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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Things are quiet around here.........

which is the way I like it.

I have got my basement floor painted and it took 4 gallons of paint.  Will take photos later when it is all dry.  I managed to do it for around $80 all in all due to a gift card I had.  I'll let it set for a couple of days before we move stuff back.

Still no grass but skids of grass all around me, so close but so far away at the same time.  It's not September yet, so no need to complain.  "They" did come around last Friday and put some fencing up.  I am assuming that there is more to be done, as it is still a safety hazard, but who knows?

I do know it is quite a drop from the top of that wall to the bottom.

The weather has finally cooled down a touch making it easier to sleep and to function.  The humidity just drains my energy and makes my allergies a heck of a lot worse.

Is there anything exciting happening in your neck of the woods?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Well that's just teasing..........

Look what pulled up outside our house this morning............
 There were three skids of the green stuff.........
None of it went around our house.........bummer!!

Had to go to babysit our Little Munchkin on Friday, as her parents had to go to a funeral.  I have seen her in better moods, so no photos taken.  On the way home I got stuck in traffic, so what do you do..take a couple of photos.  Now don't panic I was at a full stop, going no where fast as they say.
 This is on Hwy 400 going north at Canada's Wonderland Theme Park.
 Friday afternoon at 3pm is not a good time to be on that highway going North as everyone is heading for their cottages.
 Took me nearly 2 hours to get home.  Normally it is an hour and 15 minutes.  I wasn't impressed!!  Did enjoy looking after our Little Munchkin though.

Just call me Sheldina........

Now if you watch The Big Bang Theory, you'll understand this post.  If you don't sorry it may not make sense.

I was talking with a neighbour the other night and I was telling her a story about a couple of things that had happened.

The big boss "R" had popped by the house as I had a couple of concerns with some things outside.  We had our conversation and agreed on this and that and he went on his way.

Later that day the carpenter came by to put the stairs on the back deck.  I was surprised to see him and he said:

"Heard you weren't happy as you had no steps so "R" said I had to do them right away."

That wasn't true and I told him so and said sorry that he had to come over when he was busy with other things and would he like a cold drink as it was a stinking on day.  He took it and I felt better.

At 5 pm that day I was barbecuing some burgers when a vehicle full of gardeners turned up.  One was talking on a phone and they kept looking over at our back.  They all got out and descended onto our back.  I asked them what they were doing and "R" had told their boss that they had to clean up the weeds in our back.

Now I will admit to telling "R" about this as it was bad, but these guys leave by 5 pm.  It was a stinking hot day, they were having to work late and were probably hungry and here I was cooking burgers.  I apologised that I didn't have enough burgers to go around, there were five of them, so offered them a cold drink, which they all took and I felt better.

This is where the Big Bang Theory connection comes in.  When someone is upset, Sheldon knows he has to offer them a hot beverage.  When I feel guilty, even when it's not my fault I offer a cold beverage, as a way of easing my conscious.  That why my neighbour said we should call me "Sheldina," from now on!!

By the way I LOVE The Big Bang Theory, one of my favourite shows on TV.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some people have grass on their front lawn..........not us

{{SIGH}} one day it will be grass I guess!!

I tidied up the basement the other day.   We have a lovely big basement.  The doors on the right of the photo are doors to the furnace room, the double doors are a linen closet and the other door is a full bathroom.  Just down from that door is the bedroom. 
This is looking from the other end.  The door at the end is the cold cellar and the stairs are stained to match the hardwood floors on the main floor. 
Why I am showing you the basement, is I went and purchased some floor paint to paint the floor.  We will not be finishing the basement in the next few months, so to keep down the dust I decided to paint the floor.  It will take at least a week or so with drying time to get it all done.  I cashed in our Aeroplan miles and got a $100 gift card for Home Hardware.  At $37.99 a gallon of floor paint it paid for a lot of the three gallons I picked up.  I think however I will need a couple more gallons before it is all done though.  I will update you on how I got on next week.

Are you doing any painting at the moment?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot and Humid...........

so of course I am hibernating.  The older I get the worse I feel in this weather.  My poor head has been pounding so fingers crossed it will break and rain soon just to clear the air.

I picked up a parcel from the Post Office on Tuesday.  I had ordered some books from Book Outlet  They had emailed me a $10 off code when you spend $30 so I thought I'd take advantage of it.  I ended up getting these books for a tiny bit over $30 and that included tax and shipping.  It is cheaper to buy a book than a magazine and I know I can get $1.50 at the used book store for them when I have done reading them.  Have you read any of these books?  I have started on Knit, Purl, Die by Anne Canadeo.  I love reading books that involve knitting despite the fact I can't knit for toffee.

 This is the two girls' toy basket.  Our little Princess also knows where to go to get books on the shelf as she loves to be read too.  Our little Munchkin isn't really into it yet. I have to read more to her as she does have a lot of books at home.

Do you like the colour of our hardwood floor?  Gosh it is a pain to keep clean and marks so easily.  I make everyone take off their shoes when they come in the house; which actually is something that is typically done anyway in Canada.  However I can't afford to have folk walk in the house with dirty shoes that may scratch the floor.  I brush and dry swiffer it nearly everyday.  The marble border to the left of the border is part of the fireplace.

Oh, and finally we got our first gas bill for the house.  It was around $85 and that included $25 new account admin fee, that we had no choice but the pay.  We only use the gas to heat the water during the summer.  As we don't have a bill to compare it with, is that pretty normal usage or is yours higher or lower?  Remember without the fee it would have only been $60.

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