Saturday, October 10, 2009

Look who came to see us and a close encounter, sort of with a skunk.

You'll have to click on the photo to enlarge it. They were eating the crab apples to the left of the photo at around 4:30pm on Friday afternoon. Sorry for the quality of the photo, but it was pouring down and I took it through the family room window.

Friday was a quiet day. My dad came up and did some jobs for us. He's such a good help, as dh just doesn't have the time to get everything done. So my dad who is very handy, does all the jobs dh doesn't get too.

It poured down all day also on Friday, so I had to dry some of my laundry in the dryer, as there was too much for the clothes horse. So other than walking the dog, never left the house all day. It was a true Fall day wet and windy, and just plain miserable. We had the fire on by lunchtime just to take the chill off. With having the fire on, we haven't had to have the heating on yet. We are forecast for some wet snow this coming Thursday, so my guess it will come on this next week!!

Oh and on Friday night me and Molly had a close encounter with a skunk, luckily not to close of an encounter, but quite close enough for me. I decided to walk the dog when it was dark, and headed into the field, and I happened to see something in the middle of the field. Luckily it moved and I saw the white I headed away from it, knowing it was a skunk. Then all of a sudden Molly saw it and all hell broke loose. It took all my weight to hold her back and she is only 40 lbs. Then the howling started, and the baying. I couldn't believe the racket coming out of that dogs mouth.

The outcome of all this, is I am sitting here on Friday night typing this with a bag of frozen peas on my knee, as she both pulled my back and my we go again!

It's Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend, so just in case I forget, a Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians out there..............


Sandi McBride said...

Lucky for you that Molly was unable to bring home a skunk dinner...or never know with dogs, do you? Hope that knee is better soon! You know, I mix alcohol half and half with water to make a nice ice pack to keep in the freezer that is malleable enough to put around my wonky knee...try it in a large ziplock bag...or one of those ice bags with the screw on quite well! Loved the deer photo having their snack of crabapples!

Karine said...

That's actually quite a lovely photo of the deer! Would you believe my boyfriend and I saw some in some little smack dab in the middle of North York during one of my visits to him this past summer? We just about fell over, we couldn't believe it!

I'm sorry you've had a relapse with your knee, I hope it doesn't last long...

Scrappy quilter said...

Never walk a dog in the dark!!! We learnt the hard way too.

I sure hope your knee is better soon. I'm sending snow your way. Winnipeg got 12 cms, we got some although not that much. We have turned cold though and high winds...sorry it's coming your way. Hugs..

Clippy Mat said...

Happy Thanksgiving. It must be wondeful to see deer from your house. :-)

cheshire wife said...

Deer will eat more than crab apples if they are given the chance.

As for the family history research, husband has set up a blog about it. I shall let you know the address when it is working.

I don't know if it will be of any interest to you.