Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gale Force Winds, snow tires, and did you turn your clocks back?

We had gale force winds on Saturday, so what you ask.........well thanks to the wind we now have no leaves left on the trees, and more importantly, the wind blew what ever leaves there was on the grass away........YEAH........this may mean I do not have to get the lawn tractor out again and mow them!!

On Friday we went to put snow/winter tires on my car. Now we went to a famous Canadian store that starts with that name; Canadian **** Now I don't work retail, but I am well aware, especially with this store, what it says you have in inventory and what you actually have on the shelves is generally night and day. So we drop the car off and then went on our merry way, to do some shopping in the plaza. We were told to come back in and hour and a half, which is what we did, only to find my car on the hoist with no tires on it???

So I say, "okay what's the problem?"

For them to say,"well we can't find the new rims."

Me, "why not, you do have stock don't you?"

For them to say, "oh yes, the computer says we have four in stock."

For me to exclaim, "why didn't you check the stock and pull out the stock, before you took off my tires, as you must know how unreliable your inventory system is, don't you?"

Them, "oh we have them, as it says so in the computer."

Me, well I'm just rolling my eyes at that comment.

So to cut a long story short, yes they managed to find the rims and installed them with the tires, and what should have taken an hour tops, took two hours {{{SIGH}}} At least it's done now so that's the main thing.

We need to have snow/winter tires on up here apparently as we're guaranteed snow, so everyone says???

For those of us in North America and Canada, did you remember to turn back the clocks last night before you went to bed? I hope so :0)


Anonymous said...

I read your blog around the time you moved into your house - boy ahve you been busy- you put me to shame!! Anyway, I clearly lost your blog in the thousands of blogs out there I found it again - yeahh!!

Expat mum said...

Yes thank you, I had a lovely extra hour in bed! Not quite sure how I'll get Little Guy in bed tonight but hey. And speaking of winter...I'm in denial. We're not forecast snow yet but I'm getting out the parkas today. Ugh!

Karine said...

Yup, turned the clocks back before going to bed last night!

As for snow tires, I know you guys in southern Ontario don't usually get as much snow as we do in Quebec, but over here after an absolutely brutal winter two years ago (30-40cm snowstorms every two weeks as of early December, I kid you not...) they made a law that you had to have four winter tires on your car no later than December 15th. Too many accidents and trafic tie-ups were being caused by people who tried to go halfway with four season tires or worse, just kept their summer tires on all year!!! That just doesn't work up here, even in an average winter.

Scrappy quilter said...

At least they give Canadian paper dollars, lol!!!! I totally agree with this post. We've had the same issue when it came to purchasing from that famous store. Always in the computer...never can find!! We seldom purchase anything from them now.

As to winter tires we definitely need them. We had ours put on Wed. We plan on buying rims over the next few months (one at a time) so we have them for both sets of tires too. Have a wonderful Sun.

Kadeeae said...

Gale force winds, snow tires, setting the clocks back. . . time to hibernate! lol

Jenn Jilks said...

Wind, snow, sleet or hail... we are ready. SNow tires go on on Monday. Leaves are down. Garden sleeping.

Most of the clocks are done!

Weren't the winds fierce?!

Winifred said...

It's funny the faith these companies put in their databases. I remember contacting a shop and asking if they had an expensive video camera in stock, it was for work not me. Yes they said so I went to buy it. When I got there they couldn't find it. So looks like a camera costing about £1500 had gone walkabout. They lost a sale too.

Glad we don't have to change our tyres. We just moan when we get some snow and ice! Luckily nothing like as much as you do.

Glad your leaves disappeared and saved you a nasty job.

Kim said...

And that is why you should never take your car to Canadian Tire :)

Evelyn said...

I find that store doesn't have a clue sometimes. I need to get new mud/snow tires on soon, trying to save for them now.