Monday, August 17, 2009

An Intervention.........oh no!!!

I led an intervention last Friday.......for those of you not in the know, an intervention is where you try to rescue/save someone. In my case it was a plant, an orchid plant to be precise. Here is the poor thing:

Now the saddest thing of all in this; it even has a sticker on it, saying "Please Water Me, with a smiley face." How sad is that?

My apologies for the terrible quality of the photos and the fact that blogger decided to turn the second one around? I feel the plant was moving around as it didn't want its true identity known, and honestly I don't blame it!!!! Now if a certain person is reading this and she knows who she is (LINDA!!!!) I have the plant, and you're not getting it back....LOL

It's been a horribly hot and humid weekend, and it has really taken its toll on me and dh, we are pooped with the heat. On Sunday ds came over with a window a/c unit that we have put in our bedroom, so at least it will be cool in there and we will be able to sleep. Even poor Molly doesn't have her usual pep in her step. Mind you I wouldn't either if I had to wear a fur coat in the middle of summer!!

I did manage to get some grass cut on Sunday which is good. Still have a lot to do yet, but the goal is to do a couple of hours each day. I hope to get around by the raspberry bushes cut by Monday evening. Dh got the electrics sorted out in the upstairs bathroom, so now the plug is always switched on. As before hand you had to have the light switched on for the plug to work??? We also now have a light and a fan in the shower, which is great. He also got the floor cut for the new hearth, but has to grind a stone to make the slate fit, but it was much too hot on Sunday to do that.

Fingers crossed it cools down this week, so I can get some work done around the house and in the garden.


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Poor orchid - good luck with that Gill! Will look forward to the "after" shots. A x

Lakeland Jo said...

please send some heat over to us

Patty said...

Remember to take photo of the plant after it recuperates. We've been having heat and humidity also. Heat I can take, humidity is another thing all together. I get very grouchy. Hope Molly is doing better about sleeping through the night.

DeniseinVA said...

It was real hot down here too. I've been flaked out today, no energy. Like Patty said, it's the humidity.

Kadeeae said...

Poor thing! Will look forward to updates as it 'recovers' :-)

Unknown said...

Bienvenue de France

Having a glut of courgettes here in France, I look forward to trying your muffins.
My wife intervenes as well...and nearly always saves.

Best to you and yours

John Ward

CannedAm said...

OMG, that's too funny, Gil! When I lived in Ohio my green-thumbed sister would rescue my ailing houseplants. I've learned that I can't own exotics. I just kill them. I bought an orchid on the way to a family gathering and brought it in with me so it wouldn't die in the car. My sister looked it over and said, "that's pretty nice. Make sure it isn't all the way dead when you bring it to me!" HAHAHA! It was hers in six months!


Lesson learned.