Saturday, October 31, 2009

Six Months Already?

I can't believe we've been in this house six months. We closed on April 28th, and moved in on May 1st, 2009. It's been a fast six months, and a lot has happened. As me and dh live amongst all this mess all the time, we don't see much of a difference, so I decided to write down some of the things we have done throughout the house.


Installed new door

Installed new light fixture

New light switches and motion sensor

Window trim

Kitchen/Dining Room:

New fridge, stove and above stove microwave.

Installed new switch for microwave

Living Room:

New light fixture

Family Room:

New windows and patio door

Installed two light fixtures

New wood burning insert

Downstairs Bathroom:

Nothing, other than cleaning the place up and connecting the bathroom fan to the outside, as it was previously ducted into the attic?

New Extension Basement:

New Patio Door

Removed the old toilet down there - the plumbing down there is going to be a challenge!!

Old Basement:

Added some new plugs

Blocked up the outside of three of the basement windows.

Spare Bedroom:

Nothing, other than destroying the only closet we have :0(

Our Bedroom:

Added ceiling fan

Moved cable for tv and added plug for when we actually get a flat screen tv to hang on the wall……not a priority, but the wiring is all there

Main Floor Bathroom:

Install light and fan above shower, and having it ducted to the outside.

Rewire plug, so we don’t have to have the lights on to make the plug work.

Installed a new toilet

Put a base in the under sink cabinet, so we can store things there


Installed new stairs

Completely gutted the attic itself

Added skylight and replaced dormer window.

Rewired it, as there was only a light in there and no other electrics before hand

Shimmed all the joists so when we come to drywall, they will all be the same height etc.

Altered the heating duct work

Insulated it all


Tidied up the whole five acres, so the grass wasn’t all knee high, like when we moved in!!!

Removed old fence on the front of the property

Installed new outside light

Repaired the roof, a couple of times!!

Made stairs to get off the back deck

Built a wood store

Installed a new mail box and emergency sign as the old ones were falling to bits and donkey’s years old!!


Cleaned it all out and got rid of all the junk left in there.

Built shelves

Repaired door

I am sure there is much more that we have done, including giving the place a thorough clean, remember how those first few days of posting all I did was complain bitterly about the state of the place, if not read this and this When I was looking at old posts I stumbled upon this one
The house looked so clean then, it now looks as though a bomb has dropped upstairs, oh well one day it will be tidy again!!

Do we regret moving up here? I know dh has some regrets, only because every job we do around here, takes so long, as if the people who lived here before us, had anything at all to do with the area, there is a problem, as they will have butchered the job. So he is frustrated with how hard things are, as even the simple jobs take forever to do. Me, well I have had my days, when all I want to do is pack it all in and say lets sell the place. One of those days was here when the upstairs toilet leaked into the downstairs bathroom, I wasn't happy!! Or this one, I wasn't happy here either!

I think one issue has been that money has been pouring out of our hands like sand, it just seems to have been never ending these past six months, read here. Now its just trickling slowly through our hands, mind you that could be because there is no money left to spend!!!

I think in another six months, the first year of living here will feel like a bad dream. We are hoping to have got the attic finished by next summer, money permitting. Things will have slowed down a bit for poor dh. There is still an endless list of jobs to be done, but we're hoping to be able to put our feet up a bit more next year and just sit and admire our view.

So here's to another busy, but productive six months in the country!

Oh and for those that celebrate Halloween, a Happy Halloween to you all!


Clippy Mat said...

Six months already? You have come such a long way. Hopefully all of the work will slow down and you can begin to relax and enjoy it a bit more. :-)

MyBulletinBoard said...

The early stuff can be so discouraging. You spend money and more money and seem to have so little to show for it, but it's going to get better. My poor DH gets so frustrated. We have literally spent thousands, and you can hardly see it. But plumbing that no longer spills the hot water under the house is great!

Good luck! ~Liz in Texas

Sandi McBride said...

I don't know, sounds like a pretty big accomplishment to me...made me tired just reading about it...I know that secretly you are proud as punch of all you've done! I know I was when we came here and rebuilt from the walls out! Have fun and remember one thing...that six months will drag out to years, and you'll hate it and love it...but never at the same time.

grendelskin said...

Half-Homeaversary! Wow, your list is very impressive! The nice thing about a house that needs everything is that when you do one task it looks like a great accomplishment; the not-so-nice thing about a house that needs everything is that after you complete a task, there's a huge list of tasks yet to do! But it's your Home and everything you do makes it all the more so.

Tea Time With Melody said...

Well Gill, your post stopped my in my complaining state right quick! hahaha I thought I had been busy until I read this post, I've been on a vacation!..I glad to be back at blogging and I love your posts. Love the picture of the front of your house. Just remember, when it is all done, this labor of love, you will have many more years to sit back and relax by the fire.

Scrappy quilter said...

In 6 months you've accomplished a whole lot. When I made lists here and starting scratching off what we've done, it helped knowing that we were getting it done.

In the next 6 months you'll look back and think, WOW!! You guys are amazing!!


that british woman s brother said...

six months - come on our gill thats nowt as you know weve been at it comming up six years now and the list gets longer not shorter
i wish i had dad and your dh to help out here as mine would get done so much quicker
i think you have done well in six months - i mean look at my bathroom thats comming into the second month now - my weekends just arnt long enough and pockets deep enough to do as much as you in such a short time - chin up

Canadian Saver said...

That is an insane amount of work you guys have done, WOW!!

Sabrina said...

Amazing how much you've been able to accomplish in just six months. We're hoping to close on our house soon. Our to do list is a mile long. I'll have to look over here for some inspiration and motivation!