Monday, May 25, 2015

Hand's up whose not feeling well again...........

Yep that would be me again.  Can you believe it????  No neither can I.  I feel like I have golf balls in the back of my throat, I have a fuzzy head and my ears feel full.  I went to bed before 8 pm on Saturday night and slept solidly until 5 am and dozed on and off until just after 6 am.  I can't have caught anything from Our Little Munchkin, even though she is coughing like a trooper and has a runny nose again.  I have started taking allergy pills again, as I am sleeping over at dd next weekend and they have two cats.  So I am hoping it maybe some reaction to the allergy pills; although I took the exact same brand all last summer with no problem.

I was in McDonald's on Sunday afternoon getting a coffee and muffin for dh and I and I managed to drop two full cups of coffee all over the floor.  The tray wasn't balanced and off they went all over the place.  Ever wish the floor would just suck you up?  The girls were so nice about it and gave me two more cups of coffee which I managed to carry to the table without dropping them.

If you liked the photo of the cat above, you may like this which is doing the rounds on Facebook:
Jane, I know this is so, so wrong........but it is funny!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

When Our Little Munchkin comes for the day.........

Put her to work right away; so she earns her keep:
 When it's time for a break put a bit of Elmo on.....
Then a bit of Peppa Pig after that:
 Then make sure she understands your instructions for cutting the grass inside of the house!!
Our little Munchkin has loved this Elmo tune since she was a tiny one:

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Couple of interesting things I thought......

I deleted just over 2,300 spam messages from the blog.  I hadn't cleaned out the folder since the beginning of April.  You would think people would have better things to do than send all that spam?

As you know I belong to a book club, and we meet once a month, year round.  At the June meeting we are going to choose books for the next 12 months.  We all get to choose, but you do have to have read your book of choice.

I get to choose and the book I had in mind I hadn't read, so I ordered it from the library through inter-library loan.
You can read a preview here.  I am thoroughly enjoying it so far.

I live in a "small" town of 25,000 people and there is a lady in the library who as part of her job co-ordinates the book's for the book clubs in town.  There are 17 book clubs that she deals with.  Ours isn't registered with the library, and I am guessing there are probably more that are not as well.  For a small town I thought that was a lot of book clubs?

Are you part of a book club?  Are there a lot of book club's where you live?  How many members are in your club?  We have 12, but usually average around 9 or 10 members attending each meeting.

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Simple Supper and the home of the week

This is one of the fastest easiest meals to make.  

Chicken with Pasta and Veggies.


1 chicken breast per two or three people, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 tsp minced garlic or too taste
Salt and Pepper
Pasta Sauce, whatever your favourite is
Veggies (see below)

In a saucepan with a little oil, brown the chicken breast.  Remove the chicken from the pan and add onion and garlic, and soften.  

Add the chicken back to pan along with the veggies that you are using.  In my case I had mushrooms and broccoli.  The more veggies you use the more this meal will stretch.

I had a jar of Alfredo Sauce, so I added that to the pan and let it simmer. 
 Meanwhile, in another pan I cooked the pasta.  In this case it was a Tricolour Rotini.  Again use what you normally would when you are making yourself or your family a meal.
With prep time, this meal could be on the table in 20 minutes or so.  It is so adaptable with using as much or as little meat as you want.  Adding more veggies and you can switch it up by using rice, noodles or even mashed potatoes.   A side of salad and some garlic bread would make this a simple fast meal for a weekday.

This week's "Home of the Week,"is a $1.6 million beauty.  The inside is gorgeous, but the outside area looks a little iffy???  Gorgeous floors, and very tastefully renovated.  I would take the house, but would have to move it to a different area.

This weeks, "Condo of the Week," is not bad from the inside, but it's a sketchy area where it's located.  At $850,000 it's not cheap either.  You are right downtown so it's all about location.  There is a lot of light coming inside of the home, but that could be just how the photographs were taken?, b

The "Cottage of the Week," is GORGEOUS, but at $2.4 million is it a cottage?  I don't think so, but it is perfect, I could just move in there and not change a thing.  Hopefully they would sell all the furniture with the place as well, as that is also perfect.  Now just to win the lottery!!!

Helped out Angie at The Knitting Basket yesterday with the blog and got another blog post out and sorted some more things out from a marketing point of view.  Enjoying doing it and looking forward to the sock knitting class in the Fall now!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Random things................

Missed my blogging anniversary again, I started blogging on May 19th, 2008.  This post is my 2,439th, and I have had 1,132,507 (as of yesterday afternoon) page views during that time.  Here's to many more blogging years ahead of me.

Got an email from the property management office.  Do you know I sigh when I see one of these in my inbox now, as I wonder what on earth is happening now.  Part of this one said:


May 1st to September 30th

  1. Even numbered houses may water on even numbered days and odd numbered houses on odd numbered days
  2. The hours for watering are from
8:00 pm to 10:00 pm ONLY


I sent them an email back saying this:

"Well that's silly those times. Why can't we water early morning?  We are early to bed and very early risers. "

Now we don't go to bed at 8 pm, but by that time of night, we are settled in, probably sitting in our P.J's watching tv.  I do not want to be outside watering my gardens.  It will be interesting to see if they allow morning watering's which is what I do and what I will continue to do regardless of the policy.

Went to Barrie on Wednesday morning to spend some gift cards and called in at McDonald's for a cup of coffee and a muffin.  $1.75 for a small coffee and muffin, plus you get a sticker to put on your card, so every 8th coffee is free.  Can't beat that deal.
It was a fresh fruit salad type of day on Wednesday, as I had a lot of leftover fruit laying around.
Still have a large piece of watermelon as well in the fridge.  Nothing says summer weather like watermelon.
Speaking of the weather, the annuals have had to be covered the past couple of nights due to the risk of frost.  Dh has had to scrape the frost of the windows of his truck in a morning.

Talking of windows.........the window cleaners are here to do their twice yearly cleaning of our windows.  Fat lot of good it will do as these trucks are still wandering back and forward, stirring up all the dust.
Finally, got the window guys back again to see about repairing our basement windows.  Would you believe we have been in this house nearly a year?  I will do another post about our year end report that we have to submit to the I have a "few" things to say!!!