Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy day here at the Acreage.........

I had a busy day on the Acreage. I decided it was time to use up the bits and bobs in the fridge. I had some apples that needed stewing, so I stewed them. I baked Carrot Zucchini Muffins, the recipe is here I forgot though to take photos, sorry. I gave half a dozen to the mail lady and some potatoes, and she gave me another 4 cucumbers. Not sure what I am going to do with them?

I had a cauliflower to use up, so made cauliflower with cheese sauce and it was so good.

I also roasted some of the potatoes with olive oil, garlic and red onions. They were so good.
Here are my small potatoes blanched and ready for the freezer. I am hoping they will be good for Christmas Day lunch, I'll let you know then!!

I got a lot more grass cut, so only have half of Kamikaze Hill to do then I am done for another week. I planted a couple rows of spinach, they take 30 days to grow, so hopefully I'll get a crop before the first frost.

It was a lovely day on Wednesday with no humidity at all, and temperatures in the low 20's, just perfect. Dh was in fact a little cool, and threw a fleece blanket over him while he slept/watched the news!! That poor man hasn't seen a full episode of the news in years, he always falls asleep part way through. Mind you if you'd been on the go since 4.20am, by 6pm you'll no doubt be tired!!

I put the rest of the potatoes down the old basement, as the windows are all blocked up, so there is no natural light down there. I am hoping I won't have to buy potatoes until at least Christmas.


Scrappy quilter said...

Gill, you should be fine with the potatoes as long as they are dried well. I usually leave mine outside for about a week drying.

Glad you got cooler temps. Sending you some more hot weather...yesterday was +33C here. Hugs..

mommanator said...

I always love potato gardening. thye are such pretty plants! and then what you get!
I have never heard of freezing potatoes, but big companies do it and sell them so why not!

Tracey said...

I think it was a bad idea to start reading blogs at tea time!! now i have just drooled all over my laptop as Cauliflower cheese is my favourite of all time.

Droooooooooolllllllll xx

Anonymous said...

Oooh yum I'm starving now....shame you didn't move to Ireland ;)