Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mystery Plant and other photos............

Now I have to say I have been a lazy bum, where my garden is concerned. Its not looking as good as it should, but this humidity is killing me, and I tend to hibernate in the house with the a/c going.

Anyhow I decided to take a few photos of some flowers. However, I do have a question for you. What do you think this plant is? I didn't plant it. I think it may be a cucumber plant? It does have some yellow flowers growing under the top leaves. It's growing amongst my butternut squash plants. I am curious to know what it may be:

Here is a yellow lily that has a gorgeous smell, but honestly I can't really describe it?

The always popular Bee Balm:

My perennial Sweet Peas, which are pretty, but have no smell, not like the annual ones, plus they are all this pink/purple colour:

The last clematis plant to flower. I must say I was surprised this plant grew, as it was attacked by the voles over winter:

I think this is called False Mallow:

I don't remember what this flower is called, but its pretty:

Now as you are reading this blog on Sunday, I hope to be in the garden giving it a good weeding and tidying it up.

I am truly hoping someone can tell me what that mystery plant is though.

Update, it's just after 7am...........and its pouring down, so I guess I won't be gardening today after all. :0(


DeniseinVA said...

Checking in early this morning, 6.55 a.m. down here. Sorry I can't identify your plant. I hope someone will as I would like to find out myself. Enjoyed your flower photos.

I don't work in the garden much myself this time of year, like you I have a problem with humidity.

Have a great Sunday.

Ginnie said...

Well for once it is dry here... a bit chilly but dry.... so I have ventured into our garden.... cut the lawns, weeded and tidyed. Your flowers look lovely abd cheery!

Gill - That British Woman said...

Denise, I think it must be the British blood we have, it just doesn't like the humidity.

Ginnie, when you're done doing your garden, would you care to pop over and tackle mine?

Lib said...

I have something waiting for you at my blog,please coem by and pick it up.
I don't know what your mystery plant is .Your flowers are beautiful!

Jess said...

What beautiful flowers! I will pass on that latest award..thank you very much for explaining it, and I will do the same. Have a great week.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I think it's a noxious weed called "velvetleaf". LOL--it came up with my cucumber seed one year, although now it grows everywhere and we spray the fields for it. If it developes seeds, beware, it will produce thousands of seeds! And I too love my perinneal sweat peas, even though there is no smell. Hey--they grow and bloom--what's not to like??!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

thank you Lori, you are right I googled it and that is what it is:

So I guess I will be popping outside to pull it out.

A big thank you Lori!!

Linda said...

I have British blood and I can't stand humidity either. Our summers are mostly a dry heat.

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