Saturday, July 5, 2008

Health woes and general whining.......

I love to garden I really do, but it kills my back. I had a herniated disc a few years ago and had it operated on, since then I have had a bad back. With all the gardening I have done recently my back has started playing up again, and once again I am in agony.

I'm sorry what did you say Dr.A? You think I should lose weight and exercise? But you know Dr A I am allergic to exercise and Linda (co-worker) does enough for both of us. (side-note, must email her to see if she has been doing to much exercising on her back as maybe that is why mine is killing me - you know like sympathy pains?) What you don't think so Dr. A? Listen Dr. A. if I came in with a boil on my butt you would tell me to lose weight and exercise!!!

Sorry about that, now to get back to what I was talking about. Then to add to all my woes I have a heel spur. That started when we were in Britain in February. Figured I had just done too much walking about the shops, but it doesn't seem to want to go away and boy does it hurt. Asked Dr. A. about that and he said it would go away eventually. By the way does anyone know how long eventually is?

So now I am doping myself up on Solpadeine, which is a delightful medication from Britain. Can't get it here in Canada, as it contains the big bad Paracetamol in it and the daft Canadian Government doesn't allow it??? Dr. A. reckons a couple of Tylenol and a cup of coffee will work the same, I disagree.

So meanwhile I am walking around like an old women.......Alan I heard that, no more old women jokes please!!! One good thing about having a bad back is that I get out of using what my mother calls "The Anaconda," which translates to being the central vac. We have one of those hoover's where the hose plugs into the wall. Pretty neat, don't think they have them in Britain, but its a major strain on my back.

Then on top of this the humidity is killing my head. I get migraines and rotten headaches when the barometric pressure changes. I get migraines once a month, when my hormone levels change, and last of all I get migraines when I eat too much chocolate. Okay I have admitted it, I get migraines when I eat too much chocolate, however do you think that stops me from eating chocolate, heck no. I remember one Christmas I was given two boxes of White After Eight chocolates. There are two things I love, white chocolate and mint, so of course I ate the two boxes of chocolates, as I am a pig. Needless to say I was ill, very, very ill with the mother of all migraines. Now while I had the migraine I wasn't happy and sort of regretted eating all that chocolate, but put those boxes in front of me, and I'd probably do it again.

Now I know I have other issues, too many to mention but at the moment, these are the ones that are aggravating me the most, and I figured why not share with everyone else :0) Aren't you glad you popped in today!!!


Lindsay said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Know all about bad backs - I have learnt to stretch back before getting out of bed in the morning and same thing at night, by curling up into a ball.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I shower morning and night, and one of the reasons I shower in a morning is to stretch my back.

dlyn said...

If it helps any, my migraines stopped post menopause. I can even drink red wine now which I could not for aobut 25 years since the tannins in it triggered an immediate migraine. Hope yours go away too - even sooner than mine did for that matter.

trisha too said...

I get weather migraines too!
and hormone migraines.
and msg migraines.

and chocolate migraines, but I call those chocolate hangovers! :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

Trisha, I'm glad I am not the only one!!!


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