Friday, November 8, 2019

Nursery Rhyme.......

The other day I was at the grocery store with my grandson.  Had him in the shopping trolley buckled in and while we were waiting to cash out I was singing him this nursery rhyme:

Clap hands for daddy to come,
Give (child's name) a cake and a bun,
One with sugar and one with plum,
Clap hands for daddy to come.

The guy in front of me turns round and says:

"Did you say sugar and plum?"

Me: "Yes, why."

Guy: "No reason."

Cashier in broad Scottish accent: "Never heard of that one."

Woman behind me in a broad Scottish accent: "Me neither."

I thought this was a common nursery rhyme and British.  Am I wrong?


Angela said...

I confess that I didn't know this one - despite (a) being a mum and grandma for many years (b) having spent much of my working life in schools/nurseries/playgrounds... I just looked it up and it said its originally from Trinidad and Tobago

Frugally challenged said...

Clap hands for Daddy coming down the wagon way
with a cart load of hay nonny, no nonny, no, no, no.

Maybe just a Lincolnshire version/

William Kendall said...

I've never heard of it.

Jackie said...

Sorry, as a born and bred Canadian, I have never heard this one.

God bless.

Mary said...

I don't know this version, but when I was a young child (in the mid50s) my mom would have my sister and I wait at the window when my dad was on his way home from work and sing this version:

Clap hands, Clap hands til daddy comes home. Daddy has money and Mommy has none.

We are American, not British, so apparently it was known here too :)

Caree Risover said...

Sorry, always lived in the North East of England and have never come across it. We did have Jack Horner pulling out a plum and clapped hands for Daddy on the waggon way but no combination of cake and bun, or plum and sugar that I can recall.

Geneaknit said...

I hadn't heard that one, but Mum always sang the following with us. She'd clap our hands together and then open them wide for the last line.

Clap hands daddy comes
With a pocket full of plums
All for (child's name)

Margie from Toronto said...

Originally from Scotland too - never heard of it I'm afraid.

Winifred said...

I've never heard it either but like others I know the wagon way version.

Chris said...

Never heard it in Scotland when I was growing up.

Jan (UK) said...

Our version was:
Clap handies, clap handies
'till Daddy comes home.
Daddy got pennies
but Mummy got none.

Things must have been a bit harder round our way. We also weren't too fussy about grammar.

Susan said...

I have never heard either version of this rhyme. I like both.