Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Tis the season, and they're gone....well as far as I know!

'Tis the season...........for road works. I was in the city yesterday and all the way there and all over the city there were road works everywhere. I have to say one stretch of road reminded me of Britain, where there were mile upon mile of bollards (cones in Britain) and not a workman in site!!! I guess Fall is a great time of year to do roadworks?

Now I am touching wood as I say this, but it's been 10 days since I last caught a mouse? Now does that mean I won't get anymore in the house........somehow or other I don't think so!! Still I live in hope.

Also I saw SNOW on Wednesday........I mean I was quite distressed about the whole situation....I even told the guy in the store, that someone up there hadn't got my memo, about no snow until December 24th!! Now granted it was only snow on a car, but it was snow. Then I went to knitting club and one of the ladies there said they had snow on the ground in the morning. So I am guessing it will be here with us soon, especially if Carol decides not to keep her snow and sends it my way ;0)

Thanks for your opinion on the firefighter donation, we are going to write a cheque. Also made a decision on the Internet and will be changing providers in November. I will sort it out on Thursday, as I have give 30 days notice with Bell, and the new providers are booking appointments for setting up the system for the second week of November. I can then be on the Internet more that I am now, which means I will be able to start and visit everyone's blogs again.

Popped into the library to pick up a book I ordered "The Backyard Homestead" by Carleen Madigan, looks like it will be an interesting read.

I got the door repaired today on the wood stove, and when I was in there I picked up a wood stove steamer and trivet similar to this one I couldn't believe the price of them; granted they are cast iron, but I bought a cheaper one and ended up paying nearly $70 for both the steamer and the trivet to put it on. We are finding it very drying to our skin having the fire on, so we are hoping this will help a bit.


Anonymous said...

Gill ..we use Rogers portable internet ..almost as fast as high speed , you can use it anywhere ..we run 2 desk tops and a laptop from one box and they have it on for $29 a month so a great price .Worth looking into ..I love ours !
Linda x

Clippy Mat said...

snow? say it ain't so. (please) hopefully you live further north so you get it first. sorry :-)

could they be hibernating? do mice hibernate?

Sandi McBride said...

Do you know that I was reminded of a Terry Wogan show (on Telly) where the audience consisted entirely of orange road cones? I think I may miss Terry Wogan most of all, lol

MyBulletinBoard said...

You absolutely MUST take Carol's snow because I'm NOT. . . . . Let us know what you think of The Backyard Homestead. Is it really useful, or just sort of inspirational? It is so hard to get good books where I am now that I usually wind up having to buy anything that really interests me. Have to watch the budget, so I have to be careful about that. It is such a disappointment to buy one that falls short. Thanks.
~Liz in Texas w/o snow

The Good Life in Virginia said...

a good thing if you've not seen the little critters. hope they've been once and for all banished.

hoping you don't get an early snow. we've temps in the 40s today and it is very misty/wet/damp. some are saying we may have a REAL winter with lots of snow. i am hoping not. we've been here 7 years and there has never been but a little snow a couple of times during the winters. we shall see.

have a wonderful day.