Friday, February 10, 2023

Favourite Things #6

So this week it's my stove.  Not the whole stove, just my upper oven.  Let me explain.  Generally here in Canada this is what a stove looks like. This is just a random one I picked from Canadian Appliance.  It has a large oven and underneath it there is a drawer which is either a warming drawer to keep things warm, or a drawer to store pans/baking sheets etc. in.

Now mine looks like this; it's a KitchenAid one, which matches my fridge.  Instead of having just the one oven, mine has a double oven.

The top oven is half the size of the bottom one; top one has one shelf, bottom can have two or three shelves in it.
I use the bottom one if I am baking cookies or need the multiple shelves.
The upper one I use many times a week.  As there is only the two of us at home, we don't bake huge quantities.  This size is perfect for us.  I had thought about getting one of those air fryers, but would prefer to just use my upper oven.  I had one of these type stoves in the UK, but they are not as common over here.
The one thing I hate about this stove and one of the reasons I wouldn't buy one again is the cook top.  Here it looks just fine.
Turn on the light of the fan and this is what it looks like.  However hard I try I cannot get or keep it clean.
I would never buy KitchenAid appliances as you are paying for the name.  If I had to buy another stove again, I would make sure I bought one with a double oven, I love that and couldn't live without it.


Donna said...

I couldn't really tell but if there's a baked on ring around the burner, use hot soapy water and a razor blade to scrape the ring off. I used this method on my daughters stove top and it worked nicely! At first, do a test area if you're unsure.
My stove top and ovens are by Jenn Aire. Love everything about it Except the enamel top! Hate it! It's gas and I've just about cleaned the surface off around the main burners! Next time, I'll buy stainless steel.

Practical Parsimony said...

I think I would ;ole twp ovens. But, I have cooked on that top and don't like those at all.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

We have a glass top stove and love it - far better to clean than those awful coils. We use a razor blade to scrape any spills and then use a cleaner specifically for glass tops. Ours has a few really small scratches but otherwise looks as good as it did when we got it 12 years ago. Would love to have a double oven though - that would be amazing.

Caree Risover said...

Curiously in our fitted kitchen where the oven is housed halfway up the wall, our bottom oven which is what we use most of the time, is “the oven” and the other is the lesser used “top oven.”

My Piece of Earth said...

Love your stove, two ovens is nice for one or two people. My DD2 has one of those glass tops she hates, never to buy another.

I was watching a cooking show from the UK and saw an oven I would love to have. The door opens as they do here but, slides underneath the oven out of sight. So much easier to access anything cooking in the oven. Especially for me, I am short and it is a big reach to get a container of food out of the oven.

angela said...

Sometimes. It’s just better to not look at it and walk away.
Once you clean it. You know it’s clean that’s enough life is too short to worry about little things I say
I do love the idea of a second smaller oven

William Kendall said...

My apartment came with a stove. I never use it.

Jackie said...

My stove top looks like that as well.... I hate cleaning it and if this stove ever goes bye-bye, I may just search like crazy for an old coil type. Doubt they make them any more but I can hope.

God bless.

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

I was going to ask you what's your secret to keeping it looking so clean! I have a frightful time keeping my oven top clean, feels like there's constant staining. I do so love your oven though! Wow!

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