Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting ready for Winter

First of all tried uploading some photos, I am getting "Internal error, try again." Tried again, same message, not sure if its me or Blogger?

Anyhow, on Saturday we had ds over, so ds and dh were busy, busy all day doing "stuff." Me I was doing my own "stuff!!"

They worked all morning in the attic getting small and tiresome jobs done. With ds here, dh got him to work under the half wall area, which is so hard on dh's knees. They did a few other things, not sure what but all in all got what dh wanted done, done.

One job they did in the afternoon, was in our bedroom we have a cable for the tv. Well the people before us had it strung outside around the outside of the house, to where it was connected and had drilled a hole in the window frame and brought it into the bedroom like that. So dh pulled it all out filled in the holes, and brought it through the attic and down through the wall and into the bedroom like that......the proper way. That was a two person job, which ds helped him out with.

They also got all the patio furniture put away for the winter. Got the pressure washer winterized; started the snow blower, to make sure that worked. They then went back up into the attic and did some more jobs which included putting in the new duct work for the heating vent in the attic, so we have a little heat up there. I do believe we are getting close to starting to put in the insulation. I hope so as its freezing cold up stairs in this house. Any heat upstairs is going straight through the attic roof.

What was I doing you ask while the boys were busy. I wish I could say eating bon bon's and drinking tea!!! However you know me better than that. I went grocery shopping in the morning. Dropped off a full bag of dog food for the humane society, as Molly can't have it as it has meat in it.

Did laundry and ironing, made meals, tidied up around the house, then spent a couple of hours in the garden cleaning out a couple more garden beds. I also planted my Fall Mum's that I had on the deck into a couple of the garden beds. Tidied up anything else on the deck that should be put away for Winter. I still have a pile to do this week outside, and the weather forecast is good for this coming week, so that will be my project for the week gardening.

I picked up some more Spring bulbs at Zehrs, which is part of the Loblaws chain, as they are all half price at the moment. I may have to go into town this afternoon; if I do I may pick up some more, as I got a 12 pack of crocuses for 94 cents, 5 pack of daffodils for $1.94. They had 40 pack of tulips for $4.94; which are a heck of a lot cheaper than what I paid for the other bulbs.

I shopped at Sobey's this week for a change, and I am glad I did, as they had some sort of brisket strips on clearance. As I am clueless about meat, I asked the guy would it do for stewing meat, he said it would be perfect for stewing meat, so I ended up getting just over 3lbs for $6.65, which is a super deal, as we pay $4.49 a pound for stewing meat here. I cut it up into cubes and put them into three bags into the freezer.

Oh by the way, I may have mentioned this before, but I totally suck when it comes to barbecuing. I made burgers last night, and they were the worst yet!!! I mean they were fatty so I ended up with a grease fire, so they were as black as the ace of spades by the time I finished. I really should just give up when it comes to barbecuing. It wouldn't be so bad, but ds did offer to do it, but I knew he was busy on the computer doing some work for work, so didn't want to disturb him. Dh doesn't cook period, so it was up to me. Now to be fair the boys ate them without complaining, so that was good of them!!


MyBulletinBoard said...

I think you deserve some rest today! Sounds like yesterday was too much!

Liz in Texas

Connie Walsh said...

You know I have read about you struggling with uploading pics to blogger for quite a while now and it never occurred to me that I can help you.

Here is what I recommend.

1. Make a free account at Flickr.
2. Upload the picture to Flickr (make them public)
3. Go back to your Flickr home page, click on the picture, it will show you a big copy, right click on the big picture, select copy image location.
4. Go to Blogger, click on the add image icon, in the window click in the URL window and type ctrl-v.
5. Voila.
6. I actually use google docs because it has a bigger amount of space, but it is a little more complicated, you can email me if you want me to step you through that. Anywhere you can save your picture on-line will work the same way.


Scrappy quilter said...

I agree with deserve some rest today.

I'm lousy at using the BBque too. Hubby does the cooking when it come to barbequing. Hugs..

Kim said...

Get an indoor grill such as a Foremean - you can't burn them then - charred meat is REALLY bad for you, eating it frequently, which I am sure you don't, is equivalent to smoking!