Saturday, August 1, 2009

Would anyone like to buy a slightly used 1907 Farmhouse with 4.8 Acres?

I know what you're saying, NOW WHAT!!!

Well, got back in from shopping this morning and managed not to get run off the roads, and was washing the downstairs bathroom floor, and discovered water on the floor; looked up and discovered water dripping through the ceiling {{{SIGH}}}

So to cut a long sad story short, the toilet is leaking. The toilet flange wasn't glued properly to something or other.........I am not a plumber so no idea of the technical terms!!! We discovered this after taking the ceiling apart (see photo)

So fingers crossed its an easy fix. Though knowing our luck it won't be. Luckily I had purchased a couple of new toilets earlier in July, so while we have this all apart we may as well put one of the new toilets in. It's just that we hadn't planned on doing this job this weekend. We had the whole weekend planned. We were taking all the old insulation to the dump on Saturday morning, and then working on the roof in the afternoon.

Sunday we have my dad and step mum coming over, and we want to do so work in the garden. Then on Monday dh wants to do some electrical work.

Really we don't want to sell the house, but there are moments when something else happens, you just want to pack it all in and say that's it!!!


DeniseinVA said...

Oh boy, dare I say this too will pass? Sorry about this latest Gill, but by the time you've finished, it's all going to be worthwhile and all your hard work will have been worth it.

MyBulletinBoard said...

I know exactly how you feel, last summer and this summer.

Liz in Texas

Lakeland Jo said...

you had me worried then. My mum and dad renovated a georgian house when I was eleven. We lived in it for years, but while they were doing it it was seriously bad stress!! It will be worth it...really

Linda said...

I'm glad the shopping part was OK.

Clippy Mat said...

oh no. hopefully you will get THAT sorted too and all of these little troubles will settle down and you can start to enjoy your place again. :-)

Winifred said...

I'm sure things will settle down Gill. It happens anyway even in newer houses. My Mam always said houses have big mouthes. I think it's true whatever age they are.

Scrappy quilter said...

Oh boy, I know EXACTLY how that feels. We've had 2 of those types of leaks. One took B a whole day to get fixed because of the old pipes (finally got the plumber in to tell him what he was doing wrong). The second one he was able to fix in about half a day. Leaked into our kitchen both times (our bathroom is over the kitchen). I feel for you guys!!

Sandi McBride said...

Ah to have the pleasure of Mike Holmes advice there in Canada!!! Big handsome brute that he is, he also has all the answers, lol...good luck with your repairs!

Angela said...

Oooh! I truly empathise- we had a leaky loo this week and the beautiful laminate floor my beloved laid last summer has started to come up along the seams.
We have turned off the stopcock and used the othe rloo all week- and will sort it out after opur vacation. But it is a bit annoying!!!!

Almost Mrs Average said...

Thanks for popping over to the blog the other day. It was good to see you. I feel bad that I don't even get a chance to blog much these days let alone enjoy my visits. The school holidays are especially keeping me busy, but I can't complain as the children are full of fun.

Your new place looks amazing so I'm glad you don't want to sell. We've had terrible plumbing problems, even in our brand new house, which shows Winifred is right. Probably the worst was our upstairs loo which sounded like a giant's belch whenever it was flushed. T'was very embarrassing for our guests :-D

that british woman s brother said...

never mind our gill - gotta go for the obvious comment really
-shit happens-
hope it all gets better-it will

Evelyn said...

mike Holmes, yummmm

(((Gilll))) thankfully frugal you had two new ones already.