Monday, October 18, 2021

To dye or not to dye?

When Paige started school back in September of 2020 she was 4 1/2.  She came home one day and said to her mother, "where are the eyes in the back of my head?"  After a discussion it turned out her teacher had said she "had eyes in the back of her head."

Her mother told her that only grow up's had eyes in the back of their heads!!  Honestly these kindergarten teachers also need the patience of a saint, and have arms like an octopus.  It must be like herding cats trying to control 20 odd 4 & 5 year olds!!  Rather them than me.

Now why I bring this up, is I went to get my hair cut the other day.  After they have finished they hold up a mirror at the back of your head to make sure with how it looks at the back.  I got quite a shock when I saw how much grey hair I had at the back.  As I don't have eyes in the back of my head, I never see what's going on there, hence the Paige story.

Now back to the title of this post.  I normally dye my hair on a regular basis, as I am not fully grey yet.  For some reason I didn't do it after I got it cut in September.  As my hair is short, the dye will be fully out of my hair by the time it is cut twice more.  Maybe even the next time if I get a good chunk cut off.

So I am thinking of biting the bullet and not dying my hair and seeing what my "real" head of hair looks like?  I am just concerned that as it is not fully grey yet, I will look old, washed out and tired!!

For the more mature ladies out there, what age did you stop dying your hair?  Or do you just keep on colouring it?

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Garbage, recycling etc.

 For us garbage day is on a Thursday; unless there has been a holiday and then it's a day later in the week.

One week we have garbage, recycling and green bin pick up.  The next week we have yard waste (though see what I write about that further down the post), recycling and green/organic bin pick up.

This week it was the yard waste, recycling and green bin pick up.

In the blue bin we can place:

Acceptable items for blue containers box:

  • Empty aerosol cans.
    Remove the lid and dispensing nozzle (if possible) from the empty can before placing in your Blue Box. Aerosol cans that are not empty must be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot.
  • Empty, dry paint cans.
    Remove the lid to allow the remaining paint to dry & place both can and lid in your Blue Box. Can sizes are limited to 4 litres & under. Paint cans that are not empty must be taken to the 
    Household Hazardous Waste Depot.
  • Plastic retail and grocery bags.
    Bags must be clean & empty. Remove any receipts or materials from the bags, put all bags inside one plastic retail or grocery bag or a clear plastic bag, and tie shut before placing in your Blue Box. Please do not use dark garbage bags as the collectors cannot identify if the bag contains recycling or garbage.

    Tip:Do the stretch test! If the plastic stretches when you pull on it, it's acceptable in the Blue Box (exemption: plastic – clingy / film / Saran – wrap is not accepted).
  • Aluminum trays, pie plates and clean aluminum foil
  • Tetra Pak boxes Juice and milk cartons
  • Plastic food and beverage containers, bottles, jugs, tubs, styrene trays and lids
  • Glass food and beverage bottles and jars
    No need to remove labels
  • Food and beverage cans
    Push lids down inside, no need to remove labels
  • Spiral cardboard cans
    The plastic strip around frozen juice cans is not acceptable but please include the metal portions
  • Bulk packing styrofoam providing it fits into a standard size blue box
    No styrofoam peanuts
In the grey bin we can place:

Acceptable items for grey (paper) box:

  • Telephone books and magazines
  • All household paper including newspapers, photocopy paper, hardcover books (without the cover) envelopes, gift wrap, cards and paper bags (without foil or plastic coating)
  • Boxboard and egg cartons
    Remove all plastic wrap and food liner bags, flatten box, place inside another box
  • Cardboard
    Flattened and bundled no larger than 75cmx75cmx20cm. Place in or beside recycling box, limit of five bundles per week for each business establishment, no limit for residents
In the green/organic bin we can place:

Acceptable items in the green bin:

  • All food scraps and leftovers
  • Meat, bones, rice and dairy products
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Pastas, breads
  • Cooking oils and grease
  • Coffee grounds and filters, tea bags
  • Microwave popcorn bags
  • Dryer lint, dust
  • Hair, pet hair
  • House plants
  • Soiled newspaper, paper towels*
  • Paper plates, napkins, tissues*
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Fast food drink trays
  • Paper cups
  • Popsicle sticks, toothpicks
  • Wood wine corks
  • Wood ashes (cold)
  • Dried flowers
  • Pumpkins, garden fruit & vegetable waste
  • Eggs and eggshells
  • Muffin paper cups
We are allowed 2 garbage bags/bins every two weeks.  We are lucky if we fill one bag/bin.

The yard waste has to be put into yard waste bags.  As you can see mine are from Home Depot.  Now just to confuse everyone depending on the month we have a variety of times when yard waste is collected:

Weekly CollectionJanuary, April, May, June, September, October, & November
Every Other Week Collection​July, August, & December
No Collection​February & March
I will say when I go walking, especially on garbage day a lot of folk do not understand the rules of recycling?  You have to have your garbage out on garbage day by 7am.  We seem to be first on the route for our subdivision, so I tend to put out the night before.  Mind you there is no rhyme nor reason about what time they are going to turn up.

All the info came from our local city website.

Do you have garbage pick up?  Do you recycle where you live?

Saturday, October 16, 2021


Dh and I were in Chapters/Indigo the other day and we were looking at a shelf of mugs and discussing what was written on them.

The first one we saw was the father one.  We decided number 2 isn't his thing and number 3 is definitely not dh's thing, as it's always me getting rid of the dead mice in the shed and all the spiders!!


We then moved onto the mother mug and I decided it fit me perfectly😜
Of course I thought the grand mother one was written just for me 😁
Then I saw this one and thought, they have spelled this wrong, Nana only has one "N."

I have enough mugs to start a shop, but I think I could possibly make room for some of those.  You can see more of what they carry here.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Same everyday

 Are you like me, I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday.

For breakfast I have my overnight oats with a cup of herbal/fruit tea.  I am drinking ginger tea at the moment.

For lunch I have hummus and rice crackers, along with a cup of coffee and an apple sauce cup.

I buy the hummus from Walmart.

I love how it's pre-portioned, so I don't over indulge!
Although the fat content is a little high, I do enjoy the taste.
I eat half a package of these rice crackers everyday.  They come in different flavours, these ones just happen to be cheese.  By the way they are not "New," I think the packaging is just a little different.  They are Wal-Mart's own brand.
It would be helpful if the sodium was a little lower, but it's not too bad.
With the applesauce I prefer the name brand over the no name brands, so pick up Motts Fruitsations whenever possible.

I always buy the unsweetened despite LOVING the apple sauce with pears 😋

Do you eat the same for breakfast and lunch everyday?  If so what is your food of choice?

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Tupperware Fridgesmart Containers

I have been a fan and have owned Tupperware for donkey's years.  Technically I am a Tupperware rep, but I never sell it and have no interest in doing so.  I just joined Tupperware to get a good deal.  I did however have an "online party," at the beginning of the year as son wanted some Tupperware for his birthday.  He had used some of mine and loved it, so I figured I would have a party and see if anyone else wanted some Tupperware at the same time.

I picked up some of the Fridgesmart containers and I love them.  So in case some of you aren't familiar with them I thought I would show you mine.

I have three sizes of containers, but there are four sizes available.  The one with the carrots is the medium deep, there will be close to 5 lbs of carrots in there.  I normally keep romaine lettuce in it.  We buy romaine hearts in packs of three and that holds a pack of three.  It will also hold four to six bell peppers.  The one with the bell pepper inside is the small deep.  I generally keep bell peppers in there.  The one with the cucumber in it is the small shallow.  I generally keep radishes in them and they store wonderfully.

In the photo above you can see pictures of various fruits and vegs on the sides of the containers.  It indicates which position you should slide the slider for that particular product (photo below).  It's a venting system to keep the produce fresher.
My kids buy a lot of fruit for the grands and they have had varying success with storing fruits in them.  I tend to keep veggies in mine as I don't buy a whole lot of fruit.
There is more information on the products here.  I know you can buy cheaper products from Rubbermaid etc.  I am very happy with these though so far.  They are dishwasher safe.  I have been using the Ziploc Veggie Bags for years, but prefer these containers.

However the downside to the Tupperware containers are that they take up a lot of room, whereas the Ziploc produce bags squeeze in smaller places.

Are you a fan of Tupperware?

Wednesday, October 13, 2021



ear·​worm | \ ˈir-ˌwərm  \

Definition of earworm

2a song or melody that keeps repeating in one's mind
(credit for above)
I cannot get this song out of my head!

You're welcome 😏

Tuesday, October 12, 2021


 I have started reading a book by Maxine Morrey called "#No Filter."

"Popular lifestyle blogger, Libby Cartwright, is being boggled by business when help shows up in the shape of gorgeous but shy, Charlie Richmond. Libby’s determined to keep it at ‘just good friends’ – she’s dated someone from ‘Corporate Land’ before and it didn’t end well. As she and Charlie begin spending more time together, Libby is starting to waver – until she discovers something which makes her question if she’s ready for love.

Still reeling, she suffers another blow as her blog is attacked in a national newspaper, for promoting unachievable perfection. Libby knows it’s not true – but the only way to prove that is to strip off the armour she’s been wearing for years.

Is she brave enough to show the world she’s far from perfect? And will Charlie be by her side if she does…"

Our local Indigo sells three paperback books for $10, and this was one of them I picked up last time I was in.

As you can see it's about a blogger.  It got me to thinking about my blog and one thing that niggles me about my blog is that I can not reply directly to peoples comments.  I can only reply by doing a regular comment that isn't attached to the persons comment; if that makes sense?

So again I was trying again to see if I could make any progress on that problem, but got no where again.  Other people's blogs can do that, but not me?

As blogs go mine is very basic.  I will never be like a lifestyle blogger.  I don't understand Instagram.  Tik tok is beyond me!!  I am on Facebook and do like that.  Twitter is something I don't understand also.  Maybe I am getting too old for all of this technical stuff.

Are you happy with the way your blog looks?

To dye or not to dye?

When Paige started school back in September of 2020 she was 4 1/2.  She came home one day and said to her mother, "where are the eyes i...