Monday, November 23, 2009

Who knew that I am part of "The Social Media Revolution,"

I know I didn't, actually I had no idea what the Social Media Revolution was until dd was muttering on about it the other day. She went to a conference for work and was telling me all about it. It's actually very interesting and instead of me trying to explain it, please watch this You Tube video:

Let me know what you think? If all those facts are true, its quite an eye opener.

Could someone please tell me how you get the picture of the You Tube screen on your blog, so all you have to do is click on that, instead of the link for people to watch it. Thank you for the info!! I have also forgotten how to do the line through words to cross them out? Please and thank you!!

The music for the Social Media Revolution video is actually a Fatboy Slim track, here is the video for that: I am actually a fan of Fatboy Slim's work.......I know strange eh!!! Mind you I think this video is the best of all, just looking at the audience's face's is classic, never mind how bad the dancing is!!

In Cumbria where we are originally from there has been an awful lot of flooding, and unfortunately a policeman lost his life due to it last week. My brother Nick has posted some photos of it here which you may or may not find interesting. Also you can see some more photos here. Then on the other side of the world in Australia, they have those awful bush fires, more of that here. So many people need our prayers at this time.


Tracey said...

Is your mam still in Cumbria? The floods and destruction are awful. xxx

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Before I head off to look at the video I can help you -
If you go to youtube - on the right of the video is an embed option...

copy the code
then return to blogger and switch to Html view - you need to embed the copied code by pasting it into where you want it to sit... it can then be played where you have it :)

to do cross out font, look in the font section - select the text and alter it to the crossed out font...

Very sad about Cumbria :( thanks for those links

Linda said...

You copy the embed instead of the url. You can choose a size, I choose the smallest.

I hope to watch the video when my speed comes back up.

Clippy Mat said...

it's amazing! and so true. the world has changed so quickly in the last few years and it blows my mind to read that facebook would be the 4th largest country in the world!! (i wonder who would be president?)
will watch this again when i get home from work.
thanks for the info.

Clippy Mat said...

p.s. terrible about the floods at home. I can't imagine what that must be like. I will also check out the pics later.

Tracy said...

It's amazing how we are changing.. for the good or the bad who can tell.. does it isolate us or bring us closer... I'm not sure.

Colleen at Forty Something Bride said...

I was trying to explain this to my fiancée last night. I have jumped on to twitter, initially I was following Mommy bloggers and entering contests - but I found it is much more valuable for foodies especially. I am at almost 200 followers and use it primarily for dialogue about social media marketing and foodie talk now.


Niki said...

I have often wondered how people did the strike through on a word, on their posts. Your commenter said there is a cross out font, but I can't find you know where it is? Or anyone have any further info? Is the font in the dashboard? Where we write our posts? so

But very sad so see the terrible flooding in Cumbria. They will need a long period of recovery from that. I hope the rain has now stopped? I wonder if the water has started to recede yet.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Niki, I can't find it either, hopefully someone will explain it more thoroughly, like step by step for dummies....LOL


Kadeeae said...

Hi Gill-

Have to say that I think, if anything, that the figures are probably underestimates as they grow daily.

I blog, am a Twitter (almost) addict, have 2 iPods - one being a Touch and use social media apps on that ALL the time, my phone is loaded with social apps and I can take a photo with it and have it upladed to Flickr in a matter of seconds, am a member of several Ning groups with varied interests, have started my own Ning group and also belong to quite few online communities ie; Flickr etc that all connect with each other in one form or another.

My BH is almost as "involved" in online life as I am with his own websites, Twitter account etc...I love how the whole world is more or less available to us now but I think it is VERY important to remember that what you say and do online never goes away really. You may delete something, but once it is on someone else's servers it is there to stay until THEY decided to do whatever with it. Don't think because you've deleted whatever that it's gone. It's not.

A favourite saying of mine is (and you can replace Wembley with any large stadium) Do not say/type/input anything online that you would not shout over a loud speaker to a silent, fully packed Wembley Stadium. Very true ;-)

I think the biggest problem with all of this wonderful techie goodness that's available to us is that people need to "shut down" and get on with real life too. Too many spend more hours in the 'online world' than they do in the real one - a recipe for disaster in my opinion!

Winifred said...

Interesting. Not sure all the facts are true. I take Wiki with a pinch of salt. Have found lots of mistakes on it.

Can't believe so many people read books on Kindle. It drives me mad reading pages on a laptop never mind a piddling little reader.

Have to say I hate Facebook tried it for a while but talk about short concentration span and that spelling is horrendous. If youngsters spell like that on a regular basis they'll spell like that permanently.

I'll stick to my email and blogging!

MyBulletinBoard said...

Fascinating video. And my little preacher thinks I'm old/mature! Ha!!!!

Clippy Mat said...

gill i responded to your question about strikethough font on my comments but just in case i will enlarge on it here. look in your compose mode font icons. you will see a capital letter A with a line thru it? hopefully.
if not you may need to update your blogging tools. go to 'settings' and at the bottom of that page you will see 'global settings'. go to ' select post editor' and click on 'updated editor' check out the latest features. you should be able to sort it out from there.
fingers crossed.
let me know how it goes.

DeniseinVA said...

The weather is surely causing havoc right now. I feel so sorry for those who are having to deal with it. I am on Facebook but am not really a fan. I just go there to see photos family and friends have put on there. I don't do Twitter.

Sue said...

Thanks for your comments on my Blog.

Yes, it's the weather continues to be terrible in the part of Cumbria awhere my son lives with his family, my daughter in law now has a round trip of 120 miles to get the children to school, makes for a very early start.

We too lived in Cumbria until we embarked on this lifestyle change at the start of this year, whereabouts were you from?

Sue xx

Linda said...

I go to this site as I trust the lady who writes it.

Linda said...

It works well even for me. I just composed a post wrote a sentence about wanting to cross something out, put the < del> < /del> around the words cross me out for example and put it back on compose I think and it is crossed out. Without the spaces.

Toria said...

I use the html code 'strike'. I will type the code below, but will use [] brackets instead of <>, so that you can see the code:
[strike]insert text here[/strike].

I think 's' instead of 'strike' might also work.