Monday, October 19, 2009

It's a miracle......

We have a built in dishwasher in this house, infact it's a Kenmore, just like the one I had at the other house. However I have been frightened to use it, as if it is like everything else in this house, there would be a problem with it. I was frightened I would flood the place, or blow a fuse etc.

Anyhow, yesterday was my dad's birthday, Happy Birthday Dad. So my dad and step-mum came over for supper. Of course my dad can't sit still for a minute, so he went upstairs into the attic with dh to do a few more little jobs, while me and step-mum went shopping!!

I made pasta sauce and pasta for supper with lemon meringue pie for afters, which is quite funny, as they are my step-mum's favourites, and dad isn't that keen on them!! Not sure what I was thinking when I planned all this out...LOL

When people come for dinner, other than the kids, I won't let any one tidy up after the meal. So when they went I decided to use the dishwasher, as dh was around and I figured if there was a problem he would be there to help out. Anyway, ran the dishwasher and there was no problem, other than it didn't clean the dishes properly as we don't have the same water pressure as we did in the city, and I never rinsed the dishes.

I was so happy that I didn't flood the place and something actually worked in this house..........IT'S A MIRACLE!!!

By the way this is for Liz, "The Backyard Homestead," by Carleen Madigan is worthwhile buying. I have already learned a couple of things from the book, and will be buying it myself, to have on hand all the time. The only negative thing I have to say about the book is it all about the States, however I just refer to the Gardening Zone, and I am gardening zone 5a.


Winifred said...

Funny how little things like this are so great!

MyBulletinBoard said...

Oh, I know how you feel about the dishwasher working. Had the same thing with a new battery in a cell phone. Felt like it was a miracle something did what it was supposed to do!!

Thanks for the heads-up on the book. I'll get it. Doing all we can to be more self-sufficient here. Call it insurance! LOL????

Liz in Texas

Sandi McBride said...

I'm so happy for you that the dishwasher actually works! If mine died I don't know what I would do! We had our younger son's birthday dinner yesterday and like you I don't let guests help with cleanup...I wonder why that is? Happy birthday to your Dad! I'd have loved a piece of that's my favorite!

Erin said...

glad to hear it worked and you had no major mishap.

i use mine for dishes...and hand wash all the pots and pans.

hubby does not like dishwashers, so if he is doing dishes, he does everything by hand.

have a wonderful day.