Friday, October 23, 2009

A panic attack...and other bits and bobs.

It started out as a mild panic attack, but gradually got worse and worse. I never ever suffer from panic attacks, but this is what started me off on Thursday:

"So you haven't seen the episode yet where the crazed bomber blows up the Rovers with everybody in it. Whoops, sorry."

That was what Grumpy Old Ken wrote in reply to yesterday's post, when I was talking about Coronation Street.

When I first read it I couldn't figure out how come I had missed this, as yes I do peek at what is going on in Britain re: Coronation Street. Then I thought it must be something that is going on currently with the series in Britain. Then I thought I should maybe call my mother to see what's what, all the time panicking more!!

However I was in the middle of typing a letter to my neighbour in Britain, and wanted to get that done and get it mailed. All the time I am typing the letter, I couldn't get this out of my mind.

Then it dawned on me, he's pulling my leg/joking with me, this isn't true at all!!! I mean Grumpy Old Ken, don't you know how serious we Coronation Street fans are? You can't play with us like that. For all you Coronation Street fans out there, what should we do with Grumpy Old Ken....LOL

Just so you know I am now kidding, and I didn't have a panic attack, although I do admit to being totally confused for a few minutes about the Rovers being blown up!!

Update on the attic. Both me and dh tidied up in the attic, and on Saturday we will start to insulate it. Actually dh will be insulating it, I do not like touching that pink insulation, its icky. I will take photos and will post them on Sunday. I just don't think you can see a lot going on in there at the moment. Luckily for us, its been quite warm this week, which has been a blessing with us not having any insulation in the attic.

We got the oil tank filled the other day. It was filled on closing back at the end of April, and we got it topped up on Tuesday, which is nearly six months, and we had only used half a tank during that time. We thought that was good, what do you guys who have oil heating think? They put in 394 litres and we paid .794 cents a litre, for a total of $328.48 (incl tax). I am hoping this will last us until January?

I think it was close to $700 we were charged on closing for oil, along with this $328, so say $1,000 so far for oil, and $900 for wood. Its going to work out a lot more expensive to heat than our old house, as we were paying only around $1,800 for gas heating there. We are also finding the hydro a lot more expensive here, only because they charge us so much for the delivery charges, not a lot we can do there though?

P.S. the mice are back........caught two this week :0(


Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Isn't that an awful feeling when you realise you've been had lol
Hope you laughed when the penny dropped - no point in being annoyed is there?
Has anyone said if the mice disappear when the weather turns really cold
Take care

Evelyn said...

we heat with oil but have baseboard electric heat. we keep it turned on low but it usually keeps the furnace from coming on. we usually can heat for about 300 a year, the price you paid sounds about right. We don't do wood at all but the electric is expensive. We have an old house too.

MyBulletinBoard said...

I'm always trying to keep the house as cool as we can stand it, but I learned last year not to let it (the physical building itself!) get too cool, or you'll never get warm at all. The heat stayed on constantly trying to keep even the low temp up. I finally turned the thermostat up a little and the heater actually ran less.

Liz at home on the range

The Good Life in Virginia said...

oh...not the dreaded MICE ^ ^

have a wonderful day ms. gill!

Scrappy quilter said...

I can't help you on the heat. As to the mice they are wanting a warm place to stay for the winter. If you can find where they are coming in, plug it as soon as possible.

We keep our heat pretty low all winter long. Our heating bill (gas) for the year was around $1,000 give or take a few dollars. It'll definitely come down once you've insulated the upstairs. Hugs..