Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bit of history about the house, and other stuff.

I went to visit the archives at our local museum on Tuesday afternoon to see if I could find anything out about the house. It was pretty interesting. I have always said our house was built in 1907, however I discovered it was built in 1911.

Here is the story. On March 4th, 1846 the Crown "gave" 100 acres to a John Robinson. Why I say "gave" as the records don't show any money exchanging hands, but there was a Patent fee. Patent fees were around 5 shillings per acre, like a tax. So John Robinson may have paid 25 Pounds in Patent fees, although there is no record of that. British curency was in use until around 1858, see this link

In 1854 it was sold to William Robinson, then passed on to his son John Robinson in 1896, and in turn to his son Harold in 1929.

In 1907 the barn was burned when struck by lightening and was rebuilt.

In 1911 they built the stone house, the one which we live in, and vacated the small log house where all the Robinson family were born.

In February of 1954 the farm was purchased from Harold Robinson, by his daughter and son-in-law. They already owned a farm a few hundred yards down the road from our house.

In December of 1953, they severed the house and 5 acres from the 100 acres and sold it to A. Perry.

Now that is as far as I have got, as I now need to go to the Land Registry Office to find out what's what . I may go down there next week. Interesting eh?

I can't wait to start on the Genealogy, but that's having to wait until we get the new Internet on November 11th.

I went to have a pedicure also on Tuesday morning. I had one Herbal Essences coupon left for a free pedicure, and as it expired on October 31st, I figured I may as well use it. So now I have blood red toe nails. As usual I got a lecture about how I must put cream on the bottom of my feet as they are like sandpaper!! She had to get the razor blade out to cut off the icky skin on the bottom of my feet.

I just pray and hope I didn't block the septic system up on Tuesday morning, as I also shaved my legs, figured I better had as they were a tad on the hairy side, not long enough to braid, but still long, and as I had to expose the bottom of my legs when I get a pedicure, I thought I should make an effort. I don't class it a priority shaving my legs!! Poor Linda has just keeled over at this point. Linda is the lady I worked with, who takes great pride in her appearance.

Outside the salon was parked a Bentley car, very fancy dancy. It turns out a doctor (male) owned it, and he was in for his regular $150 anti aging facial!!!! Must be nice to be able to spend $150 on a facial, don't you think?

One of the big news stories in our area is about a healthy 13 year old dying of swine flu, see here I never get the regular flu shot, and don't honestly see me getting the H1N1 shot despite this happening. How about you?


Cathi said...

How fascinating to find out the history of your house!!
I'm definitely getting the flu shot. Having had one bad bout with flu in my life is enough. I've heard from a few friends who have had it and they've been quite ill.

stitchersanon said...

Well, you are over thirty so that is in your favour: but so am I and I am now on my third lot of antibiotics to try and get rid of a secondary infection that I got along with H1N1. The flu was bad but our Drs were on the ball, giving us antibiotics and anti-pheumonia pills (to keep the airways open) but still I got the secondary infection. Young people have little resistance to this but and it causes slightly different immune reactions than the normal flu so my advice is , if you have asthma or any chest problems, get the vaccine. If you are normally healthy then you will have to wait until the high risk patients have theirs first.

Karine said...

Very interesting information about your house, I love doing that kind of digging :o)

As for the vaccine, I don't intend to get it, I think it's far too risky as it's brand new and was only tested on a very small amount of people before they gave it the okay for mass use. I also hate adjuvents as they can have very serious long term side effects from what I've read. So nope, no swine flu vaccine for me, not even if they paid me.

Unknown said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my Blog - its so nice to 'meet' new poeple. Just loved your Blog - the house is fantastic, and i am so inpressed with your bloodred toenails! shame its not summer and you can show them off in sandles!
I noticed the Golden Rod and that a lot of comments that said it was considered a weed overthere in Canada, isn't it strange how people see things differently, over here in England its an old fashioned cottage garden favorite!
Keep up the nice blogging I will be back for more!

x Vicky x

stitchersanon said...

I had to giggle at your comment on my blog. ' Is it noisey' townie you hehe.
I hve bullocks next to and behind me, donkeys down the road, everyone had chickens and cockerals (including myself) and horses in adjacent fields. I do not consider any of this noise. It is natural and much nicer then the sound of cars and lorries and pubs emptying lol
Re the flu jab: it has been made under the same precedent as the yearly flu jabs which alter each year according to flu Haemagulutanine and neurominadase (H and N) predictions. Hope this helps lol

Carletta said...

How fascinating to live in a house with so much history.
I've never had a pedicure. Wouldn't want anyone to see my terrible feet. :)
I've never gotten the traditional flu shot but I have an appointment next month and probably will get that one because of my asthma but I won't get the swine one - I remember the problems with that first vaccine years ago.

Evelyn said...

i heard the story. i may get it but am not prepared yto face the three or 4 hour waits, i am not a high risk.

Clippy Mat said...

great finding out about the former owners.
i think i want the h1n1 shot. i just don't want to line up for HOURS to get it.