Sunday, March 12, 2023


I was out at our major chain bookstore last weekend minding my own business πŸ˜‰ when I saw a guy with a red wagon like this one:

Inside of the red wagon were three cats covered in blankets; you could see their heads.  Walking along side of this guy was a woman walking another cat on a leash.  The three in the wagon were female cats, as I heard to woman saying to the cat she was walking that they had to keep up with her sisters!

Now the reason I found this odd, and believe me there are multiple reasons!!!

  1. Who takes four cats out shopping with them?
  2. The cats were so well behaved, so this wasn't their first outing.
  3. Again they were so well behaved, I am no expert when it comes to cats, but generally they have a mind of their own and NEVER listenπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  4. Again, who takes four cats out shopping with them???
Hubby banned me from taking a photo...BOOO!!  The one on a leash was stunning, a grey short haired cat with lighter spots, just like a leopard.  There is a pet store a few doors up from the bookstore, so maybe they had been there first?

Lots of questions went through my head! 


Donna said...

Yes! Boo on hubby!! I'm afraid I would have done it would have asked the lady first while raining compliments on her concerning her lovely cats...
But thats just does seem strange. Hope they were all alright in that wagon.

Joy said...

Takes all sorts, doesn't it? xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

My first thought was - there are only two people and 4 cats - what if all 4 decided to run off in different directions? I can understand maybe walking one on a leash but they were taking a chance with the rest.

My Piece of Earth said...

It takes all kinds, Gill.

Around our neighborhood there is a person, this individual pushes a stroller made especially for DOGS, with a dog in it, sitting there as happy as can be.

I always thought, you take a dog for a walk to get some exercise, so who is getting the benefit of the stroll. It takes all kinds.


Boud said...

I've seen small old dogs in strollers. The owner wants a much longer walk than the dog can manage, so, once the dog's tired, they ride!
I've never seen cats in a coaster wagon though! Maybe they love an outing.

Jackie said...

I would have loved to see a photo of that. While I used to take our cat out for walks on a leash, I am not too sure she would have been well behaved in a store.

God bless.

Practical Parsimony said...

I would have taken a picture anyway after praising the cats. The people would be flattered you even cared. That is strange. If you ever find out, let us know. Maybe the pet store knows.

Karen said...

We have a couple in our area who walk about with a kitty in a stroller. Lots of people stop to pet it and it stays put. I heard her say the kitty hops in the stroller when it wants to go out.

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

That did make me smile.

We have a cat near us that goes for walks on a leash and seems to love it! Having always been a cat owner, I can concur not a single cat I've had would ever cooperate with a leash or wagon! lol

William Kendall said...

Very curious.

Rose said...

Oh, how I wish I could have seen that. If it was here, people would talk to them and find out the details. But I am like you, who takes cats shopping. Though I do bet they had been to the pet store.

Rose said...

Oh, and yes, cats sure have a mind of their own. My one cat, Cougar did know the meaning of 'no.' And he could be anywhere in the yard or house and all I had to do was say his name, and here he came. But I was his person...I have never had another cat that was like that.

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