Monday, November 9, 2009

A big, big thank you........

for all your comments to yesterdays post. As a thank you I am going to do a link back to everyone who posted yesterday, and that way, maybe we could all find time to pop by everyone's blogs a say a quick hello.

I will post in the order of when they commented.

Lou's Mum - be warned if you love chocolate, there is a great recipe for egg less chocolate muffins!

Connie Walsh - is a fellow Canadian with not one, but four blogs!!

Caroline's Blog The Simple Things has a great post on a Mincer she picked up at a Thrift Store.

Toria - is having a problem with snails, I wasn't much help, maybe you have some ideas?

Christina Sweden - she has some lovely photos on her blog, reminds me of Canada.

Chris J - pop by her blog and see the lovely painting that she has just done, she is very talented.

Lindsay - another super British lady, always has something interesting to say, despite her saying she's boring!!!

Kirsty, thank you for your comment, you don't have a blog for me to pop by and say hello, so I am saying hello and thank you here!! Gill

Sugar_Mama, another lady who doesn't have a blog, but none the less, I so appreciate you popping by and saying hello, thanks again. Gill

Clippy Mat - a fellow British expat, living not too, to far from me in Southern Ontario, although we haven't met.....YET!!! However the poor thing is from the North East of Britain, whereas I am from the North West, better side of the country......LOL I am only joking Pat, honestly!! Gill

Moonblossom - she has a great blog about how she is reducing her debt, she is an inspiration to all of us.

Carol Harrison - thanks for posting your comment, I really appreciate that (she has no blog). I went to school with a Carol Harrison, are you from Cumbria?

Donna B's blog is called Zookeeping 101 - it's nothing to do with animals, that's all I am going to tell you, it will be so worth your while though popping over to see what she's up to, she a very organized lady!!!

Carolyn - when you pop over to her blog and see the photo of her dd, you are going to say, I have a photo like that somewhere!!!

Amber - you want to see what she made, she is very, very creative.

Evelyn - well she doesn't have a blog, and I know she said she is too busy, but I think she should have one as she has a very interesting job. We "met" on another site we both used to go on, and although we have never "met" in person, I feel as though we would be best friends if we lived closer to one another.........

Cherri-berri's blog features the most adorable photo of a pair of chubby legs, go by and check it out.........

Morgan's Mummy - check out her first sewing project, she's very talented.

Anonymous Mel - thanks for that sweet comment, I appreciate that. If you have a blog where we can visit you let us know.

Elcmae - she has a neat blog of photos and she has a new cell phone, and told her if she figures out how to use it, let me know then maybe she could teach me how to use mine!!!

The Witch - no she's not a witch. She does have a good post on bbq's which I think we can all relate too......

Jenn Jilks - she lives "up the road" from us in a beautiful part of the country, that's locally called Cottage Country. She has a number of blogs, hope you have time to check them all out.

Anonymous said: "You don't reciprocate with comments. I tried leaving comments here, but it was a one way street." My apologies, I have a habit of responding to people's comments on their own blogs. As you don't have a blog, I wouldn't be able to leave you comment. That's no excuse though, I should have commented to you back on my blog, sorry!

LizBeth - she's a fun lady with a lot of good frugal ideas......a joy to read.

Star - she has an interesting blog, and check out her latest book review

Karine - a fellow Canadian who posts on a variety of things.

Scrappy Quilter - I have "known" Carol for a number of years. She is a very talented quilted, who donates quilts she makes to the reservations up north. I feel very blessed to call her a friend.

Cathi - she is one very talented quilter, with two lovely little feline friends she photographs a lot.

Anonymous Lurker in Ontario - thanks for your lovely comment, hope you start a blog soon, so we can all check it out. Gill

GrammyGoo - check out her recipe for beef stew, it looks so good.

Lulu's Missives - thanks for commenting, although I can't access your blog though, as you have to be invited.

Angelsey Allsorts - she has a great variety of posts on her blog, well worth checking out.

Becci - doesn't have a blog, I "know" her from another site, and I made her an apron for an apron swap..........which she hasn't received yet...........I am so sorry, they must have sent it by ship!!

Niki at Rural Writings - her blog is an inspiration, I would love to be able to do half of the things she does. She has an excellent chicken recipe posted at the moment.

Harooney - is another very talented and creative person. She has another giveaway on her site.

Tas - Another talented and creative person. However, she has posted a drool worthy photo on her last post, I mean really drool I wished closer!!

Evelyn Howard - check out the stunning photos on her blog.

Peta - another talented and creative lady, check out what she has just knitted, its gorgeous.

chksnowqueen - thanks for your comment, I can't access your blog though, but I appreciate you popping by.

Anonymous - thanks for those lovely comments, wish you had left your name though.

Misty - check out the most gorgeous baby bloomers she has just made, another creative lady....

The Handmaden - I know her from another site, and again a super creative lady

Soft In The Head Blog - complicated life........that's all I can say, oh and Wonder Woman!!

Kim - is a fellow Ontarian, with the cutest little doggie ever Peanut, I know you have another one Kodi, but I have a soft spot for Peanut.

Tanya - has the cutest three little piggies, I like the spotty one the best, see who your favourite is......she is also a fantastic quilter......

Decadent Houswife - A fellow Canadian who lives "just down the road" from me, check out her recipe for No Knead Whole Wheat Egg Buns, just yummy!!

Denise - is a super British lady, transplanted to the States, and is an amazing photographer, check out some of her photos.

Clodagh a.k.a Isra is living in Oman and is one very creative lady, you should check out the childrens kitchen she made, its really nice........


MyBulletinBoard said...

Heaven to Betsy! You put a lot of work into this. You may have started a new movement in blogging! History will tell.

Liz in Texas

Caroline said...

Thanks Gill you are so kind to do a link back to us all. Such a nice person deserves lots of comments. I hope you keep getting more. It was a great post it has made me more concious to not just read posts but to make a comment even if it's just a quick HI!!

Toria said...

Thank you Gill. And I will work my way through all of the links this week & say hello to everyone. I recognise a few of the names as blogs I already read but undoubtedly don't leave comments on enough.

Gill - That British Woman said...

So many of us write super blogs but hardly anyone comments on them. Hopefully we will get to meet more people via this post.


Oh and thanks again for commenting!

carol Harrison said...

I'm from Florida now by way of Western Pa. I love all things of and about the British Isles. I have a good friend from England.

I plan to visit all of the blog listed. Happy reading to all.

lulu's missives said...

Hi Gill,
I would love to invite you to read my blog, but I need an email or for you to email me.
When you try to access my blog, that's when you should be able to email me.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Karine said...

Thanks so much for linking back to my blog, your idea is great! I will try and get around to everyone's blog, but as I work full time, sing in a choir and take tai-chi classes, it will be a rather long process...But I will try my very best!

Unknown said...

Thanks Gill and I did leave a comment regarding how to get rid of snails since I like in snail heaven we have tons of them here..

Ella said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Gill.
And so very nice of you to put a link back to each person.

I think I am going to try what Toria said and try to visit each one this week !

Blessings, GG

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

I tried leaving you a message the other day, but I was afraid it didn't take. I see that my 'fear' was warranted. Heehee!

Anyway, I still think you have a great blog!

Niki said...

Linking back to all of us must have taken quite a while! Thank you so much for the thought and the effort :-)

Have a great week!

Niki said...

Oh and I did visit almost all of the list and found some really super blogs!

DeniseinVA said...

Wow, lots of lovely links to lots of lovely blogs. Thanks Gill!

Unknown said...

Hi Gill, thanks for all the efort you put in, it seems to have shaken us all up a bit!
Godd News !! Congratulations, you've won the Christmas Wrapping Paper Giveaway! Please email me your address details and I can pop it into the post for you. I couldn't find an email address on your blog - so I do hope you get this!

Vicky x

Scrappy quilter said...

Thanks for linking all these blogs. I'll definitely be checking them out over the next several days.

Wouldn't it be wonderful too if those lovely ladies who don't have blogs start one!! Hugs dear friend.

Miss L said...

Absolute genius. To be honest though your post was so great its no wonder you got all those comments.

Kadeeae said...

Ooo! Ooo! Am I too late? LOL I don't go online every day (trying to keep the "online time" in check) and was not around yesterday :-(

I do know what you mean though, I get very few comments, but for the last 4 months the page views for the main blog page have gone up and up! For October my stats show over 720 unique page views (different IP addresses) but I probably didn't have 30 comments for the entire month.

I've bookmarked the post and will try to get to as many as possible this coming weekend.

Vic said...

I have been "offline" (aarghhh!) & only just saw your effort to get comments on CM & think it was a stroke of genius!!

I admire your dedication to getting back to everyone too - that is so cool of you!

Tanya said...

Well, I have just visited a few of those blogs but will have to pace myself! Thanks for doing this,

Unknown said...

Hi Gill,
Thanks so much for visiting me...and your lovely comment. It is so nice to get comments...I wish I got more too!



Kelly Casanova said...

Now you've done it! So many more blogs to read, thanks Gill, that's a lot of trouble you went to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gill, I am one of those who lurk, read, enjoy and very rarely comment. After reading your blog I thought I should change my behaviour. BUT on one blog my southern hemisphere English and different way of wording things received a sharp email from the blog author syaing she thought my comments offensive. So I'm feeling a litle wounded:-) But I do want to say that I read your blog everyday and love the progress reports on your house, your trials with insects, rodents and with Molly's condition. I really do enjoy this taste of your life and am thankful you share it in this way. Have a happy week - I hope it has a better start than mine has had.

mistyeiz said...

thanks for the link back dear! ;)

Clippy Mat said...

Thanks Gill for the link maybe we will bump into each other one of these days. That would be something neat to blog about:-)

~mel said...

This is my first time visit to your blog and all I can say is WOW! You are just loaded with oodles of great post! I enjoyed my visit.

Alice said...

WoW - you must have spent ages putting this together! I love the 'comment love' going on in this place. I feel the same as you. I see the stats and think - why do I not get that many comments when I know people are reading. Sometimes you just need a hi or an enjoyed your post or or or ... SOMETHING! I think you are brave for getting everyone to speak up :-)

oh, and thank you for stopping by my place and leaving a comment ... I love new readers who aren't too shy to say hello ;-) x

Jenn Jilks said...

Well done!
You must be tired!