Thursday, February 26, 2015

Went down the town on Wednesday........

Had to go to the library:
It turns out you have to renew your library card every year with our library.  All to do with funding and how big the membership is?  When I got in there, it also turns out you can do this over the phone???  The woman I spoke to last week forgot to mention this?

Next to the library is the Circle Theatre:
This is our local movie theatre.  It has quite an interesting history to it; you can read about it here.

It is one of those old fashioned movie theatre's with only the one screening room.  I have been told it has really comfy old fashioned seats and the whole ambiance takes you back to the 1940's, but with modern comforts.  They hold special screening's, along with birthday party's and the odd play.  Not your typical movie theatre.

Why I am even bringing any of this up, is I have NEVER watched a movie in a movie theatre in Canada.  We will have been in this country 26 years at the end of May.  It's just not a place I would ever think of going.  I'll watch movie's on dvd's or on tv, but have no desire to spend a bundle on a movie in a theatre.  

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to see they only charge $7.50 admission in this movie theatre.  I was expecting it to be a whole lot more?  What is the normal admission price?

Do you go to the movie theatre often and what does it generally cost for a trip there?

(sorry about the quality of the photos, the sun was shining directly into the camera and it was freezing bloody cold, so didn't want to be out any longer than I had to be.)

Also I have booked a knitting lesson for March 12th......more to follow on that tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Your own Special Place........

I think we all have our own special place where we go to think and solve all the worlds problems.  Some people have a comfy chair, other people walk a special route; laying in bed are some people's preferred choice,  Me, well this is my special place:
The shower, I can put the world to right and solve any issue in the shower.  Been doing this for years.  When I was working I came up with more ideas and solutions than ever when I was in the shower.  Not sure what it is about the shower, but it relaxes me, and when it does my brain must start working...LOL

What made me think of this post, was I was thinking about the other day when we had our little Munchkin over.  Dh went to the toilet and Munchkin went to find him.  She can reach the door handle but cannot open the door yet, so was banging on the door for him.  I do not miss those days when you could never use the bathroom without having company joining you.

So today's question is: Where is your special place that you go to solve the world's problems?

Finally a pop of colour for Wednesday:
For the non-quilters out there, the photo shows me stitching the binding on the quilt.  For the quilters out there, no I did not lose the plot putting bright green binding on it....LOL  It all makes sense, trust me!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When it's bitter cold outside........

You read a magazine and watch some tv.  On a side note no idea why I bought the O Magazine, as it's not my cup of tea?
Get a bit more of the baby quilt done. 
 Have a cup of tea and a snack and spend a little hours on the internet.
I did infact leave the house as I needed to get some material to bind the quilt.  So that means I must have got the quilt sewn together !!  My goal is to get it all done this week, so it's another job crossed off my list.

I also got gas (petrol) while out, paid 92.9 cents per litre Canadian.  How does that compare to where you live?

Finally feeling a lot better, BUT, nose feels as though it is stuffed up with glue....yes it's thick and yellow/green up there...TMI???  Voice still hoarse, and still not eating an awful lot, but that's no biggie as I need to lose weight.

Monday, February 23, 2015

She's not a baby anymore?

Our little Munchkin is in the baby room in daycare.  The age's of the babies in that room, are from birth to eighteen months.  As most people get a full years maternity leave here in Ontario, they generally start at 12 months old.  There are six babies and two helpers in that room and it's run like a tight ship, very organized and they do a lot of things to help the babies develop.

It seems one of the supervisors has been watching our Munchkin and feels she is ready to move up to the toddler room.  They take children from around 18 months old up to around 2 1/2 years in that room.  Our Munchkin is 15 months old, and will be 16 months old when they move her.  They do it gradually by introducing her to the other children in the room over a three week period.

In the toddler room there are 15 toddlers to three helpers; and of course the fees go down which is good.  I was a bit taken aback when dd mentioned all this as to us our Munchkin is a baby, but the more you think about it, she isn't.  When they were here last week, the little toys we had in our basket didn't hold her interest at all; she has outgrown them. 

I was in the kitchen, so got her to do a couple of little things for me.  She enjoys helping.  The things they do in the toddler room will keep her engaged and developing and stop her from getting bored.  It is a good thing, but a scary thing for her Nana, to think she is no longer a baby.

We were in Wal-Mart on Saturday so went to the toy department to see if there was something to add to our toy box, and we picked up this.  This should keep both our Munchkin and our Little Princess out of mischief.  Should also keep Granddad out of mischief putting it together!

Talking about our Little Princess; they are still in India and will be for another month or more.  Our little Fella turned 5 months old earlier in the month.  We got this photo of him.  It's just the angle of the photo, his legs do not go on for miles!!
We also got this one of both of them:

Out little Princess is as brown as a berry with being out in the sun.  I am missing them both a lot.

Finally another bit of proof that our little Munchkin is getting bigger:
Yep, she was caught trying to escape.  The crib mattress has now been lowered, again!!!  She is her mother's double, as dd was an escape artist at that age also!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

What are you doing Sunday?

Whatever you do decide to do on Sunday I hope you put your whole heart into it.
I'll be spending Sunday with my sweetie!!
Enjoy your Sunday.