Friday, February 23, 2018

Sad Day on Thursday..

Finally had to give in sewing on my machine and book it in for a trip to the sewing machine hospital as it is sewing like a bag of hammers.  I have had this machine for going on 25 years now and love her.  I have a Husqvarna 1070, which isn't made anymore.  When I called the repair shop he said that just to warn me they cannot get any spare parts for this machine, so fingers crossed it will be only something minor.  The tension is all to pot on it.  It will be away for around two weeks 😢
All I had to finish sewing were clutch handles for a couple of cosmetic bags, but that will have to wait until I get my machine back.

I guess while it's away I should clean up the dining room table!!  It may look like chaos, but it's organized chaos!!
So I did manage to get another cosmetic bag sewn, this time using some Northcott fabric called Bollywood Bliss.  It's a fabric line from 2012 and you can't get it anymore, so I treasure it.

 I managed to sew in the pockets right way round and this time I added some interfacing to make them stiffer.
I also altered the cork to material ratio on this one.
As I said before I need to finish off the clutch handles, but can give them to the people as is.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Loblaws $25 gift card.......

Here in Canada, there has been a big debacle on the price of bread being fixed at a higher rate than it should have been, which basically means the bread companies have been in cahoots with the grocery stores to overly inflate the price of a loaf of bread.

Someone found out about this and all hell broke loose.  Loblaws is one of the big grocery store companies and decided to do damage control by admitting to it and giving you a $25 gift card to their stores if you had bought bread from their stores between certain dates.

As I shop at one of their stores (Zehrs) and have bought bread from them, I applied and got the $25 gift card this week.  Loblaws figures this will put them in a better light with the general public, to admit to this and give out the gift cards.  Plus I am guessing they figure it will be cheaper in the long run to give out these cards. 

There is an interesting article here about it all; there are a lot of negatives and pluses to all of this.  I personally won't be participating in a class action suit; I can't be bothered as like many people.  I will take the $25 use it at their stores, so it is a win, win for both me and the store.  I am getting something for free and they are getting more business.  I go to the store every week anyway, so this is no different from what I can see.

It does make you wonder though what else is being fixed price wise in all these grocery stores?  Did anyone else in Canada get the $25 Loblaw gift card?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Got to love Marks and Sparks.........

Placed an order for some new towels from Marks and Spencer's online on Monday afternoon and they arrived here on Wednesday afternoon.
I purchased these towels and they are huge and very fluffy.  I obviously haven't used them yet and will have to wash them first, but they look great too me. 

This is not the first time I have ordered from them here in Canada, and the service is excellent.  Just wish we could order food from them.  You can get 10% off when you place your first order with them.  I also love how customs, duty, taxes and shipping is all included.........well shipping when you order over $50 worth of product.  They were shipped by DHL and a signature was required, however you could go online and tick off the option that they could drop it off at your front door and you don't have to be in.  I live in a pretty safe neighbourhood so felt comfortable doing that.  Liked that option though from DHL.

Anyone else a big fan of Marks and Spencer? 

I have also ordered flowers to be delivered from Marks for people in Britain and again top quality; which reminds me Mother's Day is coming up!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Show and Tell........

Got my first project sewn with my new cork fabric.  A cosmetic pouch/clutch for a friend.  Love both the cork fabric, very easy to use and the Tula Pink fabric, only have a tiny bit of that left.......

 It is far from being perfect, but overall I am pleased with it, for my first try.
 One of the issues is that I put one set of pockets in upside down😳 I didn't realize until I had inserted the zip and top stitched it.  It's still functional with only the one set of pockets.
I used this tutorial and found it pretty easy to follow.

I am also doing the Square a month knit along afghan from the Holiday 2017 Edition of the Knit Simple Magazine.  This is January's square:
It's a Bales Pattern.  I am just using Patons Canadiana for the yarn, which is not what the original pattern calls for.  I am doing this more to practice different stitches and patterns.

So there you go my show and tell for this past week.  I did also make an Easter bib for a little baby girl.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sun shining and temperatures above freezing equals....

Gill who was smiling and had a spring in her step.  In fact just under 22,000 steps and 9.66 miles were walked on Wednesday.  I did three walks and cleaned the car so I also added 165 minutes worth of exercise to my total.

However, despite me doing all that I am still under my miles walked for this month, as I have only walked just under 45 miles, should be at 50 at the half way point of the month.  I can deal with the cold weather but cannot deal with slippery roads and footpaths.  I am terrified of slipping, so have been avoiding walking.

I took some photos while out walking on my 7 am walk.  This is where I see the sun starting to rise on my walk;
Trying to be artistic here!!
 They were moving snow from one part of the subdivision to somewhere else, using the giant "Tonka" trucks.
 You felt very tiny beside them.
The one good thing about the temperatures being above freezing, it has started to melt the snow a little..........