Monday, September 20, 2021

Monday September 20th

Well today is Election Day here in Canada.  As usual wouldn't trust any of the leaders with my life.  Full of promises which will no doubt never amount to anything.  Have to say at least they're all the same in that respect.

I will vote, because it is a privilege to be able to vote and that privilege should not be wasted.  I am one of those undecided voters and it will a last minute decision I am thinking.  We forgot to vote early; missed the deadline, so fingers crossed it's not too busy when we go.

Today is also hubby's birthday.  He is a few years past 29­čśĆ We had a get together with the kids over the weekend, so that was good.  I have asked him over and over what he wants for his birthday and what he would like to do for his birthday.  His answer is nothing on both counts.  So it's a nothing day for him!!

I have finally got the last of the trim painted in the living/dining/kitchen, so now have to put everything back together.  I still have to paint the front hall closet and the linen closet.  That is a three or four day job.  One day to take everything out of the closets and remove all the shelving.  One day for me to paint two coats of paint on the walls and for it to dry.  One day to paint two coats of paint on all the trim and put up all the shelving and one day to sort everything out and put back in the closets.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

This made me sad.....

 I was reading an article somewhere and it was talking about how some children never get told how much they are loved.  Or praised for doing things, or even read too.  That makes me sad.  I always make a point of praising the grandchildren for even the little things; seeing their faces light up makes me so happy.

Playing pretend with the children is always a hit, and I always read with them.  I just can't imagine not telling a child you are related to that you love them.  Those three words "I love you," is such a simple thing to say.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

It's a Good Mail day!

It's always a Good Mail day when I see this envelope in my mail box, as I know another selection of books have arrived for me to review.

It's now a case of finding time to read them.  Which one to read first though?  "A Warrior's Heart," is drawing me in I think.
I will put my review's on my Book Review blog.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Christmas shopping........

Well I have started Christmas shopping as there was a segment on the radio the other day, that was saying there could be shortages this year due to problems in the supply chain.  Now this is not the first time I heard this.  "R" was telling me there was talk at her work that the staff who buy in all the Christmas stuff were concerned about delivery; despite them ordering everything in February for Christmas.

It doesn't help that there is such a tight window for retailers to sell things for Christmas.  Saying that I am seeing email flooding in with adverts for all sorts of Christmas items.  I also heard and was told, that getting deals and bargains will be also difficult.

The grandkids are all getting Lego in some shape or form (other than the baby) this year, and trying to find a deal on Lego is difficult.  I ordered another lot from Chapters/Indigo, where I get Plum points.  I ordered online, so I get Swagbucks and put it on my credit card, so get PC points.  So all in all, I did pretty well with the order.

For the adults, I generally send out a group text telling them I will get them a gift card and where do they want it from.  The reason I send out a group text, is so I know I will get a response from them all!!  However, it then turns out to be a long winded affair, as my son thinks he's a comedian­čśĆ

Again this year, there will be very few Christmas cards sent out; postage is too expensive.  A lot of people have emails, so would rather hear from them via that.

Have you heard about the shortages and have you started your Christmas shopping?

Thursday, September 16, 2021

100 km/62 miles

 That is how far it is to our doctor's office, one way.  The journey takes us around 80 + minutes one way.  We went to see our doctor in person on Tuesday; which was the first time in a year.  We normally have telephone appointments.  Our appointment was for 9:30 am.  We were shown into his office at 10 am, probably waited another 15 minutes for him to come and see us.  Meanwhile there was a child who we thought was being murdered with the amount of screaming he was doing in a room down the hallway.  Turned out it was an 8 year old getting stitches removed; and our doctor had to help out.  Goodness knows how they put the stitches in, in the first place?

We got out of the doctors office just after 10:30 am.  As it is a distance to his office, I try to complete a couple of jobs in the same day.  So we went to visit family while down there.  It was just after 3 pm before we got back home.  The journey back home was as hectic as on the way down.  All in all we did 220 km that day.  

Doctor's are in short supply where we live, so we are still continuing to travel, and as we have a couple of health issues, it would not be prudent to deregister from our present doctor, which is what we would have to do and then apply via the Government's website to try and find a doctor where we live. 

Our doctor did say something interesting though.  He said that this covid pandemic is just like when there was an influenza pandemic a 100 years ago.  It killed a lot of people to start with, then it level's out.  A vaccination is invented and you are given that on a yearly basis and it becomes a normal thing you live with.  This is what is happening with the covid pandemic.  Covid will become a "normal" everyday thing just like flu is.

Do you have to travel far to see your family doctor?

Monday was a busy day catching up with bits and bobs.  Tuesday we were out all day.  Wednesday we were out all day and didn't get back home until after 7pm.  So today (Thursday) I finally got some more painting done.  It's all go at the moment.