  So that the muffin pan had twice the amount of mixture in it.

I put them in the oven for the allotted time.  The ones on the left needed an extra 3 minutes until they were cooked, and I cooked the ones on the left for an extra 10 minutes after that.
As you can see from the photo one lot was twice the size of the other lot, due to the baking pans.
The verdict though is I would use that recipe again in a heartbeat, as they are super moist, soft and tasty.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Beware of Scams!!

Son called us the other night to tell us what had happened earlier on in the evening.

They were having their supper and a guy came to the door.  Son answered it and the guys says, "I'm here to pick up the lawn tractor."  Son tells the guy he doesn't have a lawn tractor; the guy explains he has put a deposit down on it from an ad on Facebook Marketplace and was given this address to pick it up.

Son says maybe you have the wrong number/address, but he doesn't have a lawn tractor.  Off the guy goes, and son and family get on with their night.

Just after putting the boys to bed, there is another knock on the door.  It's another guy here to see the lawn tractor.  Again son explains, and again this guy says it's from an ad on Facebook Marketplace.

So someone was using son's address for a scam.  It looks as though one had given a deposit and the other was just going to view it.

Thankfully both guys believed son, because it could easily have turned nasty.  I have heard of this happening, but have never experienced it myself.  It goes to show have even using Facebook Marketplace is now not as simple as it seems.

Has anything like this happened to you?

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Sharks in the Water! 🦈

So we were babysitting on the weekend.  Babysat the boys, Saturday into Sunday while their parents were away.  The weather was awful with a lot of rain and Liam picked up a stomach bug so was in bed early poor thing.

Evan will be 3 this coming Saturday and he LOVES the video below.  I mean really, really LOVES this video.

Now to be fair when you first watch it, it's quite catchy don't you think?  However after watching it 100 times (slight exaggeration!!), it does start to get on your nerves; just saying!!!  

This guy is the Australian version of Blippi.

Now between me and you I don't know who is worse.  Blippi's voice gets on my nerves, so maybe Go Danny, or is it Danny Go(?) wins.

Remember when Barney was the hit for all younger kids?  Sesame Street has stood the test of time.  

The one thing I do enjoy is being able to watch kids movies with the kids.  I would never think of doing that other wise!

Is there a particular kids character you enjoy?

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Saturday, June 22, 2024

What do you do if your car has a boo-boo?

 You put a band aid/plaster on the boo-boo!!!

Saw this in a parking lot the other day!!  Never seen a band aid/plaster that big before.  This isn't my car by the way.

Friday, June 21, 2024

Chelsea Flower Show

We have been watching the Chelsea Flower Show on Brit Box.  One of the things I thoroughly enjoyed was a vendor from Denmark with his willow you can visit the site here.

Imagine my surprise while at Home Depot, there were some similar ones.  I had to pick one up.

I potted it up in a tub.

I will keep it in the pot over winter in the garage for this year.  I am thinking that as they survive in Denmark they should be okay here in our 5b zone.

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Container Garden

I purchased this modular container garden at Home Depot.  It was on clearance for $79.  I then picked up some plants in the clearance section of Home Depot, along with some herbs and soil to plant them up.

I am too late to plant more veggies, so figured flowers and herbs would do for this year.
I put petunia's in one section.
Basil, chives and parsley for the middle section.
The third was filled with two dahlia plants.
There were a couple of dahlia flowers out.
All in all very happy with how it all turned out.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Cross stitch and paint by numbers update....

 Here is my temperature cross stitch latest update.

We are going to see temperatures in the higher range this coming week.
Then I finished my latest paint by numbers.  I am really pleased with it.  I love the bright colours.

I still have to attach the hanging frame.  Now I have a couple of puzzles to make.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Oops, I did it again!

Today is our 41st wedding anniversary.  Got up this morning and saw that hubby had put an envelope on top of my laptop.  He leaves the house by 4:30 am for work.  My first words out of my mouth when I saw that envelope was *hit, *hit, *hit!!!  I had forgotten to pop his envelope with card in it on his lunch box for him!!

So I go and get the card to write it.  As I am writing it I am reading the verse and thinking what a lovely verse it was, then right at the end it says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Again, *hit, *hit, *hit!!

So I call hubby to "confess" that yes I had forgotten our wedding anniversary and I had picked up a birthday card for him, instead of a wedding anniversary card!!

This is not the first time I have forgotten our wedding anniversary; but what's worse is I was just talking about it on my blog yesterday afternoon!!  Is this the beginning signs of memory loss do you think???

Monday, June 17, 2024

Back again

I honestly think I have nothing to talk about most days.  I lead a very boring life, just doing the same thing day in, day out.  So I always think what can I say?  So I guess I do a few posts, then take a mini break?

What's going to be on everyone's mind here in Southern Ontario this week is the weather.  We are under a heat wave and it's stinking hot and humid.  However on the weekend it was cooler, so hubby and I had a drive over to a village called Creemore.  Now I know I have talked about it before on my blog.  Here is a post from 2009.    They have a Farmer's market on a Saturday and so wanted to have a wander around that.

First a cup of coffee at the Bank Cafe.  When I walked into the cafe, I had a mini panic attack with the number of types of cups of coffee you could order.  Brought back flashbacks of being in the UK.  No I don't want a Flat White, I just want a normal cup of coffee.  The lady behind the counter was super nice, and we got drip coffee and added our own milk (me) and half and half (dh).

Now one vendor I fell in love with was Bloom and Spade, because they had bucketful's of ranuculus, which is a favourite flower of mine.  You can read more about growing ranuculus here.
Aren't those colours just gorgeous?
As it is our wedding anniversary this week, I treated myself to a bunch of their flowers.
Although beautiful I felt they were a little expensive at $25 a bunch.
I will say though they are holding up despite the heat, and they do look pretty.  The pink peony is also a show stopper.

The only other thing I bought was some lettuce greens from this vendor; which at only $3 a bag was a good deal.

I popped them into my Tupperware Fridgesmart and this is what they looked like two days later.
There was enough in that package to make salad for the two of us over two days.  I dressed it in a Balsamic Vinaigrette from Kraft, and added some cherry tomatoes and creamy feta.  Never bought creamy feta, and won't again.  We were not too keen on it.
So there you go something different from me.  I will probably be doing a couple more posts this week, as I do have a couple of other things to talk about which may be of interest to you.

For those of you who are suffering with this heat, hang in there, I see the forecast will be a little cooler next week.

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Sunday Song

Doris Day is a favourite singer of a family member.  So this song is for them.

Friday, June 7, 2024

What do you do when it's hot and humid outside?

Well of course I decided to why not....LOL

I picked some rhubarb the other day and hadn't gotten around to using it, so decided to use some in the rhubarb cake,  I used this recipe.

I had to use up the rest of the leeks, so made a leek and smoked cheese quiche.
While the quiche was cooking I popped in some potatoes to make roasted potatoes which I coated in balsamic vinaigrette.
Supper was quiche, potatoes and salad.  With a piece of rhubarb cake for pudding.  It was yummy!

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Champagne Bubbles.............

One of our neighbours up the road posted on our subdivision Facebook site, that she had free veggie plants she was giving away.  I reached out to her and asked her if I could have a couple and she said yes.

I picked up a yellow bell pepper, a chocolate bell pepper, a jalapeno pepper and two cherry tomato plants.  I gave the pepper plants to our son, as he has more room than I have to plant them, plus I know he'll give me any excess he has.

Here are my cherry tomato plants, I am hoping this tub is large enough, it should be:

and this is where the blog post title comes in; the name of this variety is champagne bubbles, as they are a yellow variety.
I am going to pop by this ladies house and give her a set of my reusable produce bags as a thank you gift for the plants.

Do you have a veggie garden?  Or just veggies in tubs?

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Just heavy.

It's that time of year when my all time favourite flower is in bloom.  My red poppy; it's stunning.  It's such a shame it's never in bloom for very long.

Now despite being British I have no luck when it comes to growing roses.  I have one mini rose in the garden, and it's hanging in there by a thread!

My white peony is coming into bloom also.  I need to pick some, as every year we get a summer storm and it gets bashed to bits.
I also have a couple of white clematis in flower now.  The purple ones are all done.

I "think" this may be a Columbine?  Not 100% sure.
One thing I need to look for are Irises.  This is a mini one.

Finally my bleeding heart, I have a white one, but it's all done flowering for the year.  They are hardy plants.
Are you busy gardening?

Sunday Song - A classic

This song never gets old  I get goosebumps every time I hear it.  We have seen Sarah Brightman in concert twice.  Now I love her voice, but ...