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Monday, August 18, 2014

Look who is 9 months old and a baby "puja"

Our little Munchkin was nine months old on Saturday.  
She never stops; is always on the go.  Can stand for a few seconds on her own but still not confident enough to take that first step.  She has also learned how to grind her teeth which is nasty; it sounds as bad as nails on a chalkboard!!!  She is up to 19 1/2 lbs and is going to be tall, so she takes after her dad's side in that aspect.  Her having those six teeth make her look so much older I think?

On Saturday we also attended a "puja" which is a religious blessing for Our Little Princess' soon to be new brother or sister.  It was only a short puja, so it took just under 2 hours!!  It was very interesting, despite the fact I didn't really know what was happening.
This was done in a house, the priest is sitting by himself.  A married couple had to help with the ceremony.  They were "praying" to the Indian Deity Ganesh  I honestly don't know the ins and outs of it all.  It involved various things, including flowers, holy water, fruit, rice, different spices and oil.  At one point we also got a blessing and a piece of fruit.  I was praying and hoping it wasn't going to be a coconut.......pleased to say dh and I got a pomegranate each, as at least I know what to do with that.

I was surprised at how relaxed it was, as people were moving around and talking while all this was going on.  I didn't put my sari on as this happened at 7 am!!!  It was apparently an auspicious time to do the blessing?  I have enough trouble putting my sari on at a regular time never mind trying to do it at that time of the morning.  Also as this was a last minute thing I didn't have time to go out and buy another "Indian" outfit to wear.  Everyone's sari's though were gorgeous as always; and yes dh and I were the only non-Indian people in attendance.  However we know everyone and are treat as part of the family which is really nice.

They had a traditional breakfast after this ended and as usual I did not like it, because even breakfast can be spicy it seems!!!  Dh ate his though, but he isn't as picky as me.

Of course our Little Princess was there:
She is growing that fast and is so bright.  She was 19 months old last week.  Her new brother or sister (I am thinking brother) is due the middle to end of September and is already a footballer!!  Total different pregnancy to when she was expecting our little Princess.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More blinds from Blindsgalore.....

We got our latest blinds from Blindsgalore on Tuesday and must say we are very pleased with them.  This is the blurb about them:

Sheer blinds, also called sheer shades, are refined, elegant and versatile window treatments. Comparable to the Silhouette, sheer horizontal blinds feature two sheer fabric facings over soft fabric vanes.  Sheer vertical blinds feature a light filtering material between hanging fabric or vinyl vanes.  Blindsgalore offers discount sheer shades from Bali, Levolor & Comfortex as well as our own signature line.

In Canada I only see the one type of sheer blind to order, I think they have more selection in the States.

It is raining today so I couldn't get good photos.  I didn't order blinds for the doors, but am going to now as I like them so much.
The two windows below took dh all of 30 minutes to install them, as he had the tools and step ladder out. 
There are three brackets on this window with two screws in each bracket.  You need a tape measure, a pencil, a drill to drill a pilot hole and a screw driver to screw the screws in.  That is it. 
 As the side windows are less than 24 inches wide, we only used two brackets.
They let plenty of light in, but give us privacy at the same time.  Very pleased with the quality.  Now I didn't get a price on the Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds, but I am guessing these were half the price and as good a quality.  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Results of the condo board meeting...........

Last Thursday evening was the condo board meeting.  There was a good turn out of people and we met a lot of people we hadn't met before.  There were enough in attendance that we were able to take care of all business including voting for the five members of the board.

There were seven people who put their name forward, including mine.  There were four women and three men.  We all gave a little speech about who we are etc and that was both interesting and plain bloody boring.  Lets just say I went sixth and the five people before me were all very qualified as was the person after me.  I was in two minds about even standing up and saying anything after the first five spoke but dh said I was as good as everyone else.

If truth be told other than solving world hunger and flying to the moon and back, they have all done and had very illustrious careers.  They are all over qualified for these positions but all were so willing and enthusiastic you couldn't help but want all of them to win!!!  Oh and then there was me..........

Here is part of my speech:

I decided to put my name forward for the board as I feel I have a couple of skills that could be useful. (LITTLE DID I REALIZE COMPARED TO EVERYONE ELSE'S SKILLS MINE WERE USELESS, I did not say this bit!!)

I worked in an office for a number of years so know my way around a computer and can read a set of financial statements.

I have been told and I think I am a very organized person.

I am also very lucky, that when God was handing out common sense, I was in the line and got some.  However when God was handing out how to use power tools, I was shopping.  THAT GOT ME A FEW LAUGHS.

Suffice to say I did not get voted onto the board and will say I am so glad I didn't.  One thing I said at the end of my speech was to tell everyone to play nice!!  One guy decided to bring up an incident that I have mentioned before at the meeting.  Luckily for us the lawyer running the meeting shot him down, not before totally blindsiding the woman he was complaining about and shocking the hell out of a lot of people for having the nerve to bring it up at the meeting.  The guy is a bully and needs to be brought down a peg or two.  Dh has warned me to keep out of it; but boy I wish I could sock him one (the guy not dh)

We then had to vote on a minor issue.  That went on and on due to one man's questions and concerns.  This issue was a straight forward thing and the lawyer told us it was straight forward as was the wording.  It was at that point I realized I wouldn't have the patience to deal with these types of things.

However after the meeting I chatted with a lot of folk and everyone loved my speech and said I would have been a breath of fresh air on our board, as compared to the other folk I was totally opposite.  A couple of folk wanted me to run for a social committee, I said no that was fine.

Will say we live in a great neighbourhood with a lot of super people from all walks of life.  The people voted onto the board will do a good job and I congratulated them all.  I think though after the meeting I will stick to my thing and let them run the board.  In the scheme of things we shouldn't have to deal with them much anyway, as what minor things we want to do with the outside of the house are things that are always approved anyway.

Oh and by the way we have a bit more grass.........

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Do you remember these songs?

I love this song, and remember all the uproar she caused with the church, do you?

Red, Red Wine is I think the most famous song by UB40, but I love this one as much.

I remember one of my early boyfriends just loving this song, and wanting to "look" like the guys in the song.  I love the song, but thought the outfits too scruffy for me.

This is such a catchy song.  I remember dropping dd and her friend(s) off to see these guys at Canada's Wonderland.

I could never figure out what this video was about, but just loved the song regardless.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Some old songs.......

This is such a sad song........
 One of my all time favourite songs.....

Haven't heard this in a while.......

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