Wednesday, February 1, 2023

down that rabbit hole again.......

We have a new block of buildings that have been built down the road from us.  They have like a store front with big warehouse space behind.  After months a sign has gone up at one of the units for an auction house.  So I looked them up and they are located around a 15 minute drive away but they will be moving into this building by the end of February.

While I was looking at their website I discovered that they had two online auctions that were closing on Sunday evening; this was Saturday when I looked.  Well they had over 8,000 items coming up for auction, mainly Amazon returns, that sort of thing.  Lets just say I didn't move for probably three hours.  You name it they had it. 

So of course I decided to register so I could bid on a couple of things.  Fast forward to Sunday and all the excitement began.  BUT, I will say there are some idiots out there, that don't know when to stop bidding.  One example was a Dewalt light that in the store you could get on sale for $79, hubby wanted one for work so he picked it up.  It sold in the auction for $77, plus there is a 10% buyers fee, so another $7.70, plus 13% tax, so all in all it cost $98.71, if they went to the store it would have cost $89.27. 🤷 So the key to this is self control!! Oh and knowing your prices!

They sell the oddest things though. There was a French maids outfit, size 5XL?  There was quite a lot of Halloween costumes. Wasn't sure if I should have bid on either of these things 😉:

I will say though if you have 200 lbs of ashes, that's one big person (s), or should it be an elephant?

One of the things I was after was a Queen sized bed frame for when my brother comes to stay.  They all went for between $80 and $90, too high for me.

I did end up with the Scott's seed spreader, for the $40, they are around $80 in the store.  I was shocked no one else bid on it.

Got a pair of down filled pillows, which we need for $35, they are typically $70 for a pair.
Picked up this Schleich Set for $6  Now the helicopter blades are broken, hoping to get dh to fix them, not sure how.  If it comes to it, I will super glue them, so they won't turn around, but he can still use it.  I bought this for Liam as he is animal mad.  This is also a good brand and I would be paying $40 here regularly.
Got this storage caddy to put on the back of my bathroom vanity cabinet to put my cleaning clothes in and free up some space.  Paid $4, I checked on Amazon and I would have to get this from the States at a cost of $35.
Now these Transformers are for our toy box for when the boys come over, the far right one has part of a scale broken off, but otherwise they are all perfect.  I paid $9  I would have to pay $154 to get these shipped from the States????  Here is the link.
For anyone with grand daughter you know how expensive Calico Critters are.  This box was advertised with the possibility of having some parts missing.  I was happy to pay $4 as I knew the animals were in the box along with most of the parts.  Paige will get a lot of use from this as she has many other Calico Critters.   To buy it off Amazon it is $70. Put it together later and there was only one car missing, a flag and the yellow shooting star, none of those things really mattered.
I also got a 2 pack of bubble bath which I paid $9 for.  It is priced at $17.10 USD on the Amazon US site.  Daughter in law was picking her stuff up at the same time as me, so she took the bubble bath home with her, as it was for her.

So all in all, it came to $133 CDN even.  

Now the funny thing about all of this, is that there is another one on this coming weekend 🙄  So it will be back down the rabbit hole again for me!!  I still need that bed frame!!


angela said...

Great bargain hunting.
Yes you really need to decide what you need, research prices and then bid
Otherwise your paying far too much for things you don’t actually need.

Donna said...

You got some great deals! But they really can be costly shipping from different countries...

Jeanie said...

Wow. That's really something - you got some wonderful deals. I wonder who bought the maid's uniform. Can't imagine there were a lot of bidders.

William Kendall said...

I can see why you'd deem that a rabbit hole.

Jackie said...

You got some great deals there Gil.

God bless.

Practical Parsimony said...

What would you have paid for all that if you paid full price. That auction sounds like fun!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh dear, I think it's a good thing that such an auction house isn't close to me or I'd be joining you down that rabbit hole looking for things we certainly don't need. There are actually 2 auction places here and both have gone to online auctions since covid hit, mainly selling local furniture and household items just like they did when they were open in person. I haven't bothered to look to see how they're operating because we really don't need anything. However, if there was a setup like your local one I might be tempted to peruse their offerings.

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