Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another reason to shop at Shopper's Drug Mart!!! DEAL ALERT

So thanks to those dear people over at Frugal Shopper for suggesting this first of all.

This week From August 22nd until Friday August 28th, 2009 when you buy $75 or more on the following gift cards, you get 7,000 bonus points.

The gift cards are for:


They also have a special on where if you spend $75.00 you get a bonus of 15,000 points up to and including Monday August 24th. When I went into the store this morning I set off with 52,505 points and when I walked out of there my points total was 95085, so all in all i got 42,580, which is worth $100 in free stuff on a bonus redemption day and it cost me $316.61.

So here is how I did it.

I first bought $300 in Shopper's Drug Gift cards, for that I got 3,000 points. When they tell you, you won't get points for doing this ignore them, YOU DO!!

I then did three separate transactions buying $75 worth of Esso gift cards using the Shopper's Gift cards to purchase them, again if they say they can't do that, tell them they can and to try it!! Each transaction garnered me 750 regular points, and 7,000 bonus points.

So, so far I have got :

300o points x 1
750 points x 3
7,000 points x 3

I then spent $83.21 plus taxes on my regular shopping which garnered me, 15,000 bonus points as I spent over $75 pre-tax, 850 regular points and 480 product bonus points.

So now I have:

3000 points x 1 = 3000
750 points x 3 = 2250
7000 points x 3 = 21000
15000 points x 1 = 15000
850 points x 1 = 850
480 points x 1 = 480

For a total of 42,580 points.

Now if you go to the Esso gas station they have numerous gift cards which you can buy for various places including Home Depot, La Senza, East Side Marios & Marks Work Wearhouse. So if you don't want to use them for gas you could "buy" one of those using the Esso gift card.

In my case, I bought $75 of Esso cards for me, as my lawn tractor gas containers cost me around $35 to fill each time, so they will come in handy. The other $150 I am going to buy some other cards with them and use them for Christmas gifts.

The gist of this story is I spent just over $300, I have some Christmas presents taken care of and I will be getting an extra $100 worth of free stuff from Shopper's at the next bonus redemption.

There are Sunday and Monday specials on as well. Plus sugar is only $1.49 per bag until next Friday.


Canadian Saver said...

Thanks so much for the deal alert! I will be buying Esso gift cards I think :-)

Unknown said...

This is amazing!!

Connie Walsh said...

good summary!!!

Clippy Mat said...

i did get the 5000 points on the last deal you said. this one sounds more complicated tho'.

Clippy Mat said...

thanks for the clarification comment on my blog. :-)