Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another $700 spent just like that........

Finally the guys came to fix the roof, and basically whoever put the new shingles on, did it wrong.......are we surprised about this, heck no, it just goes with the rest of the problems with this house. So while they were doing the one repair they took a look at the extension roof and found another problem there, so all in all it cost $700 to get it all fixed {{SIGH}}

I have to say they seem to be the most disorganized group I have ever seen. I ended up going out to get out of the way, as they were driving me crazy. My dad was here, so gave him the money to pay the guys. Dad did some more work in the attic, so its looking good that we may be able to start insulating this weekend.

I popped to the quilting store to pick up some material and have decided on the black and white theme quilt, with a red accent. It should be nice and I can't wait to start on it; however I have a couple of other things to do first, then I can make a start.

Anyone watching Coronation Street? Did you enjoy the Christmas and New Year episodes? Yep for those of you in Britain, we finally had Christmas 2008 and New Year 2009, we are 10 months behind. I am totally fed up of the Molly and Tyrone storyline. Enjoying the Liz and Lloyd storyline. Wish Steve and Becky would just get on with it. Glad to see Maria has gone on vacation, as that storyline is annoying as well.

I am enjoying Eastenders better at the moment. The Dawn, Rob and May storyline is proving interesting. Not sure how far behind we are in that show.


The Good Life in Virginia said...

geesh...that house is reminding me of the movie-the money pit which starred tom hanks and shelley long, circa 1986. hoping all the repairs soon end for you.

we used to get a lot of great bbc programs. any more they are geared to the younger audiences and things i so enjoyed, have disappeared. alas.

MyBulletinBoard said...

You have my sympathy. We got our house cheap enough, but there are days I wander around looking everything over and thinking, what next? So what is a savings account for? Ha! Hang in there. You'll get it all caught up someday and enjoy your home very much. Looks like you have lots of potential in it!

Liz in Texas

Scrappy quilter said...

I always say the best thing to do when you're having a problem with the workers is head to the quilting store!! I think it's the only place to go, don't you?

Sorry to hear another $700 is gone. Hopefully now the roof is finished.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Know the feeling! So you havent seen the episode yet where the crazed bomber blows up the Rovers with everybody in it. Whoops, sorry.

Paula said...

I was looking at the internet and we are more than 2 years behind in Eastenders. But you are right, the Rob, Dawn, May storyline is much more exciting than what's happening with Corrie. I do read so know what happens up to present in England and it seems like there is going to be a lot more of the same. Hope it gets better than what I've read though.

Take care


Mary Lou said...

I was lurking on your blog today and "Eastenders" jumped out at me.
I live near Houston and we receive their PBS station. Thought you might find it interesting that we are six or seven years behind the story. (A few weeks ago Mark left on his motorcycle after finding out he had Aids.)

Three years ago the cable company decided to take the Houston station away from us and leave us with the San Antonio station.
The Eastenders fans gathered their forces together...we still have our Houston station. Don't mess with Eastenders fans! ;-)

Enjoy reading your blog!!!