Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sewing Room/ds bedroom

Ds has moved out, but this will always be his bedroom. However I decided to set up my sewing room in there are there is enough room and I can see out of the front of the house and down the street. Plus his room has a ceiling fan, whereas the spare bedroom doesn't.

Now to be fair this room isn't always this tidy, I tidied up this morning and I don't have any projects underway at the moment. Here is a photo looking in at the room with ds "girly bed" as he calls it!!

Here is a photo that shows my sewing table, which is dd old desk, another Ikea purchase:

Another view of the sewing room:

A view of the closet where I keep my fabric stash and a lot of the clutter:

My sewing machine, which is a Husqvarna 1070. I have had it probably 14 years now. I was just talking to the owner of the store where I bought it from and she was saying it was one of the best models they ever made. Now it does had a few bells and whistles on it, but nothing as fancy as some of the machines out there. The new computerized ones are gorgeous, but I don't have $5,000+ to spend on a machine. So mine will have to do, and she has been a great work horse for me.

I have three bundles of fabric laid out on the bed. From left to right, there is the Christmas Wall Hanging project I am going to start next week. In the middle some material to make a tote bag with and on the right the material for the quillows.

Finally here is a close up of the fabric I want to use for the tote bag. Its pretty isn't it?

So there you go a peek into my sewing room aka ds bedroom.

Thought I'd show you what happens after an afternoon of sewing!!

Oh well it was tidy for a little while.


supertrooper said...

Had to let you know you are an inspiration . I did my very first FOF yesterday ..whoop .

I have a diary at supertrooper@deardiary.net

come meet me there.

I am a Brit too ..now living between our home in the Kawarthas and condo in Scarborough .

Love your blog loads.

Linda xxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

Why thank you Linda, I'm glad you could pop by :0)

Gill - That British Woman said...

Linda, can you post a direct link to your blog, as I am having trouble connecting to it.

Thanks :0)

Unknown said...

Want to come teach me how to use of of the 2 sewing machines I've inherited? One belonged to DH's grandmother.

Gill - That British Woman said...

The older machines are generally the best......

Sabrina said...

Oh I wish my sewing room had so much light! and really, even after the sewing your room still looks pretty tidy to me.

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