Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mid Week and its odds and ends.

I'm actually writing this post on Tuesday afternoon. I am weary this week, not sure why, and I know some of you think that just because I am at home all day, all I do is watch soaps, drink cups of coffee and eat chocolate bon-bons.....okay well most days I do that but occasionally I am busy and that is what it has been like this week.

Plus that heel spur is killing me again. If anyone has any experience in heel spurs, please let me know what I should or shouldn't be doing?

Anyhow, one thing we should all be grateful for is being able to put food on the table, as there are people who are out there that can't afford to do that. With that in mind here are a couple of photo's I took over the past couple of days.

I made a couple of strawberry and rhubarb pies with the rhubarb from the garden.

Just out of the oven:

One we are eating for dessert this week, the other went into the freezer for another week.

My dad called around this morning and brought these potatoes, that he had just dug up. These were what he got from two tater tops. I can't wait to eat them.

Here are some veggies I got from the garden this morning. Other than the zucchini, they will be used in a garden salad.

My mother and stepfather went on a coach tour of Scotland a week or so ago and sent me a postcard of the bridge that crosses the Atlantic Ocean. Are you stopping to think about this. As I know I did. I couldn't visualize any bridge crossing the Atlantic Ocean. However here it is:

It crosses from the mainland of Scotland to the Isle of Seil Here is another link about Scotland you may like.

I am now going to go and sit down for a while.............


Jilly's Space said...

Gill...heel spurs don't always heel up quickly. I can give you a couple of tips that you can try.
First of all don't walk around the house need to have support in your arch. You don't want extra stress put on the tendon that is inflamed. Heel spur is also referred to as plantar fasciitis(google this and you can find more advice).
I'm not sure how new this is to you...usually when first flared up, you should used cold compresses (ice, bag of peas), then you would do contrast baths of cold/heat after a few weeks.
You will need to rest the foot. Stretch the heel and there is a little excercise you can do with a towel on the floor(to do when pain is not intense). Put your foot on top of towel(you are sitting in chair) and scrunch your toes repeatedly bringing the towel towards the foot. This helps to strengthin the area.
Hope this helps, you can take it or leave it : ) Hope you get this healed up soon!
Jill : )

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
Hope you feel better!I have no info to offer(sorry)
All the pics. didn't come up for me.
HAve agreat day!

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks Jillyrae for all the helpful advise.

Jasmine's Journey said...

Yummy looking pie! kudos to you for having your own garden. I knew I wouldn't have time this year to do one.

Lib said...

Hi gill,
The pics worked this time.:o)

Jilly's Space said...

You're welcome Gill.
It "can" take a long time to heal, not in all cases. But, if you have not treated it with anything since it started..makes sense why it is getting worse. Wouldn't hurt to see your Dr..but start looking after that foot now. No flip flops, bare feet..etc. Perhaps you need to be fitted with a insert for your shoes so your arches are supported properly. You usually need a Dr. referral for these as health insurance does(in many cases) cover it. I know it being summer will be hard not to be bare foot, but it will save you the discomfort!

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Gill, catching up with reading all your mails today. I have popped in but briefly, been so tired just like you. As a stay-at-home-mom for many, many years I can attest to how hard you work. In fact I had a friend who said she was glad to get to work for the rest!!!!

Sorry to hear about your heal spurs. I had what sounds like that years ago and it went away eventually but it did take a while. I wish I had read jillyrae's letter then as I am ALWAYS walking around barefoot. I throw my shoes off every opportunity, have them off now as a matter of fact.

Yummy recipes, really envy you your garden and those potatoes of your Dad's will be tasty I bet. Never knew there was a bridge over the Atlantic either - very pretty postcard.

Good luck on your heel spurs. I hope they feel better soon.

May I say yet again what a great blog you have, it is so very interesting and a joy to read.

Now to go read the rest of your entries. Gotta get that cup of coffee first though, and then I'll be right back :))))

African Kelli said...

Goodness! I wish I lived closer and could have a slice of that fabulous pie!
I hope your heel spurs are soon feeling better.

Anonymous said...

so sweet ... greeting to you

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks everyone for the comments.


robin laws said...

hello gill! i must say your pie looks simply delish! i am a straight up rhubarb girl myself but i don't think i would turn this down if you offered me a piece.
i hope you feel better soon. it is exhausting to have chronic pain :(

Cathi said...

Your pie looks absolutely delicious! As do all those wonderful veggies!

A bridge that crosses an ocean? Really does make one stop and think!

I'm also trying to cope with a heel spur. Some days are much worse than others. I hope it clears up for both of us quickly!

Leanne said...

Oooh I love rhubarb! We don't have enough of it's not that abundant in our shops...I should put some in the garden.....
and what great homegrown produce....I hope my spuds turn out that lovely.

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks to everyone for popping in and saying hello..........


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