Sunday, March 19, 2023

and the birthday keeps on giving..........

I don't know about you but I have signed up for things over the year's and some sites ask for your birth date so they can send you a treat/code/discount on your birthday.

I have taken advantage of a couple of them.  I was driving past Panera bread, boy is that place expensive.  Anyhow I had a code for a free birthday treat up to $5.  So I picked up this cookie.  It's a Kitchen Sink Cookie and costs $4.19 CDN.  It is huge and really good, but I would not buy one for that price.

The Body Shop gave me $10 in points to spend in store.  So I went in to buy some soap at the outlet.  However it is now $7 a bar; granted there is a buy one, get the second item for 50% off.  I still think it's a bit steep for a bar of soap.  They had this three pack of body butter's on clearance for $11.
I use the body butter all the time and really like the Shea one, so this will come in very handy.

I ended up paying $1.13 for this and had had to go to the outlet mall to pick up something for dd, so killed two birds in one.

I do have some  more discount codes I could use and a $10 of my purchase coupon for a store I could use.  If I am passing any of these before they expire I may use them, however I will not go out of my way to use them.

Do you get freebies on your birthday?


Donna said...

That cookie looks good but $4.00 is way too expensive...glad you got it for nothing!
Hope you have a sweet and peaceful day!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks like you garnered some nice goodies but I agree that's too much for a cookie (free is good!). I don't seem to have myself on any of the lists for birthday freebies, sadly. Living in a small-ish town means we don't have places like the Body Shop available, even more sadly.

William Kendall said...

What a cookie!

Hawaii Planner said...

Panera is overall super expensive. Both of my teens really like it, so I try to buy their gift cards on sale, use their app for rewards, and look for offers. It's still pricey, but a bit better when you do those things.

Linda said...

I gave up going to Panera, very expensive. I got some birthday deals and discounts, don't always use them especially if they are food places. Being gluten free limits lots of options.

Practical Parsimony said...

Some of the free things I see are just not in this area even though this a a big town. However, in the past I have gotten more freebies than I have lately. I love a free cookie.

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