Wednesday, February 22, 2023


 I got into the walk-in clinic on Tuesday afternoon.  

"Luckily," I have diabetes and high blood pressure otherwise I would be *hit out of luck getting any antibiotics, as I have a viral thing that's going around and there is really nothing much wrong with me.  My throat is fine, my ears are fine, my nose is fine and my chest is clear; as per the doctor.

Now I beg to differ on all of this,  and believe me when I say I have never felt as sick as I have been these past 10 days.  It's been a long while since I have been this sick.

All I can think is that I am on my way to getting better; thank goodness.  I left the clinic thinking this is why I do not like going to the doctors.  I have waited 10 days to make sure I was "good and sick," before I bothered them.

Anyway, I have antibiotics for the next 10 days; so hoping by the weekend I will be feeling a bit better and can get back into the swing of things.

Daughter ordered me some pink eye meds from Amazon, so I have got that under control, so that's positive.

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes.


Practical Parsimony said...

At least you have antibiotics even though there is nothing much wrong with If it is viral, why did the doctor give you antibiotics? That is confusing. But, hopefully you are improving now. I was about as sick as I have ever been, too. Now, for getting better.

Joy said...

Probably one of those horrible things that are now crawling out of the woodwork as Covid fades somewhat.
I'm sorry you have been so very poorly and I'm glad you were given something, however grudgingly.
Fingers crossed. xx

Donna said...

I'm glad you Finally got some antibiotics!! How awful for you and scary!!
I found this company that will send you antibiotics (a case of them)! Expensive a bit but...You'll never be without them ever again! Here's the link:

You can go on YouTube, type in Jase Medical and you'll find all sorts of referrals about the company! It's great to know you aren't at the mercy of a doctor that totally ignores your symptoms!

JiCaLu said...

Oh I hope it turns around for you soon, I too would be miserable!

Maggie said...

It's viral is the usual response from doctors when they don't know what's the matter, but like someone said, why give antibiotics in that case!
Sometimes though I suppose there is no cure all and things just have to take their course.
Did I read a recent post from you when you said you had got your covid and flu boosters? Have you considered that either of these may be the cause of you not feeling well? I only mention it because I have only ever had one flu jab, (years ago) and I had the worse cold I have ever had not long after, felt really ill. I have only had one covid jab too as some weeks after that I didn't feel well at all.
Really hope you start to feel better soon, it's no fun feeling unwell. Take care

Belinda said...

That’s great the dr gave you some antibiotics. Now to get better!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

The diseases that are going around (covid notwithstanding) aren't something to be trifled with. I wonder if you picked up the RSV thing that I keep hearing about. Now they're telling us to beware of the norovirus which is a whole 'nother thing. Needless to say masks and hand sanitizers are still a thing here and will be for quite some time I suspect. It's annoying to go to the store and see that we're about the only people that are still masked.
Take care of you and don't try to do too much as you start to feel better. You certainly don't want a relapse!

William Kendall said...

Chicken soup, hot tea, and more rest.

maureenlthompson said...

Don't you just hate when the doctor says that and you are feeling the absolute worst. Hope it is all uphill from here. XXXXX

Jackie said...

Glad that you got something, and I hope that you feel better very soon.

God bless.

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

That sounds like it's been a dreadful infection. I'm really glad you have antibiotics, Gill. Keep resting. xo

Jackie McGuinness said...

Some friends have had this too. This is why I avoid going near any crowded places. I blame it on the pandemic and lockdowns, I am paranoid!

Jeanie said...

I'm glad you finally got some help. I hope the antibiotics kick in and you are on the mend soon.

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