Sunday, March 29, 2015

At the garden centre with Our Little Munchkin

It was bitter cold outside but inside it was nice and warm.

Same photo as above but the colour version.  She loves her wellies.
She enjoyed looking at the turtles.
Here are the turtles a bit closer.
They had big tanks of Koi Fish.  These ones were the owners own ones, brought in for the winter, as they have had a problem with mink in the past eating them.  They will over Winter in a deep pond no problem.  These fish were worth up to $1,000 each, depending on the markings on them.

In the garden centre itself, there were some colourful displays of early Spring flowers and house plants.

That moss feature below, reminds me of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, what do you think? 
 Thought these pots were different and colourful

Our Little Munchkin was a joy to be with and as good as gold.  Saturday was her last day of antibiotics AGAIN.  She has had another chest issue, so has been on antibiotics every month so far this year.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Very unproductive day........

Yes, I got a few things done, but not enough to say I have been busy.  Though where the time went who knows.  I had a bit of a dragging your butt situation again.  Seriously if I carry on like this my poor butt will be red raw from trailing on the ground so much!!

I did manage to while away an hour or two going through some old blog posts.  Stumbled upon this one about Whiplash Harry and it involved the guy whose wedding we were at last weekend.  You can click on the link here.

I had a friend over the other day and was talking about moving to our old house and was telling her about the time me and Molly found the bat on the stairs one night.  Also how we have tree frogs up here, and how innocent and stupid we were when we moved to the countryside.  I have to say I am missing my country property at the moment.  I have not had to refill my bird feeder all winter, as there are no birds around.  I saw a mourning dove the other day and got excited {SIGH} 

I do not miss all the hard work though and the utility bills, they were crazy.  I love this house it's perfect for what we want and need, would be even more perfect on a couple of acres in the middle of nowhere!!

Will be seeing Our Little Munchkin today and this is one of her favourite video's:

She is also a fan of this video and we have a video of her dancing to this song.  I don't know how to upload it onto my blog though:

Have a Super Saturday!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Just dragging my sorry butt behind me on Thursday....

It was an effort to do anything on Thursday Our Little Munchkin's Quilt Day.  As it was sewing day I did get it all out and made a good start on it.  It will be 6 blocks across and 8 blocks down.  Each block being 10 inches square.  Plus there will be a border around it as well.  I got 32 blocks completed:

There are 8 of each colour pair.  I have the other's cut out ready to go, but was pooped by that time.
Thank goodness there was enough of the grey neutral material to tie it all together.  I wanted to keep the pattern very simple as there is such a mixture of patterns in the material.

I sat in the front breakfast area of the kitchen as the light is better there.  I normally sit in the back of the house.  I have no idea what was going on, but it was so busy with traffic today.  

Next Thursday I am going down to the community centre to sew with a group of other ladies,  I am not fussed about the company although it's always nice to chat to others.  What I am doing it for is to be distraction free for a few hours.  I get side tracked in the house with bits and bobs and I do want to get this quilt top done.

I do have a question for any quilters out there.  I am thinking of getting someone else to do the quilting for me.  Do you have any idea what I should be paying someone to do it, it's single/twin sized?  I will of course provide everything, they just have to do the actual sewing.  I'll even sew on the binding myself.

Had the music on today and this song came on:

I will admit to dancing along to this!!!  Well not dancing, just swaying side to side!!!  What an incredible woman she is.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday is going to be called this from now on:

"Our Little Munchkin's Quilt Day."  Well at least for the foreseeable future.  If you have been following my blog for the past couple of years, you will know I have a grandchild who was born in November 2013.  Every month on her month old birthday dd took a photo of her.  You can see some here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

You can see there was a different fabric used as a background each month.  So dd asked me to make a quilt (twin/single size) for when Our Little Munchkin goes into a big girls bed.

Knowing how fast I sew I figured I had better make a start on it soon.  So my first job was to wash all the fabric.
I knew those stair railings would come in useful for something!!  I then had to iron all that material.

So for the next few Thursday's I am putting everything else aside and sew all these fabrics into a quilt top.  I had got a pattern in mind of what I am going to do, I just need to get it all done!!!  Wish me luck.

Our Little Princess and Our Little Man will be back from India in a week's time, so looking forward to seeing them again.  I bet they have grown.

Here is Our Little Man's 6 month old photo:

Here they are both together:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yarn is so soft and needs to be squished between your fingers, don't you think?

I went last week to check out another yarn store called The Knitting Basket.  It's in the village near where we used to live and a lovely lady called Angie runs it out of the back of her home.  Where I had my knitting lesson, they do not have an area where you can sit down, and knit and talk to other people who knit.  They offered great advice and are super ladies, but I need that extra one on one and a knitting "community" so I can learn more.

Angie offers that, and holds a get together twice a week on a Tuesday and a Saturday.  So on Tuesday I was all set up to go and attend for a few hours.  Got there and the water had been switched off by the water company.  So yes you could knit, but you couldn't use the bathroom, as there was no water to flush....BUMMER!!

I talked to Angie for a short while; she answered a couple of questions I had and I bought the yarn for my next project a baby blanket.

Look at this yummy colour combination I chose:
Grey, lemon and teal.  I love those colours together and they are gender neutral to my mind?  The way they are set out above is the order in which they will be knit together.

I am using yarn from the Patons Canadiana range and those five balls of yarn cost me $24 from Angie, which I thought was very reasonable.
I have made up my own pattern (again) and here are my chicken scratchings:
I will admit, I struggled royally with everything on Tuesday as I bought a pair of bamboo circular needles by Clover.  They are awful and will be going back.  I ended up going to the store in town where I got my first set of needles and bought another set of those.  I will show you them at a later date, as I LOVE them, they are so easy to use and feel so comfortable.

I took the photos of the yarn on the kitchen table.  I have an Easter tabletopper on there at the moment that my mam gave me.  Look at the cute little chicks.
And the cute little bunnie:
Angie currently does not have a website, but she is on Facebook.  If you search for The Knitting Basket Alliston Ontario, you should come up with a link

By the way those are my $50 oranges I bought when staging the house!!  They were actually worth the $50, I wrote about them here.