Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I'm sorry............

I washed the car and even cleaned it out I am guessing there will be snow be honest I was quite surprised the car itself didn't keel over in surprise?
Do you like to wash your car?  I don't!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Let me introduce Aira..........

Aira (pronounced Ira) was born on March 30th in New Zealand.  You can't really see much of her there, but she is snuggled under the quilt I made her, wearing the hat I knit her.
The fabric I used for all her things is Fox Playground for Free Spirit.  It's an older fabric and is harder to find now.  Below is a burp pad, change purse and a pixie basket.
 I also made her a wet bag.

So imagine my surprise when there was a knock on the door on Monday and the mail lady was delivering me a box.  Imagine my delight when I opened it and found all these goodies inside!!

I LOVE, LOVE chocolate, so am delighted with all these goodies.  I may or may not share some of them...LOL  However if I am not about for the rest of the week, you know I ate them all in one shot and now have a horrible migraine!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Now for "R's" things I have made for her.......

"R" finishes work on Wednesday, as she had to use up some vacation time.  Her due date isn't until the end of the month, however she went early with the other two, so who knows.  I have made her a selection of things, just because.

I made her a "wet bag," for her diaper bag.  The inside material is waterproof, so it's ideal to put in wet or dirty baby items.

Ran up a quick burp pad, as we don't know if it's a boy or a girl, it's made in pretty neutral flannel.
I then made her this little clutch, it's big enough to put her cell phone, keys and some money in.  I love the material it's aptly named Bollywood.  I have had it ages and had "R" in mind when I saw it.
I don't remember what the inside fabric is and this "pattern" is one I made up.
I then did some cross stitch.  The bunny and birdie are for dd's new baby, but the elephant was sewn for "R" as she loves elephants.  The patterns are from Red Gate Stitchery, well worth checking out their things.
I have been doing cross stitch the longest, over 30 + years now.  Followed by quilting/sewing then knitting.  I think quilting/sewing is my favourite, followed by cross stitch, then knitting.

What is your favourite craft?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

What I want to make next........

Someone asked me if I was still knitting?  I am in between sewing.  I made this dishcloth this week using this pattern  Love how it turned out.
I am going to start on knitting a Beekeeper's Quilt next week.  It's going to be a project that is done over a long while.  Here is an image of one that's being put together:
and another image:
I purchased the pattern from Tiny Owl Knits and I think it will be a fun project and very portable, something to take with you where ever you go.  Has anyone ever made one of these?  Myself and Angie from The Knitting Basket are going to be doing one each and maybe some other women?  I am in no rush to finish it, and will be doing it on a Thursday when I go to the Knit and Sit.

Then I am jumping on the Necessary Clutch Wallet bandwagon.  I purchased the pattern on the weekend and the hardware.  Not sure which fabric I will be using yet, but again looking forward to making this.  

You can buy both patterns online, let me know if you have made either of these projects?

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Some things I am whining about.......

Had a run in with the garbage man, as he wouldn't take my green bin as it contained yard waste as well as food waste.  I thought if the green bin wasn't full you could top it up with yard waste.  Have done this time and time again and had no problem.  Things have changed so he said and no yard waste is allowed???  He then said in loud slow words; "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

I thought to myself, I speak English and I am not deaf......should have said it out loud, but couldn't be bothered to argue with him anymore, so walked off.

Went through the MacDonald's drive through and ordered a couple of coffee's, a couple of muffins and asked for butter.  There is one woman who works there that has a problem with my accent.  By the time I had gone through the order numerous times and two other cars had gone through the other lane with their orders, we got it right.  By this time I was ready to bang my head against the dashboard.

By the way, the way I pronounce "butter" was the major stumbling block in all of this.  Canadians pronounce it "BUDDER."

At the beginning of the month I sent a 11 1/2 " by 15 " envelope to New Zealand.  I sent the same envelope with the same stuff in it to Prince Edward Island in Canada on Friday.  Not only did it cost more to send to PEI, it will take bloody longer also!!!  Not sure what to say other than Canada Post sucks..........

Finally I own a delightful Ford Fiesta.  Great little car, other than the bloody transmission.  There is a known problem with the transmission and I have had mine replaced.  I have also had it reprogrammed twice and I feel there is still a problem.  They have told me I have to live with it, but after "juttering" around town yesterday I had, had enough.  So I marched into the dealership and told them they HAVE to do something.  I take it next Wednesday for them to test drive it with the computer?  What that will do who knows, but at least they are doing something.

I think they probably knew by my demeanor I wasn't in the mood to be fobbed off again!

Now a bit of good news after all that moaning.  I "think" we have a guy lined up to do the drywall in the basement.  Dh has to go over the fine details with him, but it should be a go; I am hoping by the end of May.  The guy seemed alright and his price was not the cheapest, but not the dearest.  So fingers crossed it all works out.