Friday, July 3, 2015

So here we go again, another "Cottage of the Week"

I think I am going to have to drop a line to Toronto Life to ask them to show us an actual normal size cottage for sale, as this week's isn't much better than last.  I mean how hard could it be to find a cottage under $500,000.  Here is one which isn't too far away from the featured one.  Here is another one which is what I call a "real" cottage, it's further north.  The further you go from Toronto the cheaper they are.

This week's "Cottage of the Week," is only $5.2 million which is a bargain after last week's "Cottage!"  Once again it's a mansion.  I mean it's gorgeous, but it's no cottage.  It even cost's nearly $20,000 a year just for the property taxes.........

This week's "Home of the Week," is on sale for $4.5 million.  It's not my cup of tea and after reading the comment posted I would be wary about buying it anyhow.  It's too modern for my tastes.

This week's "Condo of the Week," is priced at $1.5 million and is a three bedroom unit, which I am led to believe is not too common for condo's?  You should read the comments,  It's an okay condo, but not for me.

Dh is off today, as it's his "Canada Day."  So we are working in the gardens.  Should be interesting as it's also the day the gardeners come!!

I have a lot on at the moment, so visiting other people's blogs is taking a back seat at the moment.  I am sorry; but I will catch up with everyone as soon as I can.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Busy slapping the watermelon............

For anyone who lives in Canada and America you will have no doubt seen or heard of those strange photos of weird and wonderful people who shop in WalMart (here is the link), well I have a feeling if they bring out video's of people doing strange things in WalMart, yours truly will have a star role.

I don't know about you but this years crop of watermelon's have been very hitty missy.  I have yet to have one that is good.  I have had to take one back as it was very mealy and soft inside.  So last Thursday we had our condo phase BBQ.  I had to take a dessert so slices of watermelon sounded like a good plan, plus it required minimum preparation from me.

Off I go to WalMart and decided to ask the produce guy for tips on how to buy the perfect watermelon.  His advice was slap it?  I was a little puzzled by this as I normally knock on it with my knuckles.  So I asked him to help me.  There we are standing over the bin of watermelon's slapping them on their butts.

After a few seconds I turned to the guy and said:

"you do know that if the security guys are watching us on their camera, they are going to be wondering what we are doing; and you do know that we could end up on Facebook or Youtube!"

I could be famous one day.....but not for the right reason though!!

P.S. The BBQ was actually pretty good.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day and Yarn Along.

Today is Canada Day and it's Canada's 148th birthday.  You can read more about how Canada Day came about here.  As dh is contracted out to a factory and they can't shut down the big mills mid-week, so they are celebrating Canada Day on Friday; he gets a nice long weekend, which I think is better.

I have a couple of small finishes for my Yarn Along post this week.

I made another baby hat for Hannah (dh's co-worker's baby), this time a slightly bigger size; I love how it came out so pretty:
I also made a soft toy using this pattern:
Now please remember I only started knitting the middle of March of this year.  I have a long way to go before I can really say I am a knitter, but for my first attempt this wasn't bad.  I used 100% cotton yarn and this is the father size.  I need to practice my hand finishing as that leaves a lot to be desired.  

Angie at The Knitting Basket made a great suggestion at the Tuesday Knit and Stitch to knit my next one on smaller needles so it is a tighter weave, and that way you don't see the stuffing.  So instead of using US# 6, I will probably use US# 4 or 4.5.  

I printed out the pattern and you will need pages 1 through 20 for the body and pages 2 through 9 for the hat.  It is super simple to follow, I had no problems and it is a pretty quick and easy knit.  I am going to try it with some worsted yarn in a smaller size and in purple for Our Little Princess as that is her favourite colour.

The blue and yellow one I am going to give to Our Little Munchkin, as it reminds me of a Smurf and the blue food colouring "incident"!  Do you remember that?  If not you can read about it here.

I am not reading any books at the moment, just too busy with other things.

For more Yarn Along posts with Ginny please click on this link.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Busy, busy

No photos today.  Busy painting the trim.  Everything is to prime first, then I paint two coats of top coat, so it generally take two days to get all that done; as with the humidity and damp weather we have had it's slow to dry.

I am also knitting something.  I will post photos of it on Wednesday.  You will have a chuckle when you see it.

Then I don't know about you, but I can spend hours talking on the phone........well not hours, but quite a bit of time.

Actually that can't be me, as I have no idea how to put rollers in mine or anyone's hair!!

My computer is behaving itself at the moment, only because as soon as I have finished doing whatever I turn it off.  I used to let it sit all day and only turn it off on a night when I went to bed.  It does go to sleep mode when I leave it on, but I found it was freezing up and taking forever to load a page.  So we'll see how this goes and go from there.  

I am hoping to try and get caught up with everyone's blog later in the week.  I have just realized it's the last day of June, half way through 2015 already, gosh the year is just flying by.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday songs........

Do you have a favourite song that includes the word Monday:

 This is one of my favourite songs:

Your turn?