Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Interesting day on Tuesday............

I had the doctors appointment on Tuesday morning and a dentist appointment. What was interesting is that the dental hygienist's sister is a visual effects person in LA. She was telling me that she was working on promotional material, i.e. promotional video's for Michael Jackson's upcoming tour when he died.

When he died all production shut down, and what was done has been made into the movie "This Is It." She met Michael Jackson and although he looked very sickly and thin, he was very friendly and very, very creative.

I met a friend for lunch and she works as a buyer for a large grocery chain, that sells the PC brand.......

Anyhow, we had lunch in their head office (where she is based) cafeteria. What a lovely place it is, and so bright and modern. You can only eat there if you are with an employee. They had a super selection of items to choose from and of course they are all PC items. They were all well priced and everything looked so good. We had a BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwiches, with veggies and chips (crisps), and I had a bottle of water and paid under $12. It was so good also to see "R" and catch up. I really miss her, and we don't see one another often enough. By the way there are 2,500 employees working in this location.

On the way home I called into Tim Hortons, and picked up half a dozen donuts. Anyone else loving the pumpkin spice donuts? They are so yummy I could eat them morning, noon and night.

I had some phone calls to make when I got home. I ordered oil for the heating. We have half a tank still, but I figured we may as well get it in now and then its done with hopefully until after Christmas.

The gasket has started to come off the wood burning stove door. I called in at the store last week, and they gave me some glue, but that didn't do the trick. So now I have to take the door into the store and they will replace the whole of the gasket. Fingers crossed it works then.

Finally, I got a referral to go and see an allergist. The date of my appointment, November 30th.....I think it's a long wait as he only works certain days every week.

Molly's allergies are still as bad. So I need to call the vet to see what she has to say, as I gave her an allergy pill on Tuesday night, to see if she would stop chewing.

So all in all a pretty interesting day. Oh and we had an envelope in the mail box from the local fire department, with their 2010 calendar and a letter and envelope looking for a donation. I am not sure how I feel about donating, or why I should donate.........any thoughts? By the way I donate on a monthly basis to the Canadian Cancer Society, so I am not against donating, I am just not sure WHY I should donate to the fire department?


MyBulletinBoard said...

We have a volunteer fire department, not the first time, either. We are used to fundraisers and such. It is very hard to fund equipment. Taxes just don't cover it all.

Unknown said...

Did you try changing Molly's food our vet told us when our collie was chewing her feet and her pads were pink it was food allergies so we are trying different foods for 6 weeks at a time to see if one of them helps.

QuiltedSimple said...

We get envelopes from our fire department all the time for donations. Hubby is on a neighboring department but we ALWAYS give to both fire departments - volunteer fire departments need the donations to cover equipment and supplies that taxes don't cover (and ours do not charge for runs if you are a resident of that district) and the fire and EMS unit is something I don't want to try and live without.

Judi B. said...

In most rural areas the fire departments are made up of volunteers. Funding is very important to the communitity. What is most important to remember is that they will be there if you need them.
We also have a very allergic dog. She is a mess. We have her on special food..which has made a huge difference and pills that she takes year round. With living in the country it is hard to get away from allergens. Now with the new no spray laws it is only going to get worse for all of us..humans and dogs.
Good luck!!

Judi B.

Scrappy quilter said...

I would definitely donate to the fire department. Like LizBeth said, our fire department is run by volunteers. To purchase new equipment costs an arm and a leg and they have to raise funds to purchase new equipment. They risk their lives every time there is a fire, often with aged equipment. Well worth a donation, at least in my books.

I'm so sorry to hear Molly is still fighting allergies of some sort. I sure hope the vet can figure it out.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

the donuts sound fav in the fall is apple caramel from the local guys shop. have yet to have any...waiting for the cool weather i guess.

hoping your allergist will be able to help you through your allergies...and of course hoping molly gets hers under control soon too. poor little molly.

have the mice left the building finally? was thinking about that yesterday.

hugs to you.


Scrappy quilter said...

Think you might want to check my blog. I posted today's post just for you.

Kim said...

Waiting month for an appt isn't too bad. In August I asked for a referral for an ear, nose and throat dr....I got one in April!

Evelyn said...

i have an appointment coming up soon for an allergist too.

as others have said, the fire department is likely volunteers.

my co-worker can't go by a Timmies and not order one of those donuts.

Sandi McBride said...

Sounds like a very busy day that was actually enjoyable. Good for you! Poor Molly...there must be something that can help. Have they done cultures to see what might be the problem?
As for the Fire Department, we donate once a year to our department to help them with extra equipment costs...ours is a volunteer Fire Department...I want them to have the best that they can afford, so if our donation helps defray the cost in any way, we're repaid every time they answer a call. Hugs to Molly!