Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that......

Well it only took me five months, but I finally got some pictures hung up around the house on Monday. Not all of them, but enough to make a little difference in the house.

Dh got the last basement window sealed up, so fingers crossed that stops the mice from getting in the house. I haven't caught a mouse since last Friday, would love to think that's it, but honestly I know better!!!! Still inundated with cluster flies; I figured we would be so over those by now, but no such luck.

While dh was outside doing the last window, I had Molly out having a good run around. Luckily her nose gets her in such a frenzy, that she wears herself out. So a good 45 minutes of running around the raspberry bushes and the trees, was great exercise for her. I just watched her, as I don't want her heading towards the road. Her allergies are no better; she started her scratching and chewing her paws at 2am, and she had me up at 4am Monday morning. I made her go back to sleep and ended up not getting up to close to 7am.

I am still hobbling around. My knee though does feel as though it is getting better, slowly but surely. It's still taking me a lot longer to do things; and I don't know what the scoop is but ever since I have hurt my knee, everything I need is down the basement stairs. I seem to spend half my life struggling to get up and down the stairs.............

Oh and finally, I don't have an email address that everyone can access via my blog. If you want to talk to me privately, just leave me your email address in a comment, with DO NOT PUBLISH in large letters, and I will send you an email. I moderate all my comments, so comments do not publish right away.

The reason I am telling you all this is that someone was asking why I don't have email access via my blog. I choose not to, as I am terrible at checking my emails, other than my main email address. I do have the usual hotmail, yahoo accounts, but I never check them.........no idea why I have them...LOL I obviously don't want my main email address on my blog, as there are some strange and unusual people out there, that have nothing else better to do but leave weird and nasty comments!!


Erin said...

so sorry to hear you are still on the mend with your knee. but happy to hear that the mice catching has slowed down.

i need to get going and get off to work...it's getting cooler as fall moves in. looking forward to the leaves changing colors soon.

hope you have a good day.

Scrappy quilter said...

Gill I don't have my e-mail addy on mine either for the same reasons you do. I also moderate all my comments so it's a good way for others to contact me.

Glad to hear your knee is a bit better. Sorry about Molly. I hope you can get that one figured out soon. Hugs..

Sandi McBride said...

Gill I do hope that your knee continues to heal...having a wonkie knee, I feel your pain, lol...and hope Molly's allergy can be gotten under control...is it something in the grass do you think? Have you considered booties made of leather for when she is outside?
My email address is on my profile, should you ever wish to contact me directly (I'd love to hear from you) and hope you get your home all settled in by Winter!

Linda said...

I get Outlook Express to bring any extra mail from my blog email, straight after my normal email. It takes a couple of extra seconds.

Good luck with the mice, we haven't finished washing up bedding from our encounter, there was nothing much in the house at the time and they were on the sheets. It wasn't really smelly, just have to wash them.