Thursday, February 9, 2023

Monthly Produce Bag and Organizing

 I picked up my February monthly produce bag on Wednesday.

In this bag was:
10lbs Potatoes, Leaf Lettuce, 3lbs Red Apples, 4 Roma Tomatoes, 4 Naval Oranges, 1 Red Onion, 2lbs Cooking Onions, 2lbs Carrots, Blackberries, 2 Red Peppers.  All looked at peak freshness and I will make use of everything.
I also was busy sorting out my DMC threads that I use for cross stitching.  I have had the cardboard box (left hand side of photo) for a long time, and the handles were torn.  I have a LOT of thread, all numbered and sorted; and it was getting too squished in my cardboard container.
I went to Canadian Tire while I was out and picked up this plastic container for just over $9 with taxes.  It has more room for everything.
It has a lid so will keep everything safe.  Plus I was able to sort out another large bag of cross stitch stuff that I had been hanging onto, so more things removed from the house!!


Joy said...

Well done - good for you! It feels so good to get order into things, doesn't it?

Donna said...

Nice produce!
And I like containers with the lid...keeps a lot of the air from breaking down fibers of my yarn.

Boud said...

That fresh produce looks good. Is it a farm share type of arrangement?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I have a very large stash of embroidery floss too but very little of it is numbered...some of mine was inherited from my grandmother who passed away in the 60's and surprisingly it's all still useable.

William Kendall said...

I've never had blackberries.

angela said...

That looks very neat and tidy indeed
I love it when I organise some of my craft things.
Unfortunately it doesn’t tend to stay like that long lol

Jackie said...

Your monthly produce bag looks great. All things I would use here as well.

I need to find another container for my DMC threads as well. Things are just too packed into what I am using.

God bless.

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