Friday, October 16, 2009

Look what came in the mail for me on Wednesday......

I participated in an apron swap on another site I go on. This is what I received. The front of the apron:
The back of the apron, although it it reversible, so either side could be the front.
A close up of the fabric, isn't it lovely?
Two matching mini pot holders.
I can't show you the photos of what I sent to my partner, as they haven't received it yet.
I had a day at home on Thursday and spent the afternoon in the garden clearing out a couple of the flower beds. It took me all afternoon and I had a trailer load of weeds. I also planted my bulbs I ordered from Brecks. I got 40 Blubeberry Cream Tulip Mixture, 15 English Bluebells and 20 Early Snowdrops
When dh left to go to work on Thursday morning at 4:40am , a skunk walked out of under the deck. I didn't see if for the rest of Thursday, but have to say Molly has been awfully interested in under the deck, just figured it was mice. Fingers crossed the skunk was only passing through and not wanting to stay!!
We cancelled the Bell Internet today, however we have to give 30 days notice, so we will have it until November 14th. We have an appointment for November 11th (earliest one they had) for the other provider. So can't wait to have Internet that can stay on all the time for one price, and cheaper than it is at the moment.


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Pretty apron Gill, it is lovely. Good luck with your bulb planting - you'll have plenty to look forward to in Spring. A

Kim said...

That's a great apron! We too have Bell Internet - we have also been having issues with them lately and it is not because we are in an isolated area either. DH spent over an hour on the phone with them (in India) trying to change the password on my email acct so that I can access it online from anywhere - they never resolved it but managed to completely screw up my emails so that now I can't even receive it to my laptop! I'd like to change providers but my email address is known by all those who contact me for jobs so I am hesitant to change it.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

you are so ambitious with the bulb plantings...i always buy bulbs and they never ever get planted.

hope skunk has moved on...don't want a stinky molly the dog.

apron is lovely.

Scrappy quilter said...

What a pretty apron. Planting your bulbs now is very wise considering winter is coming on. They predicted warm temps for next week, now they aren't quite has warm has they had predicted. Most of the snow is now gone though.

Keep a close watch on that definitely don't want it around your house.

Jo said...

that's a lovely apron - great fabric, I wonder where they got it from?
can't wait to see pics of what you made!
Josie x