Sunday, July 27, 2008


Canadian's only though, sorry.......

I was just at Shopper's Drug Mart and they have Life Brand tuna flaked or chunk, for 39 cents a can, until December 31st. I have never seen it that low.

I buy my milk there, when I have to buy milk, its $3.99 per 4 litre bag. Also eggs are only $1.69 per dozen at Shopper's Drug Mart.

So now I need suggestions for tuna recipes, as I think we will be including this more in our menu plan from now on.

The only one I have is this one

I will add any other recipes to this post, if you provide me with a link........

Niki has this recipe on her blog, and evaporated milk is on sale at Price Chopper this week @ 4/$5, so that's handy.


Niki said...

Hi Gill,
Here is one of our family favourites.

It's frugal, and delicious.

I will be checking out our SDM for some tuna, thanks for the tip!


Elizabeth said...

I will make the very basic and very delicious Italian standby of Pasta with Tuna Tomato and Olives. I can forward the recipe but I'm sure you can find it floating around the internet. It is fast and easy and I usually have the ingredients on hand. Even my daughter who dislikes tuna will eat it.

I rarely visit Shoppers Drug Mart these days but I will make a point to stop in for tuna!

willywagtail said...

Hi Gill, I'm afraid my bird is SO insulted that you commented on the VEGEMITE instead of her! LOL Yes we do love our vegemite. Thanks for the comment. Cherrie

Margaret said...

Hi there I have just started reading your blog and really enjoy it. But I am curious to know what your excel spreadsheet looks like for your 2008 grocery challenge? Do you enter by categories or totals or what = show me please do! Even in NZ prices are rising astronomically and I am trying to live simply and frugally. You are already a help with recipes and hints so do help me with this "magical spreadsheet"!!

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
Wow,a great buy here its 69-89 cents or more per can.
We like tuna melts (I don't have a recipe)
Mix mayo in with tuna, add tuna& mayo to a slice of bread top with a slice of tom. and slice of onion, on another slice of bread put a slice of cheese ,put under broiler until cheese is melted.
We have this with a salad or soup.
Happy Shopping!

Unknown said...

Whatever you do... lol... do not mix packaged tuna with powdered tomato sauce mix and pepper. We were camping once in Utah and that was the last of our stash before heading home so we threw it together. I spent the night throwing up it was so bad! My gosh. I rarely eat tuna after that...

However... I find Tuna Sandwiches to be a little more palatable when mixed with ranch dressing & mustard instead of mayo. Yum!

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all the comments

Gill :0)

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