Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What to eat on a Fall day............

A big plate out of macaroni (in this case rotini) and cheese.

Thanksgiving Monday was a true Fall day. Cool and overcast. It was a day when we saw swirls of smoke coming out of people's chimneys. No doubt they were settling down to a lovely Thanksgiving dinner of Turkey. The leaves are changing on the trees, Fall is truly here now.

We had a quiet day. Dh battled with some heating pipes, and I mean battled, poor thing. He sort of won, but wasn't 100% happy with the outcome. He did manage to run the cables from the attic to the basement, which was good.

Me, well I tidied up, did laundry and basically didn't do much. My knee is playing up, and not feeling 100%. I did get the bird feeders filled up, and the blue jays are back feeding from them.


MyBulletinBoard said...

Mac 'n cheese. Always good!

Liz in Texas

Scrappy quilter said...

Fall is here too. -10C last night however they are saying the weekend is going to get to +10C. The cold is coming your way.

I love the pictures of the trees. We still have quite a bit of green on our trees. I'm waiting for the leaves to fall so I can cover my strawberry plants (which I do every year). Hugs

Lakeland Jo said...

don't do this to me Gill. Macaroni cheese is my all time favourite food. I haven't had cheese for over six months... and the sight of that plateful made me want to cry. Yum.

DeniseinVA said...

We have had some cooler days but today it was in the low 70s. That time of the year down here where it can be very chilly early morning and evening and still pretty warm during the day. Nothing like mac n cheese for a comfort food on a fall day. Your tree photo was just beautiful! Hope your knee feels better soon.

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Loved that photo of the trees in their autumn colour - how long will it be before they lose them all?
Your knee must be bothering you - its taking so long to heal - if your interested Comfrey is good for aches and pains - sprains and bruises in particular. If you have it growing you could make a poultice with the leaves or its available from health food shops as a cream
Great for arthritis as well - I use it on my fingers and thumbs when I been doing too much knitting
Take care