Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Which one will last longer?

 I know it's pretty obvious!!

The girls brought us two bunches of tulips on Saturday as a gift; which was so nice of them and our daughter.  Then Nora and I, with a little help from Paige 😉, made up the other box of Lego flowers.

I really enjoy tulips but they tend to droop early on.  By Monday afternoon I had, had to tie a string around them.

I looked up why Tulips droop and I am guessing my vase was too short.  I thought I had heard long ago that if you stuck a pin through the stalk just below the tulip head that would stop them drooping?  Have you heard of this?

It took us 2 hours to make up the second box of Lego flowers.  I will say we both enjoyed doing it, Nora and I.  Nora is 9 and she found it relatively easy to make them.  Plus I don't think there will be any drooping with these ones!!

I am missing a pink petal off the Gerbera Daisy though!


busybusybeejay said...

If you put a copper coin in the water the tulips will last longer.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I recently bought some tulips and there was a tag on them that said to leave the elastics that were holding them together on them to stop drooping and it seems to have worked.
I love the latest Lego flowers - they're beautiful! I might have to succumb and buy a kit for myself.

William Kendall said...

The Lego flowers are a neat touch, but can't outshine tulips!

My Piece of Earth said...

Thread the stems into a plastic drinking straw up to the base of the tulip. Leave enough of the stem at the end so the water can be absorbed. I have done it, it works.

Caree Risover said...

I received a bunch of tulips recently with stalks still connected to their bulbs! The florist’s instructions said to cut the bulbs off and store them for replanting in the autumn which I thought was a lovely idea, whilst the flowers themselves went for 10 days before drooping then dying which is considerably longer than I normally manage to get.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I adore tulips and love the droop. Normally by morning they are back up again. Your lego flowers were pretty cool though. That had to be very time consuming but pretty!

Jackie said...

I just use a very tall vase with tulips and that seems to work for about a week.

I so love those Lego flowers.

God bless.

jbettyb said...

One of the reasons that tulips droop is that unlike most other cut flowers, they continue growing in water. Caree's tip is a good one and so using a taller vase. I have found that the bunches I have bought this year have mostly lasted 10-14 days. The lego flowers are quite charming. Betty

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