Thursday, July 24, 2008

TV programmes I watch.....

Something different I thought I'd share with you.

Well of course the number one show I won't miss for anything is Coronation Street. I have been watching this since I was a young girl. Its a part of British life, just like going to the pub or fish and chips.

Another show from Britain I love is Eastenders I have been watching this show since it first aired in 1985.

We have the channel BBC Canada and watch a lot of British shows on there.

I love American Idol, can't stand Canadian Idol, which isn't very patriotic now is it...LOL I just love Simon Cowell, he says it how it is, and is generally right. Poor Paula, she seems to be on another universe most of the time. Then there is Randy, I have to say half the time I have no idea what he is saying????

Then of course Survivor, it hasn't been as good recently though.

Then of course the CSI series. I think the Las Vegas show is the best with all its technical expertise. The Miami show with David Caruso. When I first started watching it, I couldn't stand the way Horatio spoke, I still find it amusing the way he never looks directly into the camera, but to the side!!!!!!

I love all the British comedy shows, especially The Vicar of Dibley, Keeping Up Appearances, (both the kids call me Hyacinth on occasion, I am so not like her...LOL) and Only Fools and Horses.

So what shows do you enjoy watching?


Niki said...

We're a big fan of "UK" tv as well. We rent Ballykissangel, To the Manor Born and Hamish Macbeth currently from, which has all the series available. We also love Foyles war, Midsomer Murders and Rosemary and Thyme. One of my all time favourites is "The Good Life"
Have a blessed day,

DeniseinVA said...

Would you believe Dr. Who? I have since it first aired way, way back with William Hartnell - not sure if that is the right actor but he was an older chap with a granddaughter he traveled with. The new series is very good. I also enjoy watching the CSI shows and the one in Las Vegas is my favorite. I also watch a lot of shows on Animal Planet, the Food Channel (of course), enjoy certain shows on the History and Discovery Chanels as well, and watch most of the cops and robbers shows.

See you later, have a good one, I'm going into work now.

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
Sorry can't help you here.I'm not a big fan of t.v. I don't think theres anything wrong with watching ,I just never been abig fan.
Have a great day!

Cathi said...

The list seems to be populated by nothing but Brit shows: Inspector Lewis, Foyle's War, Dalziel and Pascoe, Spooks, Judge John Deed -- I think we have BBC Canada on almost all the time!

Kim said...

Wow weird - I just drafted a port about CSI - It my son's and my fav show - but I HATE the Miami one! I will post it this weekend.

Sabra said...

Someday, when we move back to the US, I am going to miss BBC! Fools and Horses ... why do only fools and horses work?... My Family [what happened to Nick?], East Enders - it's addicting - The Vicar of Dibley is hysterical - and I watch Anne Robinson almost every day. The Office - fabulous - both the BBC version and now, the one in the States - don't miss it!

Came to your site to tell you Gill that my DH is not going to be happy that you shared BookCloseouts with me!

Ann Tamimi said...

I love CSI Las Vegas of course totally hate Miami version, the way he speaks really weirds me out. Just too arrogant to watch week after week.

I don't watch many British shows. Except for that Clean House woman, I forget her name. Her orginization tips are quite handy.. especially when I finally organize my house :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all your comments..still busy,

Gill :0)

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Gill. out of all those shows you watch , Keeping Up Appearances
is my favorite .She is a hoot . She reminds me of "I Love Lucy "

Ruth's Place said...

I LOVE the Vicar of Dibley, DrWho - the new one, I don't mind Torchwood either, QI is also a favourite, The Amazing Race is also good.

I wish I could get Idols here...

Linda said...

I used to love East Enders, it was awhile ago. I should start watching it again now that I have Austar.

The organising show I watch that is British is House Doctor I think it is called.

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