Friday, October 2, 2009

I think we are cursed.............

So on Thursday I take Molly to the vet, as its just getting ridiculous with her scratching etc.

The vet was super and explained everything.

Anyhoo.......we have a spray for her toes and her vulva area, Molly wasn't impressed when I sprayed her there....LOL She gave me THE look!

We have drops for her ears and if I want I can rub it into the vulva area as well..........I said "I don't think so!!"

More shampoo to bathe her twice a week.

Also Omega 3 oil to put on her food once a day.

Vet bill around $175 and we are not to give her food that has beef, chicken or lamb in it, so bought a small bag of vegetarian dog food to see if that will help (over $21 ).

If none of this helps then we go to Plan B, not quite sure what that involves, but it will mean another visit to the vets........{SIGH}

So I spend a very uncomfortable night and my poor knee is very, very sore and swollen. So after we take Molly to the vet, dh takes me to the emergency department at our local hospital. It's a lovely little hospital and we were in and out in less than two hours.

So the gist of the situation is I have sprained/strained my knee ligaments in my left knee. Its all swollen up and if its no better in a week I have to go to my own family doctor to get more testing done to see if I have torn the ligaments, I hope not. Meanwhile she gave me some anti-inflammatories and told me to keep off my feet, easier said than done. I have to say it's very, very painful, and even laying down on a night is uncomfortable. It's also very annoying as I am pooped just doing the simplest of things as it takes me so long to do stuff {{SIGH}}

Then the roof is leaking {{{SIGH}}} so that is going to cost another $600 to fix, and the guy can't come for another three weeks!!!

I swear it's one thing after another at the moment.


DeniseinVA said...

That's a real shame Gill, sorry to hear about everything. Hope your knee heals up and that Molly's allergies get taken care of now.

MyBulletinBoard said...

Gill, whatever you do, play that stay-off-the-knee thing for all it's worth!! You deserve a break.

Liz in Texas

Stella Jones said...

Dear Gill, I'm so sorry for you, I really am. It never rains, but it pours down, as the saying goes! I was feeling sorry for myself this week because the bath tap won't come on and I can't bring myself to ring a plumber because they are so expensive these days. I have been coping by taking a bucket of cold water upstairs to add to the hot water in the tap that does work. Why do troubles compound one another!! It don't seem fair, do it?
Blessings, Star

Scrappy quilter said...

All I can do is send some hugs. I hope things turn around for you soon.

Kim said...

For Molly's allergies you will need to keep her on that food for at least 2 months to see if her allergies recede - we had to do that with my DH's dog Kodi - that food is SO expensive too!

As for your knee, you have to take care of yourself - take it easy & relax a bit. Maybe do some knitting for Christmas. You will be up and about soon enough to take of chores - don't stress!

You have been going none stop since you got your new house - time to rest a bit - nature's way of telling you to slow down maybe?

I know you are a busy bee but try to enjoy your down time :D

that british woman s brother said...

from the sounds of it you are all ready for the knackers yard
if you were horses you would need taken into the back field and shot
what you need to do is sit down , relax and listen to some of your favourite music - bit of the cult , the cure , maybe at bit of the sisters of mercy

Anonymous said...

Have only recently started catching up with my regular blogs, so had missed your long tale of woe. you have certainly had a time of it. I'll bet you can't wait for 2010 to come to see whether you get a change of luck. Hope this is the last of your problems.

Evelyn said...

(((gill))))) i am sorry you are in such pain and that the bills keep racking up.

Lakeland Jo said...

Sorry to hear life is trying at the moment. It seems to have been that year for so many of us! Hope Molly is better soon, and that your knees heals asap and that you are out of pain.X

Cherie said...

I know lots of people who make their own vegetarian dog food. below is a link with some ideas. It seems way cheaper and maybe even healthier.

I think most people are in a funk right now but I have faith it will end soon! I`d have to go mad if I didn't! lol