Friday, November 13, 2009

I know I'm confused and I live locally.......

So I pity help anyone who is just visiting the area. What am I on about; take a look at this sign:

The Highway 89 is correct, but the Highway 10 isn't. You have to drive east on Highway 89 a few kilometres and you eventually come to Highway 10, which does infact go North and South. Doesn't this sign confuse you? They should have just put a sign up saying Highway 10 xx kilometres east on Highway 89. The No Frills grocery store is behind it, I generally do my grocery shopping there.

It's nearly as bad as our mailing and physical address, that confuses the heck out of everyone.

Why is there a photo of a silo; well on the top of the silo is a "thingy" where we pick up the signal for our Internet, thought that was a sort of interesting fact.

(if you click on the photo you will see more detail)

The silo is on the beef farm operation behind us. There was a big truck reversing in to pick up some of the cattle. We live on the other side of the trees in the background. I didn't hang around to watch; stuff to do and all that!!

(if you click on the photo you will see more detail)

I think I misled you regarding Molly Moo, and the insulation in the attic. She has only got up there a couple of times and got on the insulation, her itching and scratching is an ongoing thing.

Anyhow I called into the vet's AGAIN, and she gave me an extra strong Antihistamine to try for two weeks, called Novo Hydroxyzine 50 mg, they look like red jelly beans and she is to take one pill twice a day. They weren't too bad, at around $25. If they work, then she can be on them for ever more, I think. If they don't work, then we're back on the crazy pink pills, which have steroid's in them until the Spring, or when we have finished drywalling the attic.

Kim was asking me what camera I use for taking photos, its a Canon Power Shot S51S I have had it for over a year now and I am happy with it.


Unknown said...

Totally confusing sign. It may just send you in a totally different direction.

Tracey said...

You live in the most amazing place! (except for the confusing signs!) Love the pictures, the thingy was very interesting!
Tracey XXX

Unknown said...

Nice to see the photo's, it seems quite 'flat where you are - not many hills. Do they grow a lot of field crops and general farming around your area - I'm trying to remember my o'level geography here!lol!!

Vicky x

Evelyn said...

Gill i love your pics!

Tania said...

Hi Gill, just dropping by to say hello.

Sorry I have been a bit lazy in leaving comments lately. I will make more effort in future.

We have a dog called Millie and her pet name is Millie-Moo also.

Hope life is treating you well,


landcuckoo said...

That sign would confuse me no end! Karon at Dream Acres has blogged about signs today too! Have a look if you are in the area, the last one is a classic!
Anyway, I have been guilty of lurking without comment, sorry. I try to catch up with folk as often as poss but I can get so involved in replying it takes up my working day and I am having to be very very strict with myself at present because I am good at procrastinating and not getting on with the job in hand!
Doggy hugs from our George to Molly. George is also on Atopica tablets at great expense, fortunately the insurance covers the cost, but at last we are down to every other day tablets and the symptoms are getting better all the time. His allergy trigger is unknown so can't even help with prevention. Regular baths also help and he does smell so lovely afterwards!
Really must go now, lovely to be able to catch up a bit with you and yours.
Take care
Sarah xx

MyBulletinBoard said...

Hey! Do you have speed limit signs to match? Wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Liz in the Republic of Texas

Big Mum Plum said...

See thats why I dont like to drive, confussing signs like that make me have a panic attack :@

Sandi McBride said...

Yes, the road signs would confuse me, but then I am easily confused so that is nothing new! I was afraid you were about to tell us that the truck had run down the silo and the antennae/dish for your I said, easily confused. Hugs to Miss Molly!

Unknown said...

Wow absolutely beautitul weather you live in, wish is was like that down here :)

betty-NZ said...

I love signs like that! Makes you glad you know where you're going before you read them.

Decadent Housewife said...

Gill, you have an award over at Daily Decadent.

That sign is just the best.

Jenn Jilks said...

I love this shot! I know that place. I have a collection of signs in a video (actually, 2!), it amused me one day!

Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

DeniseinVA said...

Yes, I would be totally confused with that sign. Nice shots. Do hope Molly (and you) will get some relief soon. I suppose they're trying to sort out which medication will work.
Enjoyed the photos. Pretty area.

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

What a silly sign! Haha

I just got a new Canon at the end of October when my Fuji broke. I love it so much!

Winifred said...

That sign is really funny. It looks small so I would have driven past it anyway.

I think it would have had some sarcastic graffiti added to it here.

Makes you wonder what kind of idiots they employ to design them. Think you need to bombard your local transport department with complaints.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Just want to say, considering the large amounts of money possibly changing hands that steroids used properly will be alright... lets weigh it up - is it better than Molly needing to be put down :( They are a natural body hormone - vets just need to make sure that animals using them long term get them given at the normal time of day that they create them (morning dogs, night for cats)...
You will be asked to wean them down to getting the lowest dose that works, given every 2-3 days, in the morning for a dog. At the ideal level, there should be good itching control with minimal side effects (such as drinking/ overeating/ weight gain).
These corticosteroids are the natural hormone responsible for stress control - we and pets all make more when we are stressed, and we make them in response to high anxiety or accidents. If they not used properly, such as for a long term every day, or as repeated long acting injections, then they will suppress the ability of the body to make them at all. Alternate day treatment makes this better as they still have to make it on the inbetween day...however, any animal that has had them long term, must be weeaned off gradually, preferably over at least 3 weeks, with ever decreasing dosages each week. This avoids the problem of an animal being left "short" of it, while the body fully adjusts - there is always a greater risk of problems if they have an accident when they have been taken off these drugs overnight!

Human use for cancer and autoimmune conditions can create other side effects.. vets do not need to use such high dosages in animals and see far less problems.
If a pet has a major allergy to grass or fleas and life is miserable, then treatment has to be discussed to suit the place they live and owners budgets...
Many allergies are seasonal - weaning an animal off the drugs for perhaps the winter is often a good idea....
Your vet will be following good practice and advising you of all the alternatives... but there comes a time when people have to measure their love for their pets in dollars, or ensure they are getting the best treatment they can afford.
Allergies are for life.

My retriever has an auto immune condition - she was on massive doses of steroids for months - but now is on immune suppressant drugs. If I take her off them, she will need regular, expensive blood tests and could die suddenly - if I keep her on them, she may develop cancer or die off an overwhelming infection....
three years later she is fine... we take our chances with the tablets!

good luck :)

Lorac said...

Good to hear Molly has new med's! That sign is misleading. The first time I saw it I thought it was weird, knowing the area.

Canadian Saver said...

Hope the pills help Molly... what a cutie she is!

My sister has the exact same camera that you do... (the one I borrow all the time)

I do my shopping at No Frills now too, we just got one in my neck of the woods!

Big Mama Cass said...

That sign is craziness! I am clueless! I would be lost in a heartbeat. LOL