Friday, November 6, 2009

Those bloody mice are back!!!!!

First my apologies for the strong language, but I think its needed at the moment. I mean just when I think they have gone for good, up pops another one. So out came the marigolds (rubber gloves) on Thursday to dispose of another googly eyed rodent; and we all know there are bound to be more of the little devils!!

I have no idea where they are getting in, as I thought we had blocked up all the holes in the basement windows. Now I was mentioning this to my dad and he said, "well you should take a black light down the basement and then you will be able to see the mouse pee, as it will glow yellow in the dark, and that way you'll know where they are coming in at."

Huh, I am thinking, how on earth does he know this?

Then my dad say's, "I saw it on National Geographic, or one of those types of shows."

I must say that makes me feel a bit better, as I thought he was having me on.

However later on I am thinking about this conversation and had a couple of thoughts. Like what sort of person wakes up in the morning and thinks to himself, today I am going to figure out a way of finding mouse pee in the dark? Also what would the benefit of finding mouse pee in the dark be? If anyone would care to enlighten me, please feel free!!!

I had to pop into town on Thursday as my knee is playing up. I am finding it feels worse when its cold and wet. I just take a liquid ibuprofen, and confirmed with the pharmacist that was as good as anything to take for the pain. I have a funny feeling this knee will end up being a bigger problem the older I get?


Arija said...

The mice are not dumb, they come inside when the weather gets too cold for comfortable camping.
With that knee of yours, have you considered a pure wool knee sock? Joints that have been over worked or strained need to be kept especially warm when the weather or humidity changes.

I like your skies below.
Enjoy your weekend.

Big Mum Plum said...

I know what you mean with the mice! We caught 8 in one day in our kitchen. Then another 2 or 3 in the days to come. Just when we thought they were no more, there is more running around now *sigh*
Good luck with your mouse problem!

Decadent Housewife said...

Line any obvious points of entry with febreeze dryer sheets - mice hate them. This is what a trailer salesman told us in order to keep mice out of our pop up camper.

QuiltedSimple said...

We get mice every. single. fall and winter. WHen it gets cold, they WILL get in (they can squeeze through a hole smaller than the size of a quarter). I think it's just one of the joys of country living. I have learned though to keep EVERYTHING in containers - even tea bags. Glue traps work exceptionally well to catch the buggers.

Sandi McBride said...

God bless your Dad for having a varied interest in educational tv
and showing you how to track down the problem by looking for mouse pee
God bless your chemist for having the guts to tell you what meds to take for a nominal fee and oh by the way, God bless your poor wonky knee!

Sorry, been missing David's "Verse or Worse" and couldn't resist the opportunity

Tracey said...

When i first moved into my new flat i discivered i had mice.. i bought one of these plug in wotsits and i've had no more visits in 2 years!! I realise your overseas but i think they deliver to Canada too.. worth a look for definate.. xx

Scrappy quilter said...

We've been catching some too has have many people in town. We set a couple different type traps and they ate everything in them (did you know they love peanut butter) and we only caught one. We finally resorted to poison (it's nowhere where anyone can get at it, including our dog). We haven't had any since.

They will get in the tiniest of holes. They want where it's warm. Wonder if that means we are going to have a hard winter!!

MyBulletinBoard said...

So if they aren't bloody now, they're going to be, huh? You must be surrounded by fields, and a cold winter is on the way soon. At least, that's the way it usually works around here.

Good luck!
~Liz in Texas

CannedAm said...

Aleve works really well for arthritic pain and if the ibuprofen doesn't seem to be doing the trick sometimes the change is enough.

However, when OTCs would no longer touch my arthritic knee and foot pain, the doctor prescribed Celebrex. WOW. All I can say. It's non habit forming, non narcotic. Works great. Ask your doctor about it if the OTCs aren't giving you the relief you need.

Mice can get in through a hole the size of a dime. Rats can come in through a quarter-sized hole! We had shrews indoors once. I think they built a home on our outside wall and ended up coming in. The cats had fun with them. The shrews screamed like wild banshee witches.

Lots and lots of traps is all I can say. Heck, I think they came in through the door when I brought home groceries when we were living in the country.

Christina. Sweden said...

I strongly recommend a Cat, but not a lazy one so it better be a female one :-)

JacquiG said...

I feel your pain ... we've got them too!! I have no idea how they are getting in the house, but with a house built in 1850 it's not surprising!

Saw one on the weekend and DH set a trap (they do like peanut butter) and when we got home the trap had moved across the room but there was no mouse in it!