Saturday, March 18, 2023

It finally arrived!!!!

Had a great mail day on Friday as my order from Bothy Threads in the UK finally arrived😁

It came in fully recyable packaging.

Here is what was in my package.
I LOVE Wrendale Designs, they are so pretty and just loved this cow's expression.  This is a kit so everything is included.
I love British robins, they are different to the robins we get in Canada.  I am going to stitch this minus the mistletoe I think.  Again a full kit, with everything included.
This is a needle minder.  I have been wanting one of these to attach to my current project
This fabric is used in all Wrendale designs and I have a calendar with more Wrendale cross stitch patterns on it I want to sew up.
I metre of black Aida cloth.  I have a project in mind for this.

I bought this all in Bothy Threads January sale.  I also managed to get free shipping.  I priced all these items out over here and in the States and it was cheaper to have them all shipped in.  Now to get on with my vines and ladders project!!


Angela said...

I agree about omitting the mistletoe - it ties the piece too closely to Christmas and would look out of place in July! Will your black Aida be stitched with white, or multicoloured bright threads?

Donna said...

How pretty they all are! Can't wait to see them finished!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Stitching that calf will be such fun! Well, the birdies will be too, but there's something about that expression on his face that's priceless. I 'visited' Bothy Threads when you mentioned them before and I was overwhelmed by the choices so well done on your part to be able to choose just two!

William Kendall said...

The cow's expression is perfect.

50 and counting said...

I've purchased a few of their kits from Wool Warehouse.

Amazing isn't it, that it's cheaper to bring it in ourselves from the UK than it is to buy locally! Mary Maxim's shipping is too expensive.


Joy said...

I love Wrendale too - my6 favourite Christmas mugs are Wrendale robins. xx

Rose said...

Oh, I so loved these when I saw them on FB...and though I love our robins. I love the British robins. They are just so cute.

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