Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thought I'd tell you about my day (Thursday), interesting sort of day...

I had to run a few errands on Thursday, so after I did this and that off I go.

My first stop was at the retirement home. I am a big reader, and I only like reading a book once. As I review books for Harper Collins, I get books from them. Here is the Canadian link and here is the US link anyone can sign up . Also I order a lot of books from here So anyhow needless to say I have a lot of books doing nothing, so I decided to donate them to the retirement home. Such a nice lady who runs the activities there, and to cut a long story short, she asked me to be a volunteer, as she said I would fit right in. Now not sure if that means she thinks I'm old, or I'm friendly. Now you have to have a police check done, and other than a speeding ticket (got a bit of a lead foot) years ago I haven't been in trouble with the law...........oh, and the rock thing....... So I am thinking about it.

After I leave there I go to the mall and of course need to pee. Now you all know I have a bathroom thing happening, but I really do have to go. So in I go and there is a lady there with a double stroller, who was waiting for the handicapped stall. I go pee, and the poor woman is still waiting to get in. So I say to her, I know you don't know me from Adam, but honestly I am a nice person, so if you want I'll keep an eye on the kids while you pee. The poor woman was bursting she said and was ever so grateful and I got to entertain a baby and a toddler. So two good deeds for the day.

I really like a women's clothing store called Tabi and they were having a good sale, so I go in there. I am wandering around minding my own business when this customer comes in. Let's just say she wasn't the brightest apple in the tree and she had a potty mouth. I am not happy with this, as she is disturbing my wandering around in my own little world time. Then the sales assistants kept asking me if they could help, after telling them politely no thanks a couple of times, I am now starting to get ticked. I take some things to the changing room, and am trying things on, and there is a tap, tap on the door not once but twice asking if everything is alright and can they get me more things. I finally say I am taking my time trying things on and don't worry about me. I should have yelled "GO AWAY," but I was in a good mood as I had done two nice things for other people. I finally get out of there with three t-shirts, two skirts and pair of shorts and a new handbag, all for just over $150.

I then leave the mall and go to another mall (Trinity) as I want to go to Home Sense I think you call it Home Goods in the States? Anyhow again I am wandering around the store, when I come across a fancy dancy pair of rubber gloves, all covered in flowers. I wear rubber gloves to wash the dishes. So I am chuckling over these gloves, as I can't imagine dh wearing them when he washes up. A lady comes up to me and she says they're cute aren't they. So I say I was laughing as I can't imagine dh wearing those sort of gloves when washing up. She says her dh bought her a pair with feathers on it and some other things, so I say I can't imagine him wearing those, and she says he bought me a matching apron as well, they're from the sex shop.....WHAT?????. I guess my face must have been a picture at that moment. That was the last thing I expected coming out of this woman's mouth, I mean she was a woman in her late 50's for goodness sakes, and anyone who knows me knows I am a right prude, and believe me I don't look like the type of person that talks about things like that. So I say Oh, and walk off. Every time I met the woman in the store, I kept my eyes down.

So after that I pop into Cotton Ginny to see what they had on sale. Its been a long time since I have been in there, but the place seemed bare. So I say that to the salesperson and she mumbled something, and again I say I can't get over how little stock they have in the store. Finally she admitted that the company is going through some financial difficulties......interesting. Anyhow I picked up a pair of jogging pants for the Fall that were on sale for $19.99

Next its on to Lowes We first got Lowes in Canada I think the end of last year. Its not a bad store and I have to say I love their lighting department. I also met the two nicest men ever in there. I went in to find an applicator to put on some asphalt liquid sealer stuff on our driveway. So after asking a couple of people they directed me to this man. So I waited to talk to him and told him what I wanted. Well when he started to talk to me, I stopped dead in my tracks and said I never thought I'd hear that coming from you? I know I should think before I speak, but "A" looked like he was of South Asian/Indian decent, but when he talked he had a really thick Irish accent, and I mean a really strong accent, I was stunned, that was the last thing I expected to hear an Irish accent. Anyhow we chit chatted away for ages, even told me a joke about an Englishman, Irishman, Scotsman and Welsh man. I love those jokes but suck at telling them. Again to cut a long story short, we couldn't find what I was looking for and one my way out he gave me two coupons for free coffee at Country Style Donuts, plus I have made a new friend, he was such a nice guy. So I'm all happy, happy. As I am walking across the parking lot, a guy comes up to me and says I heard what you were looking for and I couldn't find it either for you. Well I got talking to this guy and he gave me tips on how to seal the driveway etc. He too was a really nice guy. Now in case you're wondering if this is normal, that I go around picking up strange guys, its not.....just thought I'd mention that!!!

After I left there I pop into A & P to get some deli meat, well as I mentioned in the July 10th FOF post I picked up a couple of other things as well. So I go to the cash out and there is only one cashier on duty and its "Anal Annie." {{SIGH}} I hate dealing with her, as she takes forever and if I am a few cents short of what I have spent against what I have FOF-ed she makes me buy something else. Anyhow I have no option but to go to her. As I am unpacking my stuff I see her singing and swaying to the music, have to say I'm a bit confused at this, as she is normally a miserable so and so. So she finishes serving the customer in front of me and the customer asks where the nearest Beer Store is. Well Anal Annie has no idea, so I jump in and tell the woman where the nearest Beer stores are. Funny thing about this I don't drink, and I tell them this, so we all have a chuckle. In Canada grocery stores aren't allow to sell Alcohol, its another delightful law we have.

So it is my turn with Anal Annie, and she is still singing and swaying to the music. Now this whole thing is totally confusing me, as this is so unlike her. However in her new mood she screws most things up and basically doesn't give me the third degree about how much I have spent etc, so I suppose that was a blessing.

After this I decided to head home, as to my mind one can only have so many weird experiences in one day. Plus it was 1pm and I was hungry. So there you go that was my morning. Now to categorize this post, it should go under "it can only happen to me," now shouldn't it...LOL


Cathi said...

The link for the book review/free book service is fabulous. Thank you so much for posting that! I'm signed up already.
As to your experiences shopping -- well, you're brave! I get in and out of stores as fast as humanly possible!

Gill - That British Woman said...

You're very welcome Catharine :0)

Lori in South Dakota said...

love reading your blog, it makes me LAUGH!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

thank you Lori for popping by, glad you like my blog :0)

Autumn Moon said...

You gloves make me think of Kaim and Agiie on "How Clean Is Your House".

Lib said...

Lol ,enjoyed the post.:o)
I enjoy your blog very much.
Hope you have a great wk.end.

Gill - That British Woman said...

autumn moon, that's also what I was thinking when I saw the gloves.

Lib good to see you again :0)

Jess said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciated the comment.

I wanted to stop by your blog, and I really enjoyed it. I will definatly be back!

Have a great weekend. And you do make poeple laugh!

Stephanie D said...

Gill, thanks for dropping by! I haven't been able to see Sarah
Brightman in concert other than on a DVD, but if she's that annoying,
maybe I'm better off!

BTW, as I wrote above the comments, I try to get to the blogs of those
who visit me, especially new folks, and I have to say, you crack me
up! I believe some people just attract odd events and happenings, and
that just must have been your turn! Nothing like that ever happens
to me at Lowe's or anywhere else! Too funny!


Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks Jess and Stephanie for dropping by :0)

Unknown said...

Gill - How do you insert a link in a post so it just shows a name? I tried but it puts the full web address...

Unknown said...

Thank you! Made perfect sense in your instructions! I'm still getting the hang of all this blogging stuff ;)

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