Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How did you get your Blog Name and grandparents?

I read a post over at Strawberry Jam Anne's about how she got her Blogger name and thought it was a lovely story and well worth the read, so pop over and read it if you get a moment.

Mine is pretty simple, I'm British born, a woman, and thought the word "THAT" in front of it was sort of catchy??? I'm not very creative with that sort of thing.

What about your Blog name is there a story behind it?

On a sort of similar thread, both my parents have been married twice, so when the kids were small, we had numerous "Nana's, both Nana's and Great Grandmothers," we were a bit short on Granddad's in fact there were only ever two, so one was called Pop and the other one was called Granddad, and both are still thankfully alive. So how did we figure out how to tell the Nana's apart.......luckily all but one of them had dogs, so we tagged on the dogs name, for example Nana with Terry, Nana with Barney. One Nana, my mam's mam didn't have a dog, but she did have a flock of geese living in the field behind her, so we called her Nana with the geese.......

Over the years we have unfortunately lost many of the Nana's and are now down to just two, and neither have dogs. So if I am talking to the kids about a Nana, its either Nana in England or Nana in Georgetown, or Nana with Granddad or Nana with Pop.

When I was a child, my two Nana's were called, Top Nana and Botty Nana, as one lived at the top of a hill and one at the bottom...........I don't remember having different names for my Pop's, I must ask my mam and dad when I talk to them next. I have no recollection of any great grandparents, though I am assuming some were probably alive when I was small, I just don't remember.


Lindsay said...

I thought for 2 minutes about blog name and was surprised nobody else had used that name! Obviously just due to our whereabouts - we had just moved house and we were delighted with the view from our back garden - as per the photo!

One of my grannies was called "Puff Puff" - she came by train whenever she visited us. The other granny was called "Steyning Granny" because that was were she lived. I don't remember either grandfather as they both died from heart attacks when I was very young.

Caroline said...

When we were little one grandpa was called "The Black Grandpa"(He had jet black hair) my other grandpa we always called "The Blue Grandpa as he always wore a blue suit.
So there you have it mind you, you would probably be doomed if you went around calling someone the BLACK grandpa these days.
How things change.

Anonymous said...

I agonised over a blogging name and it was only when I had to shut down my old one and mentioned to my husband that I wanted 'our own private blog' that he said that should be the name for blog number 2 - so it is! I think your name is great - as a foreigner I know that I am often known as 'quella Inglese' and Robert is known as 'il Canadese' - so I bet you are referred to often as 'that British woman' :))

LHA said...

Funnily enough, I was just talking about this the other day (the grandparent naming, not the blog naming). I had two nannas and two grandads. Never occurred to me to call them two different things! I love that you had Top and Botton nannas! Sweet!

My blog name was a combination of what sounded neat and what was available on blogspot!

Sandi McBride said...

How funny, I posted about my Gran today too...she was called Mammy by all the grandchildren. As for how I chose my blog name of Holding Patterns? Because I refuse to let myself slip into Old Lady thinking, I find myself in a well, Holding Pattern...I refuse to let my left foot be removed from childhood...after all, we're only as old as we act. I refuse to act my age!

Stephanie D said...

"Scraps" was easy enough--being a quilter, and it was meant to be bits and pieces of our life as well as quilting. "Walks by Night" was a little more difficult, as variations of that were already in use. But it's a little creepy, which it should be for a Halloween blog, and as a night nurse, I DO walk by night.

Growing up I had Maw-Maw Porter and Granny Gilbert--two great grands on Mother's side. Her mother was Big Mama, because, well, she was. Her dad was dead, but he was known as Grandaddy Raymond.

On Daddy's side, we had Granny, and JB--because he was a step-grandfather. His dad was dead.

My dad wanted to be known as "Grandfather"--the whole, dignified title, but my daughter, the first grandchild, could only say "Ga-ga" for that, which turned out to be just fine. He died shortly thereafter. My mother goes by "Mimi", what my sister used to say instead of mommy when she was little.

We don't have any grandchildren, just grandcats and a granddog, but we call ourselves Grandma and Grandpa to them.

Long, but there you have it.

Rashed said...

I have two blogs, one in English and the other in Belarusian. The English-language one is called "Notes on Religion". In it, I discuss religion-related issues that arise in the news. So when I was starting this blog up, I looked for names like "Religion News", "Religion in the News", and so on an so forth, but pretty much everything was taken. Then I tried "Notes on Religion", and it was still available, so there we go!

My Belarusian-language blog is called "Prochaine station", which, as you might know, is French for "Next station". Since the blog is intended to tell Belarusians about life in Montreal and North America, I thought of naming it after something very typical of Montreal. And what can be more typical then the "prochaine station" announcements in the Metro?

As for my grandparents, when I was born I had five (a full complement of four, plus my grandfather's second wife).

I called my Belarusian grandparents "Dzed" and "Baba" (Belarusian for "Grandfather" and "Grandmother").

As for my Bangladeshi grandparents, I called my grandfather "Dada Bhai" (which literally means "Brother Grandfather", but is more a way of saying "Grandpa"). I called his first wife (my own grandmother) "Dadi" ("Grandmother"). His second wife, the only one of my grandparents who is alive today, I call "Didi" (which literally means "Big Sister", but is also a way of saying "Grandma").

Tracey said...

Didnt take me long at all to be honest.. My name is Tracey and i ramble as in talk a lot about nothing in particular haha

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Hi Gill - I guessed as to how you came by your blog name but it made me come to take a look! Thanks for the link back to mine by the way.

The only grandmother I knew was known as "Mop", partly because of her unruly hair and partly because granddad was called "Pop". My other granddad was "Dickie Pop", Richard being his first name. A x

Miss L said...

Thanks for the insight into your life. As for me I had 2 'nanas' and I just put each of their names after the word nana-pretty simple really :)

Unknown said...

Gr8 post!
My blog is simple,I am an insomniac and live in Muscat..so Muscat Insomniac...
Nana's taggin was interesting. We used tag nana on their weight n height: Fat-n-short nana, thin nana...seems a bit gross but it is fun!!

CannedAm said...

My kids call my mom "Grammy", called my Dad "Pappap" and call DH's parents "Oma and Opa" and my oldest two call my ex's mother "Grandma Mae"

My blog name was without thought...my internet nick and then I split it into two (turned out to be a stupid move) and added the "athome" for the domestic side of things.

Jo said...

Hi, found you through Anglesey Allsorts blog
my blog name is also our family website address
Josie x