Friday, July 18, 2008

Seriously I should just stay at home..........

Its another stinking hot day here (Thursday), so decided to pop out to the mall to check out a fabric store. This is what I picked up. This fabric was $4 a metre, and is 100% cotton, so I can use it either for a quilt or to make a bag with, I'm not sure yet, I picked up a metre.

Isn't this the cutest fabric. I am not sure if this is 100% cotton, is there a test? Anyhow, my first thought when I saw this was a tote bag? I bought around a metre and a quarter of this at $4 a metre.

I wanted to make covered buttons, so picked up a couple packs of those, plus a couple packets of magnetic closures for bags, a clearance pack of velcro, 5 metres of binding, and three packs of ribbon.

That little lot came to over $30. I find things expensive up here, especially material. Although I did get a good buy on the pieces I got. We don't have a very good choice in the city I live in, which is outside of Toronto. I do go to a neat quilting store around a 15 minute drive to where we live but I pay upwards of $15 a metre there. I do a big fabric shop when we go on vacation to the States. I know I looked at fabric when we were in Britain, but it was even more expensive.

So anyhow, after I leave the store I am heading out of the mall and there is a grown man crying, and I mean the poor thing was sobbing his heart out. He was on a public pay phone standing there talking to someone and crying. So of course I wander over to him to ask him if he's alright, which of course he wasn't as he was crying. He tells me he is talking to his mother in Afghanistan. Now what was making him cry I don't know, I just figured I would leave him alone.

So I get to the mall doors and there is a police officer behind me, so I hold the door open for him to come through. So of course I start talking to him.......I mention the fact that the man is crying, and he says, that's funny when he was coming into the mall there was another man using the phone also crying. As I said to the police officer, we should make a mental note to avoid that phone.

I've come to the conclusion its all my doing all these strange people I come across as I will insist on talking to people. Mind you if you saw a man on a public phone crying his heart out, wouldn't you ask if there was anything you could do?

When I got home I was thinking about the whole situation, and you know the funny thing, it didn't phase me one bit that he was from Afghanistan. You see where we live its like the United Nations, you name it we've got it, including a strange and unusual, but harmless British've gotta love Canada, they let anyone in, including me!!!!


Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hi Gill, I wish I could sew...the best I can do is a blanket stitch. I'm afraid that I'm the same....on holiday in Europe recently I saw some odd things. A woman was crying at the wheel of a parked car in an Italian market...everybody was looking and nobody seemed to be doing anything about it. I would have gone up to her but she had a companion with her and although I can speak Italian I wasn't sure that I'd have the right vocab. for that situation....(I was a bit worried I might have wandered into a domestic!) I think you were right to be concerned though...

~Niki~ said...

I would have done the same thing...Wandered over and asked if he was OK. So many people these days don't even care, won't go help, or whatever. Love the goodies you bought. Let me know how that button maker works out.

Cathi said...

I would have asked the man if he was okay as well.
Have you gone to Sew Sisters quilt shop in Toronto? Their prices are better than most shops in this area. What about Len's Mills? I'm told if you're going to go there, go to the store in Guelph as it has the best selection.

Cathi said...

Gill, I have been to Sew Sisters shop a few times. They're super friendly and have some nice stuff, including the Japanese taupes and some glorious batiks. Their prices are definitely better than any other store I've found in the GTA.

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
Love your fabric treasures the owls are too cute!
You did the correct thing with the man crying. Seems today most people doesn't care , to me thats very sad!
Have a great day!

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all your lovely comments. I'm pleased to see we are all on the same track when it comes to helping others.



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