Monday, October 12, 2009

A window shaker and the nerve of some people......

What's a window shaker you ask............well if you were like me and had no clue, I'll tell you later!!

I was tidying up in the mud room on Sunday morning, when I looked out of the window, and saw a car parked across the end of the driveway and two other cars were parked on the front lawn right beside the driveway????

So I march down there and ask them what on earth they were doing, and for them to tell me that they were lost and were going. I shout at them to get their cars off my front lawn. I mean why would you park a car on a lawn for goodness sakes, when the driveway is right beside it? I was furious, I wonder what they would say if I pulled up at their house and parked on their lawn?

We have had people get out of their car and walk over the grass and start and take photos? Again I wonder what they would have to say if I went and did that at their house? People are forever pulling into the driveway and turning around. Just last week someone pulled into the driveway the guy got out of the car, and went and cut something off one of the trees?? Just because we live in the country doesn't mean its a free for all on our property. It just boggles my mind that people really don't care, or respect other people's property......

Right now that I have got that off my chest onto something else. Dh was running the wires in for the new lights and sockets in the attic on Sunday. He wanted to know where I wanted the sockets put in, and said, "oh by the way I am putting in a special socket for a window shaker."

At this point there was a blank expression on my face, as I had no idea what on earth he was talking about. It turns out a window air conditioning unit is called a "window shaker." Who knew that!!!! It needs to be on its own circuit as per dh.........I personally have no clue when it comes to electrics.

I swear I saw flakes of snow on Sunday when we went to Home Depot. Someone up there must have not got my memo, about me not wanting to see snow before December 24th!!! I brought all my geraniums and the canna lily bulbs in the house also on Sunday, as we had a hard frost on Saturday night/Sunday morning, so knew I had better get them in before they were killed. I also picked all the tomatoes off my tomato plant, however they are all green. We don't eat chutney or pickles, so will welcome any ideas with what to do with them.


Arija said...

Gill, next time you have to harvest tomatoes while they are still green, pull the whole bushes up and hang them up-side-down in side and they will ripen.

Don't know what you can do with them except for pickles, maybe give them away for Halloween, ha, ha...any handy polititians you could throw them at?

Lindsay said...

We have the same problems with our drive. When it was laid (tarmac) a couple of years ago it happened to be hot weather. Huge trucks turned in our drive and screwed up the tarmac. I got my own back though - the lorry was a tarmac lorry on its way to lay a car park at a school. I cursed and shouted so loud down the phone that next day the offending tarmac people came and sorted the drive. We have about six cars a day turn in our drive - it is so annoying - we also are in a rural area but in the middle of the village.

stitchersanon said...

Put them in a plastic back with a banana and put them in teh light. Bananas release methane which ripens the toms.

The Witch said...

Gill, I agree some people can be so disrespectful of your property. We have been lucky, now that we have moved out to the country.

We took in all our tomatoes a while back. We have had frost twice and some of the tomatoes were lost, too.

I put some of them on a table in the garage and some in the pantry cupboard. In a few days they will start to ripen.

Scrappy quilter said...

Gill can you put a sign up saying "private driveway". It might stop them from coming in.

You can store your green tomatoes in a box, covered in your basement. They will ripen nicely and you should have tomatoes for a couple of months. Just keep an eye on them because if one rots it will spoil many. HTH

Happy Thanksgiving friend.

Miss L said...

When will people understand you dont want them on your property? No respect!

that british woman s brother said...

dear mrs v meldrew
i agree with scrappy quilter put a sign up its not hard and may solve the 'i dont beleeeeeve it momments'
a good sarcastic sign usually works best.
entrance to live firing range enter at your own risk !!!!

Karine said...

Ah yes, disrespectful tourists...I know ALL about those, working in the trade and all. They traipse all over the flowers at the Oratory, leave their garbage lying around, cross over ropes blocking off areas that are not to be walked in and lie down to tan on our manicured lawns...despite de clear indications that the lawns are NOT to be walked on, let aloen tanned on... The trouble in your case is that a lot of people don't see truning around in another person's driveway, especially a very long driveway, as tresspassing. You could try rigging a chain across the foot of the driveway with a 'Private property, no tresspassing' sign on it and nail a few along your fence to. Actually, alternating between 'Private Property' and 'Beware of Dog' would almost definitely do the trick ;o)